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Hai! Thanks for checking out my profile.

As you'll see, I love Teen Titan fanfic, I write and read them avidly.

My favourite pairing is BB/Rae, because they're so cute, and just casually ment to be together, but I'll read other fanfics with other pairings, except with Terra. I just hate Terra.

Current stories.

Ravens thoughts.

My first ever fanfic, even if it was only a one shot. I experimented and I think it turned out pretty darn well to be honest. T'is about the thoughts Raven thinks from when she wakes up in the morning till when she goes to bed at night. It's very short, so please check it out!

Team work

After Beastboy and Raven get left behind whilst the others go off on what should've been an easy mission, they begin to worry when they don't come back. Just started this piece, not sure where it's going, but already got some postive reviews! Thankyou for reading!

Other information.


I am one of the millions of people who have Dyslexia, boo hoo. Ironically, I love to read and write, and one of the main reasons I started to fanfic was to improve my writing skills, as one day I hope to write a novel. Spell check is my best friend and some phrases may be worded wrong, please bear with me. I check my work thoroughly, but sometimes my brain fails me. I wont be offended if you point out my mistakes, if for any reasons you thought I might be, please don't think that! If you point them out I wont make them next time!

Story ideas.

If you'd like to PM me about any story ideas then that'd be great! I'm interested in doing a collab of some sorts. Please contact me if you have any ideas for stories, then we could work on them together, or something. Yanno dawg? I WOULD LOVE THIS!


Not sure really what this is, but I gather it's to help writers re-read and edit their works, please contact me, I'd love to help!

Well, thankyou for reading my profile! Please read and review my work!

Ro x

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AU. — My name's Raven Roth. I'm a perfectly normal seventeen year old girl going through a move. Except my dad's a serial killer demon-god thing. Except I have telekinesis and can cause things to...explode "accidentally". Oops. Running away from your past is never easy when your past is hunting you down... Welcome to the zoo. You're in for a wild ride. — BB/Rae. Multiple pairings.
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Team work reviews
When Robin, Starfire and Cyborg disappear after what should've been a easy fight, it's up to Beastboy and Raven to save them. Rated T, just 'cos. Read and review!
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Ravens thoughts reviews
Raven doesn't speak a lot, so I figure she has to have a lot of thought process in her head. This is a story of what she thinks every day.
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