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"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."-Aesop

The latest "news":

-All the previous chapters, plus Chapters 15-16 of my charity WIP, Instantly, will be found in the Fandoms 4 Autism fic compilation. This is your chance to read the story as a whole & up to date if you've missed the chapters in the previous charity compilations. There's still time to donate. Compilation will be distributed on 8/11. Find them on Twitter: @Fandoms4Autism


Summary: Edward, a teacher, finds himself suddenly in a situation where twin students of his were left abandoned after school one day and this leads to his life instantly and forever changed.

Banner made by MariainNYC: HERE

Here's a list of the other chapters of this story previously submitted to other fandom charity efforts:

-First 4 chapters of this story can be found in the Fandom 4 No Kid Hungry fic compilation.
-4 more chapters of the story including the first 4 (Chapters 1-8) can be found in the Fandom 4 Colorado fic compilation.
-3 more chapters of the story, Chapters 9-11 can be found in the Stories 4 Animals charity fic compilation.
-Another 3 chapters, Chapters 12-14, has been donated to Fandom4SuicideAwareness.

-Outtakes from It Happened One Night will be donated to the Fandom For LLS charity fic compilation. Click on the link to find out info about donating & when the compilation would be distributed. Find them on Twitter: @Fandom4LLS. They're currently posting teasers from author's submissions that will be in the compilation.

-A note for readers of my other stories, How Did I Fall In Love With You and Alice's Playboy Brothers.

Please know I didn't abandon them. I fully plan to continue them and get them completed. I fully & truly apologize for the lack of updates and keeping you readers (if there's any still left) waiting. Just for right now, my IHON Edward & Bella has locked all the other characters of my other stories that are in my head into a room and are guarding them securely there until their specific story has been heard until completion. Not to mention they've put all the other plot bunnies I had roaming my head space in a lock box as well. So you can imagine that IHON E/B have been demanding and insistent, plaguing my thoughts, so I thought it would be better if I keep my focus on their story for now and then move onto the next once it's done, then so forth. I find it better for me to work this way as well and makes it easier for me to accomplish more regular updates like I always wanted, since my focus isn't split amongst the three stories. I tend to get overwhelmed with having to think about all three, then I freeze up, then none of their stories gets heard because it just all becomes a jumble in my brain, and thus none gets written down, & then the more the lack of updates. Now, with a singular focus in my mind, I'm able to churn out chapters a lot faster and in a more efficient manner, and is on my way to the end goal. So, believe you me, I'm trying to work on finishing IHON as soon as I possibly can, so that I may go ahead and play with the other characters. Not to mention get to working on my long writing to do list that just seems to keep getting longer by the day.

Basically, just please have patience and bear with me. Again, I am sorry for my inadequacies. As much as I really wish I can be that writer that churns out chapter after chapter on a daily, weekly, even bi-monthly basis and can post so regularly or on a schedule, even on multiple stories at that, I'm not. I can just be me. And the me right now, needs to focus on one story at a time. I think I've learned that if I want to be that writer that can post quite regularly, I will need to have finished writing the story completely first or be ahead many, many chapters.

But definitely thank you to all the readers that are loyally sticking with me and patiently waiting for the updates. I appreciate your understanding.

Info on my other charity WIP's:

I encourage everyone, especially those who are fans of my work, and who could donate to these worthy charitable causes to do so. It'll always be a worthwhile endeavor, because not only will you get my submissions, but also a wonderful compilation of other authors who've chosen to give of their time to write for the compilation. You'll get new stories, outtakes, futuretakes, and even varying POV's from existing stories. Personally, the pieces I'm contributing to each cause are exclusive to that fic compilation and if you want to be one of the firsts to read the chapters of these charity WIP's that I've penned, that will be the only way you'll get to for the time being.

Keep checking back here to my profile, so you can find out where the next chapter of one of the charity WIP's will be appearing at next or if I'm gonna finally be posting them on my profile.

1) In Search of Belonging

Summary:Edward is an ex-con trying to adjust to life again on the outside, but he's not having an easy time of it. He's estranged from his family, he's practically an outcast in society, and the only love he'd ever known and only woman to have given him a chance after his stint in jail, Bella, had left him. Heartbroken, feeling disowned and in despair, living in destitution, and disillusioned about life, he feels he could no longer go on– he attempts to end his life. But,as he comes to find out, all is not loss, and Bella is his saving grace–with her is where he belongs all along.

Banner made by MariainNYC: HERE

-Prologue and Ch.1 can be found in the Fandoms4ME fic compilation.
-Ch.2 can be found in the Fandom Against Juvenile Diabetes fic compilation.
-Ch.3 can be found in the Fandom 4 Autism fic compilation.
-Ch.4 can be found in the Fandom4Vets fic compilation
-Ch.5 and all the previous chapters can be found in the Project Team Beta Back School Fundraiser fic compilation.

I am now done submitting this WIP to fandom charities. I should be able to post this story soon on my profile and continue the story.

2) It Wasn't Supposed To Be Me

Summary: Edward's college roommate, Jake, was always the life of the party and never had a problem getting any girl he wanted. The one exception, however, was Bella Swan. Edward never felt adept with girls or felt lucky in love till he met Bella Swan. What happens now that Edward has the one girl that Jake wanted the most?

Banner made by MariainNYC: HERE

-Prologue can be found in the Fandom 4 Children fic compilation.
-Ch.1 can be found in the Fandom For Preemies 2012 fic compilation.
-Ch.2 can be found in the Fandom for Ovarian Cancer fic compilation.
-Ch.3 can be found in the Fandom for Special Olympics fic compilation.
-Ch. 4 can be found in the Fandom4LLS fic compilation

I am now done submitting this WIP to fandom charities. I should be able to post this story soon on my profile and continue the story.

