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I paired down a lot of what I had in here.

I know it's been 8 years since I've posted anything.

Wanted to also note that you can find me on Ao3 too (sort of). Under the same username. I've only posted one thing thus far, though I'm hoping to change that. Not sure if I want to cross post or not, considering what fandom it is. Some video games sections are hard to navigate here.

My Inspirational Quotes:

"Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of you doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use."
- Earl Nightingale

"If the reason you breathe is the goal that you see, then you'll never be satisfied. 'Cause what's the reward when perfection is flawed and the best you can do falls wide?"
-"The Message" by Helen Trevillion

"To succeed, you must first improve; to improve, you must first practice; to practice, you must first learn; and to learn, you must first fail."
- Unknown

"When one door of happiness closes, another one opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which had been opened for us."
- Helen Keller

"The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding."
- Alber Camus

"The belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it seems to me the deepest root of all evil that is in the world."
- Judith Sherven

"You don't love someone because they're perfect. You love them in spite of the fact that they're not."
- Jodi Picoult

"Maybe who we are isn't so much about what we do, but rather what we're capable of when we least expect it."
- Jodi Picoult

"It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities."
- J.K Rowling

"There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And it's only reward is that it's easy."
- Unknown

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices."
-William James

"One day you'll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one."
- Unknown

"Would I live my life over again? Make the same unforgivable mistakes? Yes, given half a chance. Yes."
-from Rain, by Raymond Carver

"As far as I can figure, the way that it works is this: everyone has something that happened to them. The thing that we each carry. The thing that hurts. And to stop it, to stop the hurt, you have to turn it into a story. And not just a story you play over and over for yourself, but a story that you tell. A story's not a story unless you tell it. And once you tell it, it's not yours anymore. You give it away. And once you give it away, it's not something that hurts you anymore, it's something that helps everyone who hears it."
- Daniel MacIvor

About Me:

Name: Aurora
Nicknames: Rory, Rora, Aura, Sensei, kid, Borealis, May...etc.
Age: 5 to 50 mentally, depending on circumstances.
Gender: Female
Personality: Um...contradictory? That's probably the best way to describe me. I'm a walking contradiction.

Things to know about my writing (and me as an author):

- I get asked this a lot, so I'm gonna say it right from the start. No, I do not plan out my stories :) Despite what many may believe, nothing I write is well thought out. It simply ends up appearing that way due to massive strokes of luck. I tend to take an idea and go with it, and everything just kind of falls into place...somehow.

- Despite the fact that I may actually believe myself to be a good writer, I'm still always blown away when people actually like what I write. I always go in expecting the worst, and so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I'm proven wrong. So I'm very grateful to every kind word and bit of criticism. It truly means a lot to me :)

- I don't take suggestions. Sometimes something that someone says might spark inspiration, and since my stories are never completely fleshed out down to the last detail, I might throw it in, but otherwise I will not change my ideas due to someone's opinion on the matter. I like hearing about people's opinions or musings, even the negative sort of ones, just so long as there is an understanding that an opinion is not a fact.

- I was once told that I would never be a good writer if I didn't actually read books. I was told to read published works in the genres I was interested in (funny since the reason I started writing in the first place was because I had trouble finding any stories that interested me, so I figured I would just write my own). I decided to prove them wrong. Thus the reason why I can count the number of books I've actually read on just two hands.

- I put a lot of myself into my writing. My heart, my mind, my philosophies, and my experiences.

