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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

[WHOA!!] This is an OLD profile. Expect a lot of Young Justice shtuff to be added soon. Fav. couples and such. ;D

Vote for your favorite story in the poll above!! (This is OLD!! But you may still vote if you want. :D)
Sorry, but even with my awesome ingenuity(jk), I haven't come up with a title for any of these. : P If you have any suggestions, let me know by PM.

1) BBxRae Raven finds a baby wrapped up and stuffed in an old cardboard box, hidded just barely in an alleyway. She can't just leave it there of course, so she takes it home to the Titans Tower. While Robin works to locate it's home, Raven develops a love for the child. She promises right there and then, that she will take care of the baby in the meantime, and be the mother she never had. This surprises all of the Titans, and interests Beastboy

2) RobxStar ~ Crime has slowed significantly, and Robin does the hardest thing he has ever done. He asks Starfire out. Of course she complies and he awaits romantic night on the town. The other three ensure him he that they have got everything under control and with that, they venture off. Of course, that just so happens to be the night that all of Hades breaks loose with no way for Robin to enjoy his date. Can the Titans' trio defend the city without the help of Starfire and Robin? And what of the date? Robin's communicator is set to report anything and everything so it's hard to have a romantic night when you can't help but worry.

3) CyxBee ~ Beastboy notices a change in Cyborgs' behavior. He doesn't tease him about liking tofu, he's training twice as hard as normal, and he won't even sit down to play a round of video games!! Beastboy convinces our favorite empath to help him 'follow' Cyborg when he decides to take a day off. What they find, both surprises and amuses them. CyxBee based, but LOTS of BBxRae thrown in for my own pleasure.

4) BBxRae ~ The villian Katarou, has managed to steal the Master of Games gem of power. With it, he can steal any powers he wants! No need to see the true master. The Titans catch up, and due to an accident occuring during the fight, the gem gets split into two, and Katarou makes away with one of the pieces. Now Robin and the rest of the Titans must track him down, before he uses his piece of the gem for his evil wishes. This may be a little hard though, because somehow Raven and Beastboy have gotten their powers switched! The dark sorceress is now green and the comedic changeling is meditating?! Will they be able to cope with the sudden changes? Based off of Teen Titans Go! comic, issue # 24.

I want to eventually get them all done, but I'm not sure which one to start on. I will get whichever one that has the most voteswithin a week, started next Saturday. As for my story Bubbly, I am not sure when the next installment of that story will be. I do have the next chapter started, it's just on a different computer, one that I don't get to use that much. I promise you though, I have not forgotten it at all and will get to it as soon as possible.

~ Hello all and welcome to my profile!! ~

Here are the basic things to know about me:

Name: Only my closest friends get to know that. You can call me 'Young' though, or Jovie, my psuedonym.

Gender: Female

Height: Almost 5'6", almost!

Weght: 111

Age: 16!!

Birthday: May 31st

Zodiac Animal: I'm a dog. *woof*

Hair: Dark Brown, Long, goes down to the back of my knees.

Eyes: Dark Brown

Birthplace: Alaska

Current Location: Jump city

Favorite TV shows:I watch a lot of Football, NFL only though, Not College. Go Cowboys!!(And Ravens and Panthers...) I watch House M.D. and Heroes, and, while embarassing, I watch Hannah Montana. Wipeout in the summer, American Idol is okay, and I have been known to watch Army Wives, due to the fact that I have been privileged to play as a background person.

Favorite Cartoons: Let's see...I have been able to watch the Justice League, Leagion of Superheroes, Wolverine and the X-men and a few others after that. The ones I really love though, are Avatar: the Last Airbender and Teen Titans!!

Favorite anime: I have only watched Ouran High School Host club which is okay, Tsubasa Chronicles which is good, but sort of repatative, I have watched the first dozen episodes of Naruto and I'm not really that thrilled with it(Hopefully it gets better), Fruits basket, good but not nearly as good as the manga which I really love, Case Closed(Meitantei Conan) and the awesomest of the awesome, DURARARA!! If you happen to know where to get DRRR!! Ckips, please! Inform me. I love making AMVs. :D

Hobbies: Drawing, Sketching, Reading comics, Fanfiction and a few books, Writing, Playing Guitar and Piano making AMVs and ice skating.

