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Author has written 11 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Previously known as: Hajimeru Rinko

-Profile Updated as of December 26th 2014-
I stopped writing the fantasy epic plot. Way too huge. Although there are two fanfics in planning, both one-shots. One of them is coming up soon, preferably in 2015.

Kanojo wa Rinko

About Me:
I got into the KHR! fandom in 2008, and then sometime in 2009 I joined FFN to write my own fanfics. I like writing, and so yeah. What you see are my old fics, dating back to 2010. Unfortunately, you can see most of them are dropped because I failed so hard anyways. So, that's all. I used to have a lot of things on my profile, but I decided to keep this simple. Have fun.

Here are my current stories and their statuses: Updated as of June 23rd, 2014

A Fantasy Tale - Discontinued.

A Fantasy Tale I - Discontinued. Rewritten version of A Fantasy Tale.

A Visit to Namimori - Discontinued.

A Path Without Footsteps - Discontinued

The Business Transaction - Discontinued

A One Heck of A Journey - Discontinued. Fantasy fic with no OCs. Using game characters, filler characters, off-screen characters instead off OCs set in AU.

Kaitou Vongola Tenth - Discontinued. Yes, this has been discontinued and I refused to admit it. To be honest, I tried to continue it but failure of planning shoehorned me into a corner. A revised prequel has been planned, but whether it comes out or not will really depend on me. So please, if you guys wonder if this will be continued, no. If I were to return to KVT, it would be in a revised form. I am not satisfied with the story and the way it went. Besides, there's a complete and better phantom thief fic out there, go find it.

Pet Peeves of the KHR! Archive:

I don't give a damn on how 'sucky' your 'summary' is. If your summary sucks, that means you don't even know what story you are writing about. There is a reason why summaries are important and the summary is a very big clue on how well you write. The moment I see crappy grammar, spelling errors, dialogues of whatever shit I don't give a damn about because they don't tell me shit, that fanfic is dropped automatically without a single glance. It just shows the amount of effort you guys place in your fanfiction. There is a Author's Note for a reason, and it should be used for YOUR opinions, so don't go sticking them in the summary just because you have more space to write it. I don't care how hard it is. If you can't even write a simple one, then no one will understand the story. Simple as that. And no, the moment you write it's sucky, it shows that it is not worth reading.

The Four Big Kings of the KHR! Archive
This is pretty much ranting about the most abused ideas and plots in the archive. So, if you don't like to read ranting, don't read it. Simple as that. These are the four big 'Kings', cliche stories that haunt the KHR! archive.

1) Parental Abandonment, Friendship Abandonment
This is my most hated plot bunny, and is one of the oldest around I guess? Plenty of Nana and Iemitsu bashing, and of course, Tsuna getting abandoned by friends. People use this obviously to build up angst, and in turn make Tsuna an Angst Sue. His past is so utterly terrible and thus he is a stronger, much badass person and is soooooooooo much better off than his stupid friends/family who abandoned him... after years of being together. Don't get me started on how the friendship of Tsuna and his guardians take a freaking 180 degree turn. It's like saying their friendship was weak... and as much as you disclaim how you don't own the franchise, you are insulting canon if you were writing it POST-CANON. I don't care if it is AU, but let's be serious here. Would YOU abandon your friend if he is no longer some important person you respected? Even if he has strayed from his path, you are supposed to be there for him. Not abandon him at the first chance you get. If you are that type of friend, sorry you are a freaking crappy one.

As for parents, understandable if you want to write Nana and Iemitsu as bastards for not caring for their son or loving another sibling, but everyone does it in such an unrealistic way that I wonder if all the angst is done on purpose to hype Tsuna and not for characterization/plot purposes. What parents wouldn't like their child? Give me a solid, legit reason that isn't about favouriting the other sibling or blatantly ignore Tsuna outright. Dude, even if you have researched how in Japan parental abuse was, you still have to be realistic. Which brings me to my next point:

2) Sibling/Twin fics
I get the notion people just wanna picture in another sibling so that the story might have changes from the original. But what I hate the most is that this plot bunny is easy to fail or even trip over. I think More Than No Good is one of the few exceptions that didn't seriously freak this plot bunny over. But I shall still have my gripes about this type. Why?

First type, obvious one twin is good than the other story. Everyone seems to take this opportunity to make Tsuna's life a living hell by making the other twin a douchebag. This takes up like 80% of the twin fics out there. Then another 75% take this further by making Tsuna some hidden hacker or someone who is obviously hiding his best abilities. Sure, hype him up all you want, but honestly I'm sick and tired of this. Do you guys even research on how twins behave? How can one twin just hate the other twin just for being useless and shameful?

