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6/7/11 Resonant Souls

I'm sure half of my readers think I've given up on the story but I haven't. Truth is, it's hard to write a chapter dealing with death when you're still mourning a loss so deep you find yourself wondering if the pain will ever diminish.

Time is the great healer they say, but time does as time wants and moves at it's own pace.

To everyone that has reviewed, I can not tell you what it has meant to hear your words of support and love for the story. It's amazing what a review can do to lift a persons spirits. I have you to thank for reminding me what it feels like to smile at something unexpected.

I apologize for the slowness of my updates and the probability that they will remain slow until I heal but I promise you I will finish this story.


I'm looking for a beta so if anyone is interested please PM me. The story has been undergoing a rewrite so I need someone willing to slog through about 30k words. If I get no takers I will start posting by Feb 1st. Sorry It's taken me so long.

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