~ Favorite Couples ~

Teen Titans:
(The cartoon)

•BBxRae. My most favorite couple ever! These guys need each other. They build each other up and help each other out. While they are opposites, they are both very similar as well, both having a horrid past. They have almost a love/hate relatioonship that is fun to work with when writing and enjoyable to read. When it comes to fanfiction, they are the only couple(in my oppinion) in which you can read both an awesome humorous story, and a dramatic angsty story, back to back, because of who they are.

•RobxStar. It's so obvious, plus it's adorable.

•CyxBee. I love these two together! They're so fun. They pick on each other, they love and respect each other, they call each other by nick names(Sparky and Bee), Plus, they like the others I have mentioned, balance each other out. It's my second favorite pairing. : )

•KidflashxJinx. Umm, not much to say 'bout them. But they're cute!

Avatar: the Last Airbender:

•Kataang. It's canon so it's cool.

•Sukka. Gah! I LOVE these two together! My favorite A:TLA pairing EVER! They're so fun together, and I love how comfortable they are together. They hold hands, he has his arm draped over her shoulder. They are constantly together, which is sweet. Both of them were really somewhat stuck up to begin with and kinda mellowed each other out. I love these two and it saddens me to see that not many people are Sukka supporters

•Maiko. I love the relationship these two have together. It's adorable. I like that they have known each other for their whole lives, that they only seem happy when they are together and that they really care for each other. The sweetest couple, in my oppinion. Some will always disagree.

•AzulaxChan. Am I the only one who likes this couple? I thought it was hilarious!! Even if it did only last like two minutes. :D

•IrohxJun. XD Just kidding!! Or am I?

•HakodaxKya. Yes, Sokka and Katara's parents. From what little we see of Kya, she seems like an amazing person and we already know how awesome Hakoda is.

•HakodaxUrsa. What? I choose to believe that Ursa is alive and well, living somewhere, in the Earth Kingdom perhaps. Plus I like to entertain the idea of Zuko becoming Sokka and Katara's brother. Seriously, wouldn't that be great? As for Azula, she can stay as 'Daddy's little girl' and hang out in prison with Ozai or something.

(Mostly Anime, slight knowledge of the light novel)

•Shinra Kishitani/Celty Sturluson. Omigosh!! If you've watched the show/read the novel and STILL refuse to support this canon couple, you are either really stubborn, or really blind. These two are practically MARRIED to each other and probably would be if Celty wasn't...y'know...headless and all, but still, most married couples aren't even as devoted to one another as these two are. Celty and Shinra FTW. These guys are so entertaining and fun to watch. I cannot fathom how one could NOT like 'em. :D

•Masaomi Kida/Saki Mikajima. I will not lie, watching the series I could not help but to hope that someday, these two would get back together. The idea of Kida(Yeah, I like calling him Kida, rather then Masaomi, it's shorter and cuter. Kida-kun!! :D) and Anri becoming a couple wasn't at all appealing to me and so I was kind of sad that Kida would often speak of how much he liked Anri to Saki, who still loved him. Saki is a trooper though, and Kida is too because in the end, the red string of fate kept them together and made me very, very happy. ^_^

•Mikado Ryuugamine/Anri Sonohara. To me, this looks to be a Rob/Star or Kataang kind of relationship. The one that you see, even from the very beginning, happening. I will actually be very surprised if it doesn't come to be. There are, of course, several obstacles to overcome before they can be anything more then "just friends", as Mikado would wish for it to be. Mainly the fact that Anri cannot LOVE people keeps this relationship at bay, but nevertheless, I wait for it to happen. :)

•Seiji Yagiri/Mika Harima. This relationships' current status: Solid as a rock. Which is actually rather interesting considering Mika's love is one-sided and Seiji only sticks around because Mika happens to look like his "true love" which is just a head in a jar. However, I can imagine Seiji actually coming to love Mika for who she is, not just what she looks like which would make her the happiest person in the world. That said, it is also possible that Seiji would ditch her, should he get his hands on Celty's REAL head. :'(

•Walker Yumasaki/Erika Karisawa. This couple makes me giddy and bubbly. They're best friends, Otakus. Always side-by-side. It would be awesome if they were to become a real couple.

•Izaya Orihara/Namie Yagiri. Yup, yup! I'm one of those oddballs who absolutely, positively, refuses to ship Shizaya. I really like the idea of IzaNamie, despite Namie's twisted love for her brother and Izaya's somewhat sadistic love for humans as a whole, I think their relationship would be complex, interesting to watch and just plain HAWT.