Not once have I seen a fanfic whereby there was a twin who would empathise with Tsuna himself. It's as if people think actual twins hate each other if one is inferior than the other.

The minor type, the nicer sibling. Unfortunately, people just can't seem to do this well either. It's... very unrealistic. No matter how nice they can get, it feels like the sibling is just an plot device just to make the story interesting (A sibling just for there as a sibling, not a sibling who is a supportive character). No one bothers giving the twin some form of, what you call it, characterization that makes him/her different from Tsuna, YET nice. I'm calling it, the charismatic nicer twin is super fake. No flaws or anything. No one bothers to give some form of flaws which is why even the nicer sibling fics irk me as much as the super mean twin ones.

3) Dimensional Travel/Time Travel
So, you wanted to write one? Well guess you are going to be one of the X number of authors who abuse Byakuran or Lambo's Ten Year Bazooka.

First, dimensional travel. Who DOESN'T like that? Exciting as it sounds, it has worn out. People seem to use Byakuran as a plot device. Byakuran seems to be the all powerful guy who can take Tsuna and dump him into another parallel world... insulting canon once more. People seem to forget that Ghost appeared deformed after Byakuran took him from another world. But hey, it's replacing! It's not like there's going to be of any effect.

Dead wrong. Byakuran, no matter his awesome parallel world powers, obviously has no power and no rights to bring Tsuna over to another world without the world being harmed. Ghost is the very example of this. Yet people write it off as it Byakuran has too much free time and decided Tsuna will be his form of entertainment. Byakuran may be someone who is easily bored, but he has absolutely no right, and absolutely no reason to bring Tsuna to another world. This makes Byakuran a super, super weak character and has no other role in the plot other than being the reason why Tsuna is in another world in the first place. He's a plot device who has way too much free time.

Those dimensional travel where Tsuna dies and goes to another parallel world are fine. At least it sounds more reasonable than Byakuran stupidly shoving Tsuna into another world for no reason. NO, EVEN SAVING THAT WORLD IS NOT AN EXCUSE AND EVEN IF IT IS AN EXCUSE, IT'S WEAK. Why? Don't get someone else to clean up your own shit. Tsuna's world is his problem. A parallel world isn't and shouldn't be part of his concern to bother either. It just shows your impotent plot and failure of story flow. I would have believed the fanfic if Tsuna laid low for a while. It's not his style to grab attention, yet people just keep making him want the attention on purpose. Showing off, much?

Time Travel, on the other hand seems to be quite okay. But some people like to stretch it so far. Since I don't read it, I don't have much gripe with it. But yes, it's still a cliche and somehow, people just don't even know what they are smoking. But yes, Lambo is seriously overused as the childish boy who accidentally fired a stupid prototype Gianini modified at Tsuna... who's supposed to have some form of reflexes but it seems to fail him in front of a bazooka.

4) Rebirth Into KHR! or KHR! Character
People started abusing this ever since the first fanfic of this type came out. I mean, well sure it's nice if you want to explore what happens after death, but seriously, could you do it in a way where it would not feel so unrealistic?

Popular choice of death: Getting hit by a truck. Must be very painful. Erugh, really. These reincarnated people don't even fear death once more, and they don't even feel homesick. They don't feel frightened, scared or anything. Why? Because they know the plot! Even if you know the plot, it doesn't give your stupid self-insert characters the right to be audacious either. People think they know what to do best in a disaster and call victims stupid in their actions. Well guess what? You aren't likely to do any better so shut your freaking trap about it because you have absolutely no idea how it feels like to be in the situation.

Next, people seem to forget that the language of Japan is Japanese. Well duh, who doesn't? Yet they write it so that everything is in English (because everyone likes to write Americans reincarnating into Japan.) and that these people/characters don't seem to have any issue with learning Japanese, which is an entirely different language. Did I mention, how people can't even research for their dear life that they write the Japanese school system into a school in Italy? Lockers don't exist in Japan. I give you some leeway for that, but please. Do. Some. Research and GET IT RIGHT. Don't you people even get cultural shock since you keep memories of your own culture? Especially when you reincarnate otakus who have a f*cked up version of what they believe Japan is. Anime and manga do not represent Japan in every way possible, even if it is slice of life!

Next, people make their summaries super irking that it makes me lose interest in these type of plot bunnies. It's like saying, yes we reincarnated into KHR!... Then? People, this might be a good idea, but are you even making use of it? Do these reincarnated people have any major problem to overcome? (Besides those where living in KHR! are doing it for their Judgement, you have given them some stakes.) If no, then I'm sorry to say your story has no stakes. With no stakes to lose, it's boring.

Done with the rant. If you are offended, PM me if you wish. If you are guilty, then at least know where your faults lie.

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