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Hi. I am currently working on my first fan fiction story, so bear with me as I learn the system. I am my own Beta Reader since I used to teach high school English and am still in education. If you are a publisher and want to hire me to write for you, I do have the summer coming up and will try to fit you in my extensive schedule of sleeping and television watching...yes, you ARE supposed to laugh!!

Right now I am only publishing on this site. I got into Twilight last year and think the movie and music are perfect. New Moon I wasn't so crazy about as a movie, but it was my favorite of the books as SM captured the heartbreak of first love so intensely that I cried and cried cathartic tears for my own, lost, first love. The stories and content I write are mine, but the characters, those I am only borrowing from SM.

As for me, I am 38, married, a teacher and have an affinity for erotic fan fiction as you can tell from my list of favorite authors and stories. I live for their updates, and if even one person can come close to liking what I write, that would be pretty awesome. I am a fast writer and typist and actually did a bit of research for my story. I don't mind constructive criticism, but am not writing for least for now.

Let's see, I like sci-fi, the Real Housewives (all of them!), 24, LOST and country music. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the most awesome cartoon ever made, after South Park. And, anything with Simon Pegg is incredible. I will add to this when I feel like it or have some great revelation to add. In the meantime, thanks for reading!

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Looking Glass by goldenmeadow reviews
The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible and thereupon arriving she is sure of bliss and forever dwells in paradise.' Heartbreaking, blissful beauty unfolds around Edward’s dilemma, Bella’s dream, and their destiny. Love vs. time. AU/canon. M
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