•Shizuo Heiwjima/Vorona Douglanikov. This Sempai/Kouhei relationship is adorable!! Vorona's use of the language since she is a foreigner is computer-like, but in it's own way, kind of cute. I love that they both have a love for sweets and their impulsive tempers are hiilarious. Also, it's way better then a pedophile Shizuo/Akane. xD (Sorry to offend people, please don't get too mad.)

•Kasuke Heiwajima/Ruri Hijiribe. Eh, they may only be fake-dating, but I still love it. If you don't, I'll give you a hint: Ruri is that popstar girl!! :D

•Ryo Takiguchi/Rio Kamichika. Haven't a clue as to who these people are?? Well, Ryo is the guy who Mikado and Kida found out was a Dollars member. You know, the guy who sits on the roof composing music. Yep, that's him. Rio, as you may know, is the girl who tried to commit suicide, only to be saved by Celty. Both are minor characters who really have nothing to do with each other, so I guess this is a crack pairing. They could be cute though!! :D

~ Couples I don't mind~

Teen Titans:

BBxTerra. While I am a die-hard BBxRae fan, I respect this couple. Why? Well, mostly because it's canon. I saw, in the series, a lot of character growth for Beastboy during the Terra arc. You got to see him as more then the goofy shape-shifter. He was more mature with the way he handled everything, and he was as sweet as can be when it came to Terra. As for Terra, it was plain to see that she needed him and while I despised her for betraying the team, I did cry when she sacrificed herself for the sake of the city. I respect her for that. I, however, don't really see a good way to bring her back to the team, and therefor, will probably not read any Fanfiction for this couple, for I see these two together, as a thing of the past.

•CyxJinx. In truth, I don't really like this couple. I only put it here because there are several BBxRae Fanfics in which this was used as a side couple. Sometimes, it can be rather funny. I don't see Jinx being very fond of Cyborg anymore, though it may be possible for Cyborg's slight crush to remain. But really, in my opinion, this couple is more then over, especially since Jinx has KidFlash.

•CyxSara. I contemplate putting this in my favorite couples category. I really liked Sara Simm, she was such a sweet and caring person.

•SpeedyxCheshire. Heh, heh.

•JerchoxKole. Not much to say...

•AquaxTerra. Okay, out of all the shippings I have, this is definetly the weirdest. After all, there's no basis. At least JerichoxKole and SpeedyxCheshire were real(one still is) canon couples in the comics. These two didn't even meet in the show. Needless to say, I still like it, Water and sounds kinda cool, doesn't it? Okay, you're right. I'm crazy. Needless to say, I'm not gonna go read any Fanfiction about it, nor will I write any.(unless you want me too, I could cook something up!)

Avatar: the Last Airbender:

•Yuokka/Sokkue. This couple, like BBxTerra, I like it for it's canonness, though I like this one more then BBxTerra. When I first saw it however, I hated it. Maybe it was the fact that I had already taken a liking to Suki and was afraid the Kyoshi warrior was going to be forgotten, that she was just a one-episode character. After Yue kissed Sokka and she pulled down the neck of her collar to reveal her engagement necklace, I was furious(okay, maybe not furious, but I was pretty mad.). I thought, 'How could she do that? Sokka's first kiss was wasted on a girl who's already getting married!' Halfway through though, I began to feel really guilty. How could I hate Yue that much? I mean, the poor girl was betrothed to that...that...that jerk. I couldn't imagine myself acting any differently. Though I don't think I could be as strong as she was when she gave up her life. That made me cry even harder then when Terra 'died'. I'm such a sap.

•ZuJin/Jinko. Actually, I hate this couple. It's only up here because it's canon. Though, I think about it now, and Zuko didn't really seem interested in Jin. The whole thing to me seemed like a sympathy date. Hmm. *shrugs*

•OzaixUrsa. Ursa is a wonderful person, which often made me wonder why she would ever get married to a monster. There are possibilities that I have considered. Perhaps it was not by her own choosing that she marry Ozai, perhaps it was an arranged marriage. Perhaps she did not truly know that her husband was a monster at all, what if he had hidden that side from her all their life together, or she never noticed? What if, he wasn't always that kind of person, and eventually, he grew and changed into the menace he was in the series. Whatever the case, the couple reeks of complexities that I wish I could explore.

