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About me

Name: Magz

Age: Not saying

Height: Not saying that either

Hair: Short brown curly

Eyes: Green

Clothes: Fingerless gloves. Fairly varies due to mood

Relationship status: Not saying that either

Nationality: Irish. duh take a look at the falg if you don't believe me

Personality: Shy depends i guess, Over-confident, helpful, kind, friendly, always positive and has a great sense of direction

Writing style: Whatever suits me best, i'm my own proof reader, i do make mistakes but that's human.

Skills: Art, determination of perdictionscreepy i know, one serious multi-tasker

College: IT

Hates: Studying, can't read notes to save my life, bullyingi got that for over 3 1/2 years so i know how it feels, stalkersi'd kick their asses when i'm scared

Fears: Pain of othersthat is not one to be easy to over come

Music: Rock, RnB, any catchy tune really.

Strengths: Too observant for my own good, artistic flair, reading.

Weakness: Examsi don't like them due to screwing up and they don't like me

Stories: Fantasy is my favourite to do, mystery, spiritual, egyptian, tried a whack at more mature content

Anime: Come on i know over 180 animes by now so you really want me to list them!! take a look here

Manga: Mainly fantasy,romance,comedy


Do you take requests?

Well i do place friends into my stories so if i make more friends here and trust them then i might consider taking requests. Now i'm not taking any requests. Dunno why but i guess i'm already on a series "Phoenix"

What is your inspiration of writing?

Well i loved telling stories even at a young age but i never was good with grammer at school. I read anything of interest and that inspires me to write stories. Whenever i have seen something i like or read something i include a similiar thing into my story. That's what makes the story interesting i guess.

Who is your favourite author and why?

I so have to say J.K.Rowling and Christopher Paolini are my far best favourite authors. Why? Well first off J.K.Rowling seems to always keep the reader wanting to get more out of a story. She is a successful writer even from a young age. Eventhough her series is complete she still remains the best author to everyone and will still remain the best till time comes. Christopher Paolini is too a great writer to the main fact that he too has the unique talent of keeping the reader wondering what happens next.

Do you do anything besides write?

Dang you really need to know that? Haha just kidding, i love movies of all kinds byt mainly animation, comedywho says no to a good laugh fantasy and i'm beggining to like horror. I manage a forum for anime, games and manga and so far we don't have many members. I am also a member of my college society caled M.A.G. I've been sketching all my life so i love to draw. I can draw with both left and right so that's good to know, what i can't do is write with my left hand. I like to do sports but don't get much time to do that. I did do irish dancing at a young age and still have 7 silver medals as proof that i was a good dancer. I don't dance in public tho. I also did athletics but gave that up when i entered secondary school. Even when i was not a strong academic student i always seem to manage to get by due to being observant.

What is your dream?

Let's see since i always love art and never got a chance to go to art college i still would like to go into Animation and visit Japan someday to learn all the best techniques there is. I'd love to figure out if there is a way of teaching kids that art of all kinds teach alot more than skill and what is important in life, i'd also like to teach disabled kids using visual arts. Some day i wish to be a great animator or even a artist of some kind.

Where do you get your ideas for your characters?

You really wanna know? Well i read and watch plenty of anime and play games naturally. Ya don't think i'm that stupid even if I am not that good in college. I'm a visual learner so i am good at that kind of thing. Some characters i have in my stories are my own whilst others are from animes i love, games i really like and so forth. I give credit for the characters i crossover

What are your favourite games?

Kingdom Hearts & Final fantasy naturally.

I do love RPG games mainly tho such as Drakengard 1 & 2, Star Ocean till the end of time, Phantasy Star

What anime i like?

I know i'm strange and all that but i love all kinds that has a good storyline. Since i'm still trying to figure out my orintation i'd almost watch any type of anime. Weird huh but makes no difference to me. I'd watch hentai, yaoi, yuri, transgender, fantasy and well the list goes on...

has my entire list of anime i've seen and currently watching...

Do you have a deadline for writing each chapter or story?

Actually i don't have any deadlines due to the main fact i'm coping in college and well let's say writing on deadlines are kinda not my idea of fun. I write when i like and where i like to so no restrictions on that. I'm currently experiencing in writing from any aspect so be sure to read all my stories since some of them are being developed each time i get onto it.

Type of angles?

Lets say that i learn visually so watching anime or anything else gives me inspiration. I read over and over again due to the main factor that i forget like a goldfish lol. I often use heaps of colour while taking notes so that's me for ya lol

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