Here are a few top 10 lists, because that's easier than listing everything I've seen/like/am interested in:)

Top 10 Favorite Anime
1.) Zoids New Century Zero
2.) Durarara
3.) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
4.) Fairy Tail
5.) Noragami
6.) Code Geass
7.) Trigun
8.) Slayers
9.) Baccano
10.) Dragon Ball Z - (can't help liking it. One of my first really overwhelming obsessions for both me and my younger sis)

Top 10 Favorite Video Games

1.) Fire Emblem Three Houses
2.) Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
3.) Kingdom Hearts II
4.) Disgaea 2
5.) Ace Attorney Trilogy
6.) Chrono Trigger
7.) Super Mario RPG
8.) Dragon Age Inquisition
9.) Pokemon Black and White
10.) Final Fantasy IX (but actually, I like all of them)

Top 10 Favorite Movies (not in any particular order)
1.) How to Train Your Dragon
2.) Transformers
3.) The Avengers
4.) Anastasia
5.) Wreck It Ralph
6.) Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
7.) The Emperor's New Groove
8.) Star Trek: Into Darkness
9.) Frozen
10.) Pixels

Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

1.) Merlin
2.) Doctor Who
3.) Common Law
4.) Firefly
5.) Bones
6.) Numb3rs
7.) In Plain Sight
8.) Avatar: The Last Airbender
9.) Sherlock
10.) The Voice

Top 20 Favorite Songs of All Time

1.) Shattered - Trading Yesterday
2.) So Far Away - Staind
3.) My Sacrifice - Creed
4.) Lost Realist - Trapt
5.) Waiting for the World to Fall - Jars of Clay
6.) Dust and Gold - Arrows to Athens
7.) Tooi Kono Machi De - Naomi Kaitani
9.) Rain - Patty Griffin
10.) It's My Life - Bon Jovi
11.) If I Die Young - The Band Perry
12.) I Hope You Dance - LeeAnn Womac
13.) Fix You - Coldplay
14.) Oraanu Pi - E.S. Pothumus
15.) Bring on the Wonder - Susan Enan
16.) Simon - Lifehouse
17.) Enrai - Do As Infinity
18.) Order Made - Radwimps
19.) Hiding Under Water - Beth Hart
20.) Contact Redux - Trocadero

Proof of Insanity:

These have to go somewhere instead of just sitting in my word document, so I thought "hey, might as well shove them here and see if anyone else finds them amusing."

My sister and I (she's a year and 9 months younger than me) have some very interesting conversations, seeing as how we're sort of like best friends and we're both minorly insane in some regards. Here's a bit of our conversations, the ones that had us both in stitches or that were just too ridiculous to not hold on to. My good friend Khrys will make a few appearances here as well, because she has also said some truly spectacular things in my presence. My friend Lauren has been added as well :)

Sis (holding one of my teddy bears): "This guy reminds me of a combination of a gummi bear and a care bear, the grumpy one, cause he’s blue…I want teddy grahams."

Sis: "What’s the point of a cliffhanger if you don’t let people hang off the cliff?"

Khrys (talking about her hot coffee): "Yeah, look at that. It’s so hot it liquefied itself."

Khrys (after I made the mistake of asking for help with my book): "You should set his girlfriend on fire."
Me: "There is no girlfriend."
Khrys: "...You should set his boyfriend-"
Me: "There is no boyfriend!"
Khrys: "...You should set the person he is romantically involved with on fire."
Me: "There is no romantic person!"
Khrys: "Yes, because they were set on fire."

Me (to my sis): "Stop rubbing the incense stick all over my bear statue!"

Me (about my sister's ridiculous piece of hanger artwork that she hooked onto my bed): "It's a mess."
Sis: "It's art."
Me: "Mess."
Sis: "Art."
Me: "Mess."
Sis: "Art."
Me: "It's a mess."
Sis: "...Of art."

Sis (after showing me a flip video she made on her DS with stick figures): "I made the red so you’d know there was blood and he died."
Me: "He slipped on a banana peel and died!?"
Sis: "Yep!"
Me: "You idiot! You don’t slip on a banana peel and die!"
Sis: "The ground was very sharp."

Sis (after I hurt my ankle): "Can I drop this bowl on your ankle?"
Me: "No!"
Sis: "But it’ll help."
Me: "No it won’t!"
Sis: "It’s a therapeutic bowl."
Me: "No it’s not! You’re an idiot!"
Sis: "You just don’t see its hidden potential. It’s therapeutic. Let’s try it."

