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Hi everyone!! *wavies* I know I've been gone for such a long time but I have returned!! ^.^ And right now I'm really bored so I'm re-writing my lil bio here and I'll be nicer. XD Well...Aol is a piece of crap so just as a sidenote, my email isn't working right now. But hopefully it'll be up and running again soon. My b-day was two days ago and I just moved!! ^.^ fwee!! Not by myself, of course. Not quite ready for that yet!! *shivers* I'm cooold...my hair is wet and all full of chlorine from swimming. >.o;; gak. OK! Now about my fics. As you can see, most of them are Rocketshippy cause I love Rocketshipping and am obsessed with it to an unhealthy level. XD The others are ShiShi and me x Ash. But I don't write the me and Ash ones anymore cause so many people hate them and they never really turned out good in the first place.

And, though I'm not as obsessed with it as I used to be,(cause of my stupid ex-friend Anna who tried to drag me out of it) I still like ShiShi.
^.^ Um...what else is there to talk about?? Oh yeah!! Pokeshipping? It sucks. Plain and simple. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Something else about my fics: If you want to flame me, please do so with constructive criticism. I really work hard on my stories and post out of love and devotion, and I don't want to be yelled at just because someone doesn't like the way I write. You will always have a summary, rating, and genre to tell you what kind of story there is, and if it's not what dips your chip, then don't read it. More often than not in my stories, there are lovemaking scences which can get rather descriptive, but aren't very elaborate as with most stories I've read. (for some reason I'm just not good at elaborating on sex...it really bugs me. X.X)But, in the words of one of the best Rocketshippy authors of all time, Cori Falls, "There is nothing "wrong, dirty, pornographic, or obscene about a man and a woman sharing a physical bond of love." It's perfectly natural and beautiful. And as for sex in the ShiShi fics (there's really only one where they go all out), well...I was going through a phase, ok? XD So anyway, what I'm saying is: Don't flame me just to be mean. You are entitled to your opinion, but please consider my feelings when reviewing my fics and describing whatever it is that you didn't like. Thank you. ^.^

As a closing note, I'd like to say something to my best friend Mel: HI Mel!! The new stuff on the webbie looks great!! How the heck did you get ahold of the pic that I did where James is thinking of Jessie?! Well...I love the Kenshin theme!! Put up some more Rocketshippy stuff!! Screamers...art...fics...anything!! *huggles* Hope to come back to Aol soon!! *huggles* luv ya!! *Don't read my retarded stories cause I can't write to save my life. Go to "A White Today, and a White Tomorrow: Cori's Team Rocket Site" and read CORI'S Rocketshippy Fics!! That girl's got pure heart and soul in her writing!!!! And Rocketshippy fics are gooood for yooouuu!!!! Go!! read!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

And, just a little shout out to my fellow Rocketshippers:
Hey Lisa, Cori, Samantha, Dee, Jolt, Anna S., Stephanie, Zoey, Jessie, and Ryoko!! You guys ROCK!!! Me wuvs ya 4 ever!! Stay Rocketshippy!!!!
Ja ne everyone!! ^.^

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