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December 14, 2010

Hello! Merry Xmas! Happy Holidays!

There have been some questions as to what stories to read and in what order. I've tried to number the stories as "1" "2" "3" but its getting a little confusing for some. Technically I have my own little season going on here, and just like a season, the stories are episodes. You can read them as separate stand-alones or in order as I intended. There are a couple of mysteries threading through them and it would make more sense if you read them in order. There are several more on the way, don't panic it doesn't end with Story #8. A New Kind of Animal doesn't fit into the story line, its just a one-off.

So without further ado, here is the order.

Story #1 Spill No Blood.

Story #2 Alex in Wonderland.

Story #3 Something to Give Thanks For.

Story #4 Wine, Women & Song.

Story #5 Nasty Little Vixen.

Story #6 Spring Fever Parts 1 & 2.

Story #7 A Kiss to Build a Dream On Parts 1 & 2.

Story #8 ´╗┐The Reconcilliation.

I don't know if I'll get to post too much more before the holidays but I will be nice and post Part 2 of A Kiss to Build a Dream On next Tuesday, Dec 21st. XOXOX


October 31, 2010

Thanks for everyone for being so patient and waiting for my stories. After many months of job searching, I've started a new job and I've been doing the whole learning curve. It's a bit different than anything I've done before so it hasn't been at all easy. I would much rather be writing to tell the truth, LOL.

I've also been working on knitting hats for my sons football team. It started out with three hats for his best buddies and expanded into 38 hats for the whole team. Then the coaches and assistants and a couple of dad's requested one too. I think I ended up with 40 hats in total, LOL. They are finished and I can now dedicate my fingers to the keyboard.

I've been working on another chapter for "A New Kind of Animal", it's almost coming to an end, it's done a pretty good run though. It was all based on a dream I had where Dean was biting the roller-skater's neck and then biting mine and turning us both. That's it, that was the whole little bit of dream I could remember, so I think I've done pretty good with expanding it. Just goes to show what a tiny bit of inspiration can do.

The script based stories are also being developed, the main story line has been readjusted a little from the original six points. I'm actually writing two at a time right now, which is probably not the best way to get things done. The next one in the series is called "A Nasty Little Vixen" which has Sam waking up naked in the woods not knowing where he is or what happened. I love Sam but I don't think the writers hurt him enough, he's like Superman, he's never been in the hospital where poor old Dean is there every second show. Okay a little over exaggerated I know.

What do you guys think of the script based story format?

May 08, 2010

This is the first time I've been brave enough to write fanfiction, so please be gentle! I'm an archaeologist who works on Native American and Greek artifacts. I love writing and normally write screenplays, not fanfiction but I love the show and the boys and let's face it, I just can't help myself. Been a huge fan since the pilot and have really enjoyed the ride so far. I have tons of stories sitting here waiting to be published, so let's see what you think so far.

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