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My name is Claratrix LeChatham. I write fanfiction.

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I make my home in the United States of America. I'm a girl. I have Crohns-Colitis. My favorite color is green, and my favorite Pokemon is Luxray. My voice makes people envy the deaf.

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I'm not much of a shipper. I don't like depressing profiles or walking epidurals.

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I avoid confrontation. The Hunger Games have successfully held me to a complete and utter obsession for three years. I have an ego the size of Montana. I love to write. I love to be PM'ed. I love people as a whole in equal measure to any individual.

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If you have time, I would love it if you messaged me; about my story, your story, or some shared like or dislike on this page. If I don't reply, it's because I'm horrible- please feel free to yell at me. I should learn to improve.

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Naming by District: A fanficcer's guide

District One

The key: Nouns. People from D1 are named after luxury items, literally. Cashmere, Gloss, Glimmer, Marvel. All of these are normal words you might use in a conversation.

Things to watch out for: Names that sound too similar to Glimmer. Names that are just ‘pretty’. Normal names.

Some suggestions: Silk, Wonder, Tassel, Fedora, Poise, Mylar, Ribbon, Gilt.

You’re doing it wrong: Shimmer, Glitter, Sarah, Ann, Rose, Rainbow.

District Two

The key: Ancient Rome. People from D2 are named often according to cognomina from ancient Rome. The same goes for the Capitol. Cato, Enobaria, Clove, Brutus. Some changing to the structure is fine- from ‘Clovis’ to ‘Clove’, for example.

Things to watch out for: Pretty much everything else. Names that just sound cool.

Some suggestions: Carnefex, Justin, Elvorix, Cimber, Valentine, Lupus.

You’re doing it wrong: Seraphina, Mark, Allison, Ebony, Light, Valor, John.

District Three

The key: Think mechanics. Then misspell it. You walk a thin line with D3 names- it’s got to be recognizable. Wiress, Beetee. The roots are ‘Wire’ and ‘TV’. Be creative.

Things to watch out for: ...but don’t be too creative. Names that make no sense. Normal names.

Some suggestions: Fuze, Lasar, Cordin, Gadjet, Drive.

You’re doing it wrong: Jennifer, Outlette, Electronica, Samuel, Holodisc.

District Four

The key: Surprise, surprise, it’s ocean names. Finnick, Annie, Mags. If you look at the meanings, you’ll find that Annie and Mags both reference the sea, and Finnick (fin) is not that hard to reach.

Things to watch out for: Flower names, especially things that grow nowhere near the coast. ‘Pretty’ names.

Some suggestions: Marlene, Ursula, Romy, Caspian, Naylor, Orman.

You’re doing it wrong: Aquafina, Ariel, Violet, Oceania, Neptune, Carl.

District Five

Utterly unknown. Do as you wish.

District Six

Utterly unknown. Do as you wish.

District Seven

The key: There’s not much of one- you’ll see variety here. The guidelines are not quite as strict, as D7 has only two known names, both of which are very different. Johanna, Blight. Johanna is a biblical, functional name, and Blight is a name relating to the foresting industry.

Things to watch out for: Anything that’s just ‘too much’. Overly fancy names.

Some suggestions: Rachel, Peter, Joseph, Twig, Amber, Pan.

You’re doing it wrong: Evangeline, Pestilence, McKenzie. It’s difficult to go totally wrong.

District Eight

The key: Similar to District Three, the key in Eight is to find a cloth, a pattern, a method of making clothes- and misspell it. Or, alternately, don’t. Bonnie, Twill, and Paylor. Twill is a type of fabric, Bonnie is thought to reference ‘the bonnie blue flag’ from the Civil War, and Paylor is a reimagining of Tailor.

Things to watch out for: You can get away with almost anything, as long as it doesn’t have too many bells and whistles.

Some suggestions: Paisley, Frieze, Jaspe, Kersey, Linsey, Tussah.

You’re doing it wrong: Julianne, Dorian, Garrison, Mayetta.

District Nine

Utterly unknown. Do as you wish.

District Ten

Utterly unknown. Do as you wish.

District Eleven

The key: Flower names, bird names, butterfly names, farming names. Spell it right, spell it wrong. Just be original. Rue (flower), Thresh (method for farming or deliberate misspelling of thrush), Seeder (cedar, or literally, she who seeds), Chaff (the protective casings of cereal grain). I could go on.

Things to watch out for: A plain ol’ obvious flower name. ‘Normal’ names.

Some suggestions: Cama, Thistle, Tanager, Finch, Lupine, Zale, Mimosa.

You’re doing it wrong: Rose, Lily, Julie, Rick, George, Tulip.

-Written and edited by Claratrix LeChatham

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Because the world isn't as cruel as you think.

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