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I am writing a Twlight fanfiction and I am enjoying writing it . I am glad some of my readers like it . I like Bella and Edward . I am in the Twlight Roleplay . And I start thinking about my story and try to write it all down . I am writing my story and it's mine I changed it up and it mine don't yell at me i dislike people who are rude to me . It helps me and i see in my eyes !!! i have put up another story . Working one two stories and taking a break from one and now working on the other .

Hope some people review my new story i am working on now please . I would like to see some new readers soon and some reviews for the story please . No One please copy my stories I work hard on these two stories and there my idea's .

Dear readers . I would love for you to read my stories & review them please it would make my day!

i upload my new story please read and review .

Thank you to the user jadedghost22 for adding my story the farm life please read and enjoy and please review .

i have started a new story , i am very happy with it , seems like i have some readers .. But I'd like more to post the first chapter .

I am so glad that one of my stories is doing well here , some people know of my story and some readers have reviewed it . I am writing away just finished chapter 14 for the farm life going to try to upload that chapter tonight . Starting to write chapter 15 now. I won't let my readers down . Just writing this story for fun and I am having a blast writing it . Hope I will get more readers soon along with reviews and also love it when people add my story to there stories along with favorite stories as well .

Hope to hear from my readers soon .

I uploaded chapter 14 for the farm life and just finished writing chapter 15 and going to upload that chapter soon as well. Going to start writing chapter 16 now for the farm life

Finished writing chapter 16 going to post for the farm life . Going to start writing chapter 17 . I just finished writing chapter 17 and will post it today or tonight . Chapter 17 uploaded . Going to start writing now , chapter 18 . Hope all of my readers enjoy my story and I know i sure do . Glad to see people are seeing my story "The Farm Life " Waiting for the reviews hope to keep them coming . I am enjoying writing this story the farm life and I am chancing the names and using what I know from my life . I have worked my butt off on this story "The Farm Life " It's my story I have had people help me edit some of the chapters it's my idea and I like the chacters ,. I am going to remove chapter 23 and rewrite and post it again .

Chapter 23 : Innocent
The whole day passed and it was night time and we had dinner with my new family and it was so nice since I am the newest Cullen . Durning dinner we all watched a movie tonight and it was the movie “Black Swan”. We started the movie and I gotten scared durning the movie and I had to grab a pillow to hug and Emmett asked me if I wanted to watch it anymore I said no so we turned it off . I was glad the movie was being turning off.
Now we finished watching the movie “The Parent Trap “ when that finished we started watching the movie “The Bugs Life . “ Edward and I watched the show “House “ together after we finished putting the dinning room table together because we were taking a break.
I was really enjoying watching the movie “The Bugs Life “ because I haven’t watched this movie since I was little girl. Edward could tell I was having a good time tonight and I was being a good wife to him and he was being a good husband to me and he as been loving me since the day we meet and even more since we got married.
Edward and I got to see our baby girl it has at least been three weeks since we saw Elizabeth. She was as happy to see us as much as we were both of us since we are going to be a couple forever and has husband and wife. I cuddled with Edward all night long .
I coughed a little and Edward quickly got up from the bed to grab me a glass of water and was back in a flash. He handed me the glass and I thanked him and then kissed him and he kissed me back . Jessica , Mike , Harry , Ginny and Hermione came to our house for a visit and it was such a good time to see them it’s been a few weeks since we saw them all in person .
My Edward is my hero and he will be my hero forever. Elizabeth came up right next to me and she looked up cute at me and I pet her head for a bit. Edward joined me and watched both of his girls . I quickly grabbed my tummy it hurt and I was wondering if this was good or not for our baby which I am still carrying in my tummy. Edward looked at me and he knew something was wrong .
I was hoping for a better weekend I needed a girls night out , I went out with Jessica and Angie for a movie night. After we went out to the movie , it had gotten late and we headed back to the Cullens place and had a little sleepover . Angie and Jessica quickly went to sleep but it was hard for me to fall asleep without my mans arms around me .

Twireader81 I am not using quotes they gave me ideas and why can't I pm you anymore ? Don't know why I can't review this story anymore Summer Vacation but I did enjoy reading the last chapter . Just read the next chapter in the story I can't review anymore . I hope more people would read my story "The Farm Life Waiting for the man I love to show " that i have written and review it . I hope the readers will enjoy the story . Would love to hear from my readers where you like the story to go it would help me as the writer . Just finished reading a chapter that i can't review anymore but it has helped me with my own writing .

I am hoping for reviews for my story that I have been writing loving writing it , have no idea when I am going to stop I want to be writing this story with Edward and Bella story . For many years to come . I hope there are Edward and Bella fans out there . I would just like nice reviews no rude or bad reviews please .

If anyone knows a good Twlight or Harry Potter story I should read please let me know in (inbox Pm)

The Farm Life Waiting for the man I love to show "This story DOESN'T NOT SUCK I LOVE IT ! This story has drama and stuff from my life and I find people giving reviews and I am thinking of my own stuff and I read other people's other fanfictions to give me some ideas for my own story . So Thank you for saying it is good and well written and I have other people here help me edit my story because I need help with editing .

Writing another story called Heart To Heart . This story is what happpens after the of The Farm Life Waiting for the man I love to show . I am still writing that one too

Can't believe that my story Heart to Heart is getting such good reviews so well , I can't give anything else away in the story and you're going to have to read to find out what is going to happen next .

Bye for now until another update .

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