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I love Final Fantasy 7 and all the characters in it! I love YuffieXVincent fan fics and Yuffie and Vincent are my favorite characters. I don't have AOL IM or ICQ, but I do have MSN messenger.

Most of my storys will be based on Vincent or Yuffie or both!

Actually my favorite character used to be Tifa. Maybe its because I look like her, I mean, I have long brown hair, I'm 5'4, brown eyes, but I don't dress like her and for people that call her a slut, well that's your problem.

Favorite Pairings in ff7:
Tifa/Cloud Vincent/Yuffie Zack/Aeris Cid/Shera Elena/Tseng
Since Zack and Aeris are both dead, they can rest peacefully in the Lifestream. Aeris was SO meant for Zack, not Cloud.

I liked the Final Fantasy The Spirits Within movie. A lot of people didn't because it wasn't based on any of the games, NOR it had no magic.

I also like Link from Zelda games. He's cool.^_^

Parings I hate for ff7:
Tifa/Vincent...They are SO not meant for eachother
Aeris/Vincent...Nope Zack is meant for Aeris
any yaoi parings/Vincent...YUFFIE IS MEANT FOR HIM!
Cloud/Yuffie...Cloud is meant for Tifa ONLY
Yuffie/Cid...Eww GROSS-NESS!
Red/anybody for that matter! only if he could turn that story called "An Unknown Love".
Tifa/anybody but Cloud...nope
Sephiroth/Yuffie...AHH!! NO!
Rude/Tifa...Yes in the game it says that Rude likes Tifa, well that aint how it turns out!

Reno/Yuffie...there are a lot of these, YUFFIE AND RENO AREN'T MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!!!

Yes I have braces, that's why I wrote the story, "Yuffie gets braces..." PEOPLE WITH BRACES, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

I also hate this paring:
Vincent/Lucrecia...ok yes Vincent loved her, but she fell for Hojo, so drop it!

People I hate in FF7:

I like Red XIII/Nanaki, he's cool, cool fire tail ^_^!

Umm, I also liked Princess Mononoke, that movie was cool too! hehe I also liked Akira (spelling?) You know the motorcycles, crazy people, haha everything.

Gawd and for the people that don't understand...I'm a girl! okay?

Anyway, Nanaki (Red XIII) is another cool character. There are not many fics about him and so that's why I wrote "The Legend of Nanaki" but yeah, he's another cool character.

Yuffie, please don't be mad at her because she stole all your materia, she's only a teenager...we were all like that weren't we? Haha, Yuffie is not immature, or a brat. She's my favorite character!! And All Creation RULES!!!!!

Vincent, though you might not have him in your party, he's really cool. Even if he has 4 limits, the limits are REALLY strong. CHAOS RULES!!!

And wow, then there's Kingdom Hearts. I absolutly LOVE that game! Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts are in my top 5 list of video games and their both tied for first!!!

We're talkin' characters, music, voices, battle system, magic system, beastery, ect. ARE ALL AWESOME! Man, if you have a PS2, go out there and buy the game, it's worth more than $50, and actually, If it were $100 I'd still buy it!! That's how great it is and how great other people think it is! So buy it!

If anyone needs help with the game, don't hesitate to ask, I'll help ANYONE. Just e-mail me at shay_223@ and I'd be glad to help.

That's all I guess, (for now...)

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