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I don't really know what to say.

Every time I try to find words to describe myself there is always only one word that appears in my head: Shallow.

Some people say that I'm not really shallow, I'm just brutally honest, but I don't really know. I guess I can be straight-forward, but I wouldn't say I was brutally honest because I have made up a few white lies. It just really confuses me you know? You tell the truth people get hurt, start ignoring you and you get in trouble. You lie people still get hurt, you get in trouble and not only do people start ignoring you, but they may want to take revenge. I mean it's either we lie or tell the truth just pick one you want us to really do! There is also the fact that I hate many, many things in life. Let's see...

I hate snow. I mean seriously. It's so hard to walk with the white slush all over the place!

I hate movies based on a true story; about someone inspiring. Seriously people if we are such big fans then why do we have to kill them over and over again. Is this how we celebrate their life?

I hate public transportation. Not to be mean or anything, but some people just do not know that there is such a thing as showers, soaps, shampoos and deodorants.

I hate people who says have a good day. What if my pet or someone I really care about died that day? What if I just found out I was about to die because of some rare disease? What if I just found out my parents were separating? Do you really expect me to have a good day then huh?

I hate people telling me I can do better. How would you know I can do better? Why do you have my brain? How would you know what I am capable of. For all you know I may have no idea what I was doing!

I hate envelop openers. There is such a thing as hands. You have them? Use them. I mean why is it so much more trouble to rip open a piece of paper?

I hate hearing people say I love this -celeb-. Unless you really know them and talk to them, don't say you love them because for all you know they could be someone completely different from who you thought they were. I mean I don't care if you have a crush on them, it's just admiration, but loving them seriously? Have you even had a conversation that lasted for more that 10min?

I hate the word Panties or Briefs. Would you like it? Me screaming panties and briefs all over the place?

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