Me: "You’re sad and pathetic."
Sis: "Oh yeah? Well you’re sad or pathetic! Take that!"
Me: "Sad or pathetic? At least I’m not both."
Sis: "You’re just incapable of being both."
Me: "That’s a compliment you idiot. You are really bad at this. "

Me: "I'll buy you a pony if you eat my bacon beans."

My mom (talking to me): "Your uncle was right, you are veal. When the aliens come, they’ll eat you first, and then they’ll wonder why the rest of us aren’t as tender and don’t taste as good."

Sis (throws her stuffed sheep at my head): "Pizza pasta salad attack!"
Me: "That is not pasta salad."
Sis: "...Substituted with a sheep."

Me (while playing a video game): "I'm very benevolent and...why won't you just die?!"
Sis: *stares*
Me: "...Shut up, I'm benevolent!"

Sis (hitting herself in the head with her foam hammer)
Me (with my foam battle axe): "Why are you hitting yourself? We're supposed to be hitting each other."
Sis: "It’s all part of my plan! To take away the joy you get from hitting me by doing it myself!"

Me (lying on the floor with sis trying to kick me): "Stop kicking me!"
Sis: "You said I was a horrible person."
Me: "Yeah, so you should be trying to prove it wrong!"
Sis: "It's already wrong, so I'm going to prove it right. I'm sure that makes sense...somehow."

Sis: "Perfectionism-ish...ness."
Me: *stare*
Sis: "It's a word!"

Khrys: "First they took my crane and then my chopsticks, but I have a spoon, so it's okay!"

Sis: "It's an important decision! It could decide the fate of my fate!"

Lauren: "I keep seeing people I know but I don't know them."

Lauren (about coin flipping): "So you'll play with people's lives but not with nickels?"

Sis: "This cup is wrong."
Me: "What's it say?"
Sis: "Technology is good but people are better."
Khrys: "What? That's a lie! You can beat technology without any consequences."

Khrys and Sis: "*insert ridiculous comment here*"
Me (staring at them): "If I knew how to look incredulous, I would."
Khrys: "...If I knew what that word meant..."
Anessa: "*laughing*"
Sis: "*goes to Dictionary dot com*"

Sis: "You want to donate your money to the My Poor Little Sister Has No Money Fund. Your money is guaranteed to get to where you sent it, and you'll be able to relax knowing it will be wisely spent."

Sis: "If I mess up, I could get fined and go to jail."
Mom: "What? It means that if you forged the check and tried to cash it that you'd get fined. There's nothing wrong with your check."
Sis: "But what if they sent me a forged check just so they could get more money out of me?"
Mom: "...The United States Government did not send you a forged check."

Me: "Stalking with good intentions is perfectly acceptable!"

Sis (Playing the new Super Mario Bros): "He deserves to die because he keeps dying so much! It makes sense!"

Sis (message she left me on my laptop): "Hello my sister! You’ll never guess who this is! Oh wait, oh crap. :\"

Me (watching sis play Mario Galaxy 2): "You should have just bumped into the spongy thing. It would’ve prevented you from falling off the edge instead of jumping off."
Sis: "It was scary."
Me: "And jumping off the edge isn’t scary?"
Sis: "I already know the outcome of that."

Me: "Why is your balloon crashing into mine? You can’t even fly a fake air balloon properly!"
Sis: "I was just making it more realistic."

Me (talking to sis about all the destruction in my books): "Because I am fond of murdering people."
*Awkward pause*
Me: "...In stories!"

Me: "I just wasted five hours uploading stuff into movie maker that wasn't going to work anyway! It's not fair! I could've been doing something constructive!"
Sis: "Isn't that the story of your life?"

Me: "Why does everyone keep turning into depressed hobos?!"

Sis: "You should wear my hobo gloves."
Me: "I don't want to wear your hobo gloves!"
Sis: "But they're so hobo-y!"