•Taang. This is that Toph pairing in which Toph actually didn't find any attraction to the person paired up with her, go figure. Why do I like it? Well, in a far off AU realm in a distant part in the back of my mind, these two could have been a lovely couple. Aside from the fact that they are physically the same age and look rather cute side-by-side, I found it could have been rather interesting should it have turned out as a couple because he envisioned her in the swamp. It also looked like, in the Blind Bandit episode, that the two were going to be good friends. Of course watching the series I had a little voice in the back of my head saying "You idiot! You already know the writers are going for Kataang! Stop fantasizing." I didn't really stop though, and I was kind of disappointed that we Taang fans were not graced with any real Taang moments, whereas Tokka fans got their fair share and there were a few Toko moments as well. xD

~ Couples I dislike ~

Teen Titans:

•RobxRae. Aside from the fact that Robin belongs with Star and Raven with Beastboy, if they ever had a relationship, it would be short-lived. I mean, they're too similar. They both like their space and would shut each other out. Both would end up depressed and alone. Personally, I prefer a 'Happily ever after'. Yes, you can yell at me all you want, I do know that Raven had a thing for Dick, but it was pretty one-sided. You must remember, that in the comics, Raven fell for nearly everybody up until her relationship with Gar. Even though the current state of their relationship isn't as "perfect" as it could be, they both still love each other.

•BBxStar. So, apparently, if your gonna pair up RobxRae, Starfire will just go along with Beastboy? No. They're both too immature together, to BE together. Get what I'm saying? Starfire would get bugged by Beastboy, he's so much different then Robin. And BB wouldn't have the patience Robin does when it comes to helping Star out with our 'Earthly ways'. Besides, I don't see that these are very close anyway.

•CyxRae. I really love Cyborg and Raven together. Just not this way. He is her big brother and cares for her like a little sister. I do find it sweet though, that the only one who truly makes her smile is Cyborg, and she is willing to help out when it comes to fixing her car.

•Any other couples that break up the ones I have listed I will probably hate as well. CyborgxKole, SpeedyxBumblebee, BeastboyxBlackfire(How did they come up with that one!?) blah, blah, blah. I think I've made my point. I am also against any and all same sex pairings.

Avatar: the Last Airbender:

•Tokka. Sokka doesn't seem like the he's ever going to just up and leave Suki, and vice versa. both seem content with one another. If, for some reason they did, I really don't see Sokka falling for Toph. He has always seemed more into girls his own age and thinks of Toph as a little sister. Also, Toph's crush she had is not quite as strong anymore, since Zuko came. At least, I think so.

•Zutara. I see this as a brother/sister relationship(Hence, the HakodaxUrsa pairing). Plus, Zuko only has eyes for Mai. Katara, has had a few crushes before, and while the relationship between Zuko and Katara has softened, I can't see her ever falling for him. Besides, even if they DID become a couple, non-violent Aang would become very violent. He would go all Avatar on Zuko's hide. As for Mai? She's even scarier then Aang and would utterly destroy Katara AND Zuko. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure Katara is happy being with Aang, and Zuko with Mai.

•Toko. Sorry Toph, Zuko doesn't really seem interested in you that way. Like I said before, Zuko is perfectly happy with Mai. I do enjoy seeing these two build each other up though.

•Ty Lokka. Yeah, I noticed how Ty Lee was totally interested in Sokka, and yeah I noticed that he totally blushed when he heard her, but in the end, after Ty Lee joined the Kyoshi warriors under Suki, both of them seemed totally over it.

•Any other pairings that I haven't already listed that break up my favorites. Also, still no Slash or Femslash.


•Shizuo/Celty. I like them as good, really close friends who can talk to each other, but that's as far as it goes. This couple is my least hated in the short list here :)

•Shizuo/Akane. you happen to notice the 14 year age gap!?! Yeah, I know that it's perhaps a possibility. But I don't think Shizuo would think about Akane that way. FOR THE RECORD!! My grandfather is 15 years older then my grandmother so it's not really the age canyon that bothers me, rather more that this is a one-sided love here. Shizuo loves her, a lot, but not like that.

•Masaomi/Anri. Ugh.

•Izaya/Saki. Can you say, "YIKES!!"? ...Good...

And I don't even need to list any Yaoi/Yuri couples here, right? You already know I don't support any(Unless it's totally and definitively canon, then I will be sure to right any mistakes and such. ;D).

Congratulations to any of you who actually read all that, it's finally over! If you skipped to the end, well, I have nothing to say except that your here and you should give my stories a shot. :D

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