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Hi, I'm Mel.

That's me. Thanks for coming, looking at this page and wasting 10 seconds of your precious lifetime. you're welcome, and have a nice night (or day, wherever you are)

I'm a female of adult yet still naive age, with too many books and not enough time to do everything I need to in a day. I'm currently pursuing a double honours degree in English and Psychology at a wonderful Canadian university. I'm hoping to do my English honours thesis on aspects of literature that contribute to it's popularization, particularly in young adult novels, such as what it was about The Hunger Games' writing that made it so successful as compared to similarly plotted and charactered YA novels.

On a higher literature note, I'm fascinated by Margaret Atwood and her twisty use of language, as well as Fitzgerald's various works, of course including Gatsby. Eliot's poetry, notably Prufrock and The Hollowmen also are some of my favorites, as well as Shakespeare's sonnets(not so much his plays, save for A Midsummer's Nights Dream) I'm planning on either taking english literature to the highest level and sitting in some office dictating proper metaphor use when I'm older, or going out as a screenwriter or journalist. We'll see where the wind blows.

On to the fanfiction! Speaking of which, to any of my readers out there, be warned! I will post a story. I will think it is the best damn thing I have ever produced via the written word. I might furiously write a chapter a night and upload four or five chapters within a week. Then I will lose the mojo, and let that story rot away with the daily view count slowly averaging out to 0.01 views a day. Yes that's right folks, I'm a splurge writer. Take itor leave it. I'm trying to break the nasty habit, but sometimes it can't be avoided. We all have our vices.

As for what I write about and why I write...well that's a long story. I write what I'm in the mood for. When I first started my long and illustrious fanfic career, way back yonder when I was obsessed with the midnighters books and therefor that is what I wrote about. Netflix has been unlocking a hell of a lot of new fandoms for my sweet savouring and I've recently rejoined tumblr so that's always interesting. Also, I want to be Joss Whedon when I grow up. Then again, everyone should want that. I'm not exactly proud of my early writing, so take that with a grain of salt. I was young, and thought I was the top of the internet. Early high school has a remarkable way of inflating one's sense of ego.

Fun facts that define me as a person?

-I've already reached cat-lady status and I'm barely into adulthood

-I am your sassy waitress, so tip well or you might end up on the butt end of a future novel

-I don't drive; it's terrifying, and a bike with tassles and a basket is so much nicer

-I've recently gone Mac, and I ain't never going back

-I'm, um yeah

Also I play the ukulele. So that should totally burst my ratings in all of your 'coolness' books. Anyways, as a writer I'm fascinated by character development and of inner motivation, so you'll quickly find most my work revolves around personal character development and realization. So that's kind of cool. Not really. It's not like I can show up to the bar and sit down next to some smokin hot guy or gal and say "I'm fascinated by character development in fictional works, notably fandoms, and how a character gains their sense of self beyond what is defined in their original media." I'd probably get slapped. Or dumped.

Welcome to my life.

Anyways, enjoy! I hope you join the nearly 50 000 people who've viewed my fics over the last 4 years, and don't forget to review. It literally makes my day, whether good or bad.

Much love to the internet!


December, 2013

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