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Author has written 3 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, and Doctor Who.

My name is Shauna Marie Hadinger."> border="0" alt="Wikipedia Affiliate Button" src="" />
I am 19 years old. I write stories on here, because I love putting myself into an imaginary world where anything can happen. I love anime and manga, one of my favorites to write on is Ouran High School Host Club. I either write stories in my spare time, which a lot of them will come through here, or I rp. My favorite role playing site right now is boundless universe rp. You can find it through roleplay-bu.com. This is a great role playing site based in the mideval times. You are able to create any kind of character you like, aside from ones that are already created, and or already have a form in real life. It's a lot of fun, so, if you enjoy my stories you will even more enjoy rping with me. Join if you want! Aside from that, I'm looking to make friends, so far I have found three, Potopie, Jenna Uchiha, and RockerGirl0709. They are very sweet girls, the first and last have very very good stories as well for the twins.

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Description: I'm kinda shy if I don't know you well enough, but once you talk to me for a bit, you will understand I'm a great person. I also get very outgoing and touchy if we know eachother for too long, because I love huggles.

Appearance: I have dark brown hair with blonde streaks in the front for bangs. I have hazel/forest green eyes. I am a bit overweight, but still very pretty. I was a plus sized model for a while.


Favorite Music: anything that has lyrics that make sense. I don't like most screamo music, because most of the lyrics don't make sense.

Favorite Animes:Ouran High School Host Club, Inuyasha, Knight Walker, Rurouni Kenshin, and Fruits Basket.

Favorite Mangas:Ouran High School Host Club, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Chobits, Negima, and Junjo Romantica.

Favorite Movies: As of right now it's singular with X-men Origins: Wolverine...that movie was awesome!

Favorite Video Game: eek...only one? Well, I guess Kingdom Hearts...I only have the first one, but I'm not a habitual gamer, so I haven't gotten far.

Favorite Things To Do: Reading and writing, especially fanfics.

Favorite Anime/Manga pairings:

Ouran High School Host Club:
HikaruXHaruhi MeiXTamaki TamakiXHaruhi MeiXKaoru (read a fanfic on it...awesomeness) MisuzuXTamaki (ha!) TamakiXKyoya

Rurouni Kenshin:
KaoruXKenshin MegumiXSanosuke KenshinXTomoe


Anime/Manga character that I love:

Ouran: Kaoru, Hikaru, Mori, and Honey

Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin, Sanosuke, Yahiko

Inuyasha: Inuyasha, Kikyo, Kaede

Negima: Negima

Anime/Manga characters that I hate: none...I don't tend to Hate characters...it's too strong an emotion for someone like me

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)
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Not trying to push anything down anyones throat, but I love this story.

The following is a true story that happened just a few years ago at USC.


There was a professor of philosophy who was a deeply committed atheist. His primary goal for one required class was to spend the entire semester attempting to prove that God couldn’t exist. His students were always afraid to argue with him because of his impeccable logic. For twenty years, he had taught this class and no one had ever had the courage to go against him. Sure, some had argued in class at times, but no one had ever really gone against him because of his reputation. At the end of every semester on the last day, he would say to his class of 300 students, "If there is anyone here who still believes in Jesus, stand up!" In twenty years, no one had ever stood up. They knew what he was going to do next. He would say, "Because anyone who believes in God is a fool. If God existed, he could stop this piece of chalk from hitting the ground and breaking. Such a simple task to prove that He is God, and yet He can’t do it." And every year, he would drop the chalk onto the tile floor of the classroom and it would shatter into a hundred pieces. All of the students would do nothing but stop and stare. Most of the students thought that God couldn’t exist. Certainly, a number of Christians had slipped through, but for 20 years, they had been too afraid to stand up.

Well, a few years ago there was a freshman who happened to enroll. He was a Christian, and had heard the stories about his professor. He was required to take the class for his major, and he was afraid. But for three months that semester, he prayed every morning that he would have the courage to stand up no matter what the professor said, or what the class thought. Nothing they said could ever shatter his faith...he hoped.

Finally, the day came. The professor said, " If there is anyone here who still believes in God, stand up!" The professor and the class of 300 people looked at him, shocked, as he stood up at the back of the classroom. The professor shouted, "You FOOL!! If God existed, he would keep this piece of chalk from breaking when it hit the ground!" He proceeded to drop the chalk, but as he did, it slipped out of his fingers, off his shirt cuff, onto the pleat of his pants, down his leg, and off his shoe. As it hit the ground, it simply rolled away unbroken. The professor’s jaw dropped as he stared at the chalk. He looked up at the young man, and then ran out of the lecture hall. The young man who had stood, proceeded to walk to the front of the room and shared his faith in Jesus for the next half hour. 300 students stayed and listened as he told of God’s love for them and of His power through Jesus.

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