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Author has written 4 stories for Persona Series, and BlazBlue.

Update (15/1/11): My fanfiction will be delayed for a good while, simply because I have an important project. Black Library, a publishing company, have announced they will be accepting submissions for short stories or novels that they will publish. As such, I am in the middle of planning, writing and revising a novel, and as such, this will directly interfere with my fanfiction writing. I apologise, but this is a big opportunity that I can take, and it would be awesome if I got this. My fanfiction will not be abandoned (not til I have finished the larger projects and novelisations), but it will be a secondary concern. Thank you for understanding.

Major Update: I apologise greatly for the lack of material being posted. There have been several altercations within my family, and as such, I have been greatly distracted from writing or doing anything creative. I have also been searching for work, since I am now out of college, so the creation of a CV that puts any qualifications I possess in a good light is currently a major project in my waking hours. Couple that with lack of motivation, and not having played any of the games I am writing about for nearly a month, I have lost what creative mojo I had. I apologise, and regular service will resume in a few week.s

UPDATE: Want to read some of the some of the original stuff I want to write? I recently opened up a Fiction Press account: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/741140/

By the Way: P3 and P4 have been neglected as of late, so they'll be updated next, and several times. I'm sorry to the people who watched me for those for not posting something for a while, and I apologise to the readers of New Mombasa Drop that I'll be slowing that one's update rate. I assure you that it will be finished before the end of the year. P3 and P4 will take much more time.

Sorry I haven't updated, but I've been doing shedloads of coursework at college so...

Hey, I'm Daxam. I'm 18, living in England, Irish born. I'm a bit of nerd, and like playing games. Anything with a good plot really. I read a lot, watch anime, blah blah.

I'm fairly picky with what I read though. I like writing a lot, and a few years ago I opened an account here, but I didn't really commit. So I started a new one (personality flaw, I start new things if the original gets screwed up), and am ready to write a lot more fiction.

I'm not too good with romance in stories, but I think I'm pretty good with battle and action. So expect plenty of that if you read. I may attempt some romance, but nothing explicit.

I hopefully update once a week, but don't expect that to met consistently. I'm still in education, so that's one reason.

If you want to talk via XBOX live or play some games, I'm Count Daxam. See you around.

(Mention The Twilight Series at your own peril).

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