Sis: "It’s a good thing you weren’t listening to me."
Me: "Why, did you say something stupid?"
Sis: "Um…"
Me: "I should just assume you did, seeing as how most of the stuff you say is stupid. At least half of it is. Actually, it’s probably more than half. In fact, it’s extremely rare that something you say isn’t stupid."
Sis: "Okay, you can stop now."

Sis: "A thief who steels thoughts would be really scary. Why would you want to steel other people’s thoughts? I wouldn’t want to."
Me: "Why, it’s not like you have any of your own."
Sis: "…I know where you sleep."
Me: "I would hope so, we’ve been living in this house for years."
Sis: "You know what?"
Me: "What?"
Sis: "…Your face! Take that! Yes, I went there."

Me (describing an episode of Slayers): "It’s every ridiculous melodrama cliche mixed into one episode with magic and fish people."

Me: "All my pens are either dead or ugly looking."
Sis: "Like zombies."

Sis: "My teddy bear thinks I'm the smartest person in the world."
Me: "Then he's incredibly misinformed...or delusional...or naive...or brainwashed."
Sis: "Hey! I do not brainwash teddy bears!"
Me: "..."
Sis: "That was kind of a strange sentence."

Me (watching sis play video games): "We have a lot of faith in you being slaughtered...eventually."
Sis: "Well at least you have faith in me for something."

Sis: "I thought I said more words than I thought I said."

Lauren: "Eating Jigglypuff tastes like all your hopes and dreams...dying."

Khrys (talking about playing Civilization and nuking): "No, I was nice and friendly and gave stuff to people. And then, one night, I had mountain dew…and things got a little crazy. I decided that Switzerland had to go."

Me: "They're merchants of doom."
Sis: "They sell doom?"
Me: "I wonder what doom looks like."
Sis: "How do you put a price on doom?"

Sis: "I always lie. Ha, I made a paradox!"

Me: "How dare you defend yourself from my attacks!?"

Me: “Stop playing with my piano.”
Sis: “But it wants to play a song for you.”
Me: “No it doesn’t.”
Sis: “How do you know what it wants?”
Me: “Because it’s my piano. I know what it wants.”
Sis: “It says it doesn’t like you making decisions for it, and that it is perfectly capable of thinking on its own.”
Me: “But aren’t you making decisions for it?”
Sis: “Shut up. You weren’t supposed to notice that glaringly obvious flaw.”

Sis (playing Paper Mario): "Well, I’m dead. And he only has 2 hp left…maybe if he misses…yes!"
Me: "Oh my gosh."
Sis: "I won!"
Me: "You have 1 HP. Talk about by the skin of your teeth."
Sis: "I won, and that’s all that matters. Look, he called me a masterful fighter."
Me: "More like a lucky idiot."
Sis: "Shh! He doesn’t need to know that."

Me: “I’m not accomplishing anything with you in here.”
Sis: “You’re accomplishing talking to me, and that’s the greatest accomplishment of all.”

Sis (playing Tales of Graces): "Oh, I found a save point...and dead people. Those are always good signs."

Sis (playing Tales of Graces): *Snooping in random NPC's closet and finds raw pork* "..."
Me: "..."
Sis and me: "Why is there pork in the closet?!"

Sis (playing Disgaea 4): "Okay, who wants to be a sacrifice?"
Me: "What is wrong with you? This is supposed to be a strategy game."
Sis: "Sacrificing people is a strategy."
Me: "..."
Sis: "Just because it's not a good strategy doesn't mean it's not a strategy."

Me: "Poke."
Sis: "Smite."
Me: "Hey! That wasn't very nice. I only poked you."
Sis: "What are you talking about? It was a perfectly reasonable response to being poked."

Me: "You're kind of an idiot."
Sis: "What, only kind of?"

Ness: "Shattering dreams is my pastime."

Ness (while we're at Caribou): "How do you feel?"
Khrys (working on a paper): "Despair. I should write 'despair.' ...How do you spell despair?"
Ness: "Misspell it. That'll make it sadder."

