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Hello everyone!

About myself: I am a college student, so if you see that a story is not updated in time it's not because I no longer care, I'm just busy. I have a passion for writing, music, and art. I am also a huge nerd for comics, manga, school, and etc. I write fanfics because I love to write like I said before it's a passion of mine, and I enjoy creating new adventures for my favorite characters. My stories are filled with a little bit of every genre, I like to make my stories like this because I believe it adds flavor to my readers. Forewarning I am extremely bad at summaries for my stories but I swear once you'll read them you'll love them.

I love hearing back from my readers, their opinions and thoughts mean so much to me, I am very inspired by your support. This is a place for everyone's creativity, please be respectful. If you send me a PM I will try to respond as quickly as I can. I also have some artwork on Deviantart, I haven't been doing as much as I used to though, during my move I lost some of my computer tools so I'm saving up to buy a new one soon.

That's pretty much it if I think of anything else about myself really. XD

My Stories: I have two stories so far

My Original: RotBTD: Daughters of Jack

My Newest: A Love Almost Forgotten


1. RoBTD: Daughters of Jack: This story is about Merida from Brave, Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon, Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, and Rapunzel from Tangled. This is a crossover story that features Anna and Elsa from Frozen as the daughters of Jack Frost and Rapunzel. Jack Frost is still learning the ropes of fatherhood, with Elsa being 3 years old and Anna being a newborn, he is finding it hard to be responsible and still be the mischievous soul he is. One night, Jack has a nightmare of Pitches return, The Boogeyman, and he's out for revenge. Jack must try to protect his family from the darkness that threatens to destroy them, but will he be successful? Or have the Guardians finally met their match.

Back story: I started this story back in 2013. Since then it's been put on hold due to college, writer's block, and life's freaking lemons. I have recently updated it and will continue to do so until it is finished. I was inspired to write this fanfic after watching trailers, listening to music, and falling in love with the Jackunzel ship. I fell in love with the theory of Anna and Elsa being the daughters of Jack Frost and Rapunzel. I also like the team up of the four of these crossover characters, they just make a powerful team up. This story is filled with romance, suspense, drama, and much more.

2. A Love Almost Forgotten: This is a story of Miraculous Ladybug series. I based this story on the events of Adrien and Marinette after they graduated high school. Adrien Agreste is living the life, straight-A student at a prestigious university in Paris, famous modeling career, and living in a mansion with his best friend Nino. Marinette Dupain-Cheng is working for a cruel fashion designer named Madam Lise. Marinette is living with her best friend Alya in a small apartment while attending some classes at a fashion school to further her career to be her own designer, and saving up the money to eventually buy her own fashion studio.

Neither Marinette or Adrien have kept in contact since graduation nor seen each other. So when Adrien happens to bump into Marinette on his way home, he begins to feel a stir of emotions that he's never felt before. The problem is Marinette is now dating Luka. On top of that, other events and situations mean to drive these two further apart. Will their love for one another finally become real? Or is this another one of fates cruel jokes.

Backstory: I just started this story so it is very fresh. I am in love with the series Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, I am also a huge fan of the love square between the characters Marinette and Adrien (really hoping they get together soon). Marinette is secretly the Paris hero Ladybug, and Adrien is Chat Noir, really good series they are doing a fabulous job on it so far. Anyway, I was inspired to write this after reading everyone Lukanette and Adrienette battles and through music. Still a work and progress but is coming along quite nicely.

Authors Note: I do not own any of these characters in my stories, all are owned by Dreamworks, Disney, and Zagtoons. If I do in the future create my own characters I will use an author note and let you know. I hope you all enjoy the stories, and always stay creative!

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