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You have successfully made contact with the elusive teenager who spends most of her time locked up in her room writing FanFics when she should be revising. Well done you! Grab yourself a lollipop on your way out.

Who am I, you ask? Well, I am mainly the source of two Harry Potter FanFics- and previously two 'Keith' ones and a 'Summerland' one, but that was a different time- and a fountain of random facts you will never need to know. If you ever wonder what 'm&m' stands for, we could have a nice long conversation about it my friend.

So why are you here? I assume because you were bored and one of my stories directed you to me. And do we want to know more about my stories otherwise? Who cares, you can't answer, I'm going to tell you anyway considering my summaries are pretty awful.

The Girl Who Loved Draco Malfoy- Complete

This was my first completed FanFic featuring Angeline Wint, who was thought a squib until she accidentally got into a little cooking accident and set fire to the entire kitchen. I'm sure we've all been there. So she arrives at what other school than Hogwarts, she finds herself sorted in to Slytherin. Quite the blood traitor herself, Angeline struggles to understand why the sorting hat would put her in this mess, but nonetheless befriends Stella Wingtip, her eccentric roommate, and Blaise Zabini, who we all know don't we?

Angeline does not, however, get on with dear Drakey Malfoy and his favorite teacher the Umbritch, but after an odd moment in the corridor after a pretty bloody- literally bloody- detention, her feelings begin to change. Together she and Draco will work through their issues and try to figure out Angeline's heritage with a few surprises on the way!

I'd like to say an epic love story, but you can decide how to class it. I am aware it's not great, but it was my first fanfic so gimme a break!

We The Marauders- in Progress

James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are and always will be the best of friends, and so we follow them through their adventures and misdemeanors at Hogwarts, along with all their other friends, girlfriends, teachers and a special Lily Evans, who James just can't seem to shake from his heart. Nowgoing through a series of final drabbles and coming to its close, the marauders are having to face the realities of war as the Death Eaters begin to make themselves more pronounced.

The Thing She Wants To Hear

Submitted for the 'Easily Bruised' competition, about the love Remus and Cissy might have shared during their time at Howgarts and its anticlimactic end. Insipired by the line I've heard all I wantedfrom the song 'Easily Bruised' by Matthew Barber.

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore- Complete

I have always loved the story of Albus and Gellert because it's so full of love and tragedy and such strong moral characters so I just decided to write it, although it isn't as long as the others. It recounts the story of their brief courtship from Albus' point of view as the two explore Godric's Hollow with the eyes of Hallow-seekers, and all the while Albus comes to terms with his homosexuality and his love for the beautiful Gellert Grindelwald. Perhaps I idealised Gellert and brought out a more vulnerable side of him than the one dimensional, evil man JK gave us, but I think it works well and I've really appreciated the positive feedback on it. Slash but no explicit scenes.

Future Plans:

Methinks that once Marauders is over, we should have a Next Gen coming on the horizon, something to do with a certain Teddy Lupin, but we'll have to wait and see if Marauders ever gets finished, I'm quite a flake. I would also like to explore the Dumbledore/Tom Riddle relationship between a troubled student and his favourite teacher. Maybe I'm idealising it a little but I genuinely think it was a shame that JK didn't expose it further as it could make quite a good story.

And then we have the nerd stuff about me, my OTPs, favorites and whatnot;

Favorite Ships:

James/Lily- who can not love these two? Hence the very long story about them...
Neville/Luna- they're both oddballs but strangely sexy let's not lie, they are so good together. Dammit Neville why did you marry Hannah Abbott?!
Young Remus/Young Cissy- I like these two together because of the whole Romeo and Juliet effect, but not when they're older. I think that they would get along though.

OTP: Harry/Hermione- sorry I'm not a Romione traditionalist, I feel like Harry and Hermione are on the same intellectual level and I don't see how Hermione and Ron could actually work seeing as they fight so much

Most Hated Ships:

Ginny with absolutely anyone- I hate Ginny.
no. They don't work. Hermione would never stoop so low

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Just because the battle ended, doesn't mean the story does. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and George are trying to rebuild after the devastating loss they suffered in the final battle to defeat Voldemort. They congregate in Ivy House, a place clean of memories of their dead, as they try to retrieve the people they once were. T for language, slight AU
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We The Marauders reviews
Some friendships are doomed from the beginning, some live on till the bitter end. Ours did both, but still I treasure every moment. We will always live inside my memory as we were, we the marauders. JAMES POV- Moony/Wormtail/Padfoot/Prongs MOSTLY CANON BUT I KNOW THERE ARE MISTAKES IF THAT'S WHY YOU'RE REVIEWING and all Rated T for a gruesome scene in the infirmary
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The Things She Wants To Hear reviews
Cissy had been told everything she had wanted to hear, every careless sweet nothing, so Remus told her the thruth, told her something that hurt. And when that didn't work he lied her away. Submitted for the 'Easily Bruised' competition, Cissy/Remus if you don't like the pairing then you don't have to read it
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The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore reviews
All Albus ever wanted to do was regret it. It wasn't hard to regret his actions on that night which lead to the death of his sister, or his views of muggles or his insatiable curiosity about the Hallows. But he couldn't regret loving Gellert Grindelwald, nor would he ever shake the sneaking suspicion that his heart still beat for the blonde haired boy. Grindeldore, T for innuendo
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The Girl Who Loved Draco Malfoy reviews
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