4)Torn Between Two Edwards

Summary: Bella loved Edward Cullen before and she loves Edward Masen now. When fate brings her and her first love Edward Cullen together again, she finds herself torn between the love she has for both Edwards. Eventually, she has to make the choice. Literally, she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Banner made by new friend & go-to banner maker, MariainNYC = HERE

-Ch.1 can be found in the Fandom4TwifanG fic compilation.
-Ch.2 can be found in Fandom4Homeless charity fic compilation.
-Ch.3 can be found in Stand Up for Katalina charity fic compilation.
-Chapter 4 of this story can be found in the Fandom For Preemies fic compilation.
-Chapter 5 of this story will be found in the Christmas Wishes fic compilation, benefiting Toys For Tots.
-Chapter 6 of this story will be found in the Fandom Fights Hurricane Sandy fic compilation.


I have a few more obligations for other charities wherein more chapters of the stories above will be submitted. Once I finish those obligations and past the embargos to allow me to post on my profile, I'll post them here. So, if you missed out on any of the fic compilations, just be patient and all the chapters will be posted together, erm, guessing after Summer ends, early Fall at the latest. Eventually, I will stop posting them exclusively to the charity fic compilations & start them under my profile. Patience is what I'm asking.

Story banners for the rest of my WIP stories:

1) Alice's Playboy Brothers

Lovely banner made by the talented, -.-EmilyMarie15-.-: HERE

2) How Did I Fall In Love With You

3 very beautiful versions of the banner were made by equally talented graphics maker & author, sunray16: HERE

3) It Happened One Night

The amazing banner made by the talented, Mehek18: HERE

All my banners and appropriate credits to their respective banner makers (with links to the banner makers profiles, so you all can give them the kudos they deserve) can be found on my very own tumblr: randommama's haven

Find me on Twitter: @randommama

I haven't yet begun to post my stories on other fic sites yet, even though I do have accounts at various other sites. But I am going to slowly start to make the stories available on other sites too. Don't know if that's a good idea or not, but I've gotten a bit wary of , all things considering what has been going down with the site lately.


(In no particular order)

1) If there's one thing I've ever learned in life, thus far, is that we should all do things that makes us happy. Life is precious, and life is way too short, to be wasting it on being unhappy and have it be full of negativity. So live life to the fullest!

2) Writing brings me joy! No matter what kind of story it is, even sad ones, they still make me happy, because I love the creativity and imagination that goes into it. That's why I do it! I'm a happier person cause I'm writing! I want to share. If even one of my stories brings even just one of you fic readers out there some joy in your hearts, then I've accomplished my goal of spreading some happiness in this world. We all know the world could always use a little more happiness! I write mainly for the enjoyment of others! I am so appreciative if even just one person reads any story of mine, and they like it!

3) YES--if you would notice, I enter a lot of fic writing contests! Admittedly, I am somewhat of a CONTEST H00R! I self-profess that I may have a problem. I am addicted to the challenges that contests poses--working within the parameters of the contest theme and making a complete story in the word limit is exciting and stimulating to me. It doesn't really matter to me if I place or not, I'm just satisfied to be an entrant. Of course, WINNING, makes it all the more sweet, but it's not necessary to make me happy. I only enter contests whose themes intrigue me--so, you'll probably see more contest entries out there for me, eventually, if anything catches my eye again. Although at the moment I'm already eager to develop my chapter fic ideas and dive right into those, and see where that takes me.

4) I love the Twilight saga, and admittedly obsessed with all things Twi saga. Not crazily obsessed, mind you. Stephanie Meyer made my world better by bringing this beautiful saga into my life, at a time when I needed it. Admittedly, I've read the Twi saga several times over, each of the books. It seems logical then that I write Twi-inspired stories, no.

5) I am admittedly fan fic addicted! I read a lot! Apart from the Twi saga, I spend a lot of late nights reading fan fic! I find them more interesting than regular published books often times! I am currently reading a whole bevvy of stories, and loving them!

6) I consider myself a Twilight Mom, I guess! Although, I'm not officially affiliated with the organization!

7) I've got 5 lovely kiddies (4 boys & 1 girl) that both drive me crazy and warm my heart! They keep me busy and on my toes! But, I think that by showing them their mom loves to read and write, hopefully I will inspire and instill that love in them. They're still impressionable. So, forgive me if I am not an author that regularly updates--you got to understand that I'm a mom first and foremost.

8) I grew up on an island! I still long for those sunny, carefree days, of ole! *sigh* Maybe one day I'll return to that kind of life.

9) I am very grateful to have several circles of girlfriends both in Real Life and Virtual Life that keep me inspired, encouraged, grounded, intellectual, laughing, crying, loved, and I could go on & on! I really love them all very much! We were all brought together for a reason, and am very thankful!

10) I LOVE REVIEWS!! PLEASE LEAVE SOME REVIEWS, whether you like the story or not! I don't mind! I like to read what others think of my offerings--and whether you know this or not, it does help me become a better writer either way! If you leave me some love in your reviews, it drives my passion for writing, and if you leave some criticism, then I know what needs improvement!

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to go on this writing journey with me! Always appreciative!

Well, happy reading!






BTW, again, I'm on the Twitterverse: @randommama

You can come follow me & read my tweets babbling about nonsense, Twilight saga & Robsten, my chaotic life, fics-especially mine, & anything else that come to mind.




Thanks to all my readers and especially those that voted for me at the contests I entered!! Always appreciate the support!!

Special thanks AGAIN to all those that READ AND REVIEW!!

I've begun to give shout outs & dedicate chapters to my special reviewers, so if you want to see your name mentioned, all you need to do is review.

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