Sis (about the cups stacked next to her and Khrys): "I only just noticed those."
Khrys: "I'm going to pretend I noticed them earlier."

Sis (fighting a boss in Tales of Legendia): "Ha, yes!"
Me: *sigh* "Throwing an old man..."
Sis: "He's attacking me!"
Me: "..."
Sis: "...He started it!"

Sis (playing Tales of Legendia): "The Forest of No Return. If you bought a product there, you can never return it. Dun dun dun!"

Sis (playing Tales of Legendia): "I will defeat him...with the power of Heinz Ketchup!"
Me: "...What? The power of ketchup?"
Sis: "All my characters are on level 57."

Sis (playing Tale of Legendia): "I'm not lost, I'm just...deviating from the correct direction."

Sis: "Hey is for horses and Oi is for oysters."
Me: "Oysters don’t eat ois."
Sis: "They would if they were cannibals that only ate part of the oysters."

Me (watching sis play Tales of Legendia and snickering): "It says you can completely lose your sense of direction here."
Sis: "Ha! I didn’t have that to begin with."
Me: "You sound so proud of yourself."

Sis (with a bag of gummi bears): "Um…what if it says June 13, 2012?"
Me: "Um…"
Sis: "Let’s be honest. They’re gummi bears. Do they really expire?"
Me: "I think they probably just get kinda hard."
Sis (holds one out): "Wanna be the first one to try it?"
Me: "...What?"
Sis: "I mean, I so generously offer you this gummi bear."

Me (on google translate for Japanese): "Ahh, I wanted Vortex of doom, but it keeps giving me the wrong word. I don’t want 'unmei.'"
Sis: "Why are you looking for Vortex of Doom?"
Me: "...What’s another term for doom? Approaching death?"
Sis: "Disaster?"
Me (a few minutes later): "…There! Vortex of despair. I like that better."
Sis: "Why are you…? *sigh* Why were you looking up vortex of doom?"
Me: "It just popped into my head."
Sis: "...Is this how it normally feels to be you?"
Me: "What?"
Sis: "Is this how it feels to be you? Our positions have been reversed."
Me: "Probably. You’re probably feeling that sighing, exasperated, “what are you doing, you idiot” feeling that I usually feel when talking to you."

Sis: "No stupidity has ever been said by me."
Me: "…I’m writing that down. Because it’s obviously a lie."
Sis: "It’s not a lie. Truer words have never been spoken."

Sis: "I totally didn’t go in a giant circle."
Me: "You did, didn’t you."
Sis: "No! Which was why I said I didn’t."

Me: "Do you even know where you're going?"
Sis: "Do you even need to ask that question at this point?"

Sis: "Oh, that’s right! I changed it to both of the buttons so I wouldn’t forget."
Me: "You already forgot?"
Sis: "…No, of course not. I was just testing you."

Me: "You don’t eat statues."
Sis: "How do you know? Maybe in their world, they do."
Me: "…No."

Sis (fighting a glowing dragon in Tales of Legendia): "He’d make a good nightlight."
Me: "...What?"
Sis: "Why do I always want to use epic creatures for stupid mediocre things?"

Sis (with a dinner plate on her lap and the game controller by her feet): "You know what food means…"
Me: "It means you play like an idiot."
Sis: "That’s how I usually play. Oh, zing!"

Sis: *Playing Rune Factory 4* "I need 2 potatoes."
Me: "Why?"
Sis: "I'm shipping vegetables. It's for a quest."
Me: "When you say shipping, you mean shipping, right? Not like character...
Sis: "No! I mean delivering... Yeah, I'm shipping potatoes and carrots. Potato plus carrot. Cartato. My new OTP!"

Sis: "What are you writing?"
Me: "I’m just writing down some stupidity."
Sis: "Well, then it can’t be anything I’ve said."

That's all for now, I guess :)

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