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Author has written 6 stories for Misc. Games, Jurassic Park, Aliens/Predator, Saving Private Ryan, and Elder Scroll series.

What up? Beast is now writing for the amusement of others! Switching roe from random Misc. thoughts that evolved to actual fanfics. Check out Jurassic Park: The Brotherhood. Four chapters already and more to come. It's pretty good, check it out...

Because I have been getting slammed with emails of people favoriting my stories, I want to say (for those who will see this), I am extremely sorry about the lack of chapters. I will get more up soon now that I have some inspiration from my readers. I've been writing an actual novel lately and I've been focused on that. Thanks to all of you! Sandstorm will be up first.

Also, a little side note. If anyone is interested, I am switching gears a tad bit. Instead of adding a new JP fanfic (I'll get new chapters for it shortly) I'm going to write one or two Predator/Alien fanfics! Not AVP, stories about the induvidual aliens, hunters, predators, things...

Enough about me complaining. If you read my fanfic, don't hesitate to review, I'm serious. REVIEW!

Someone I thought I'd bring up if your looking for interesting, related stories is the author "My Lady Vader". She has some awesome stories! She also has a poll going and has an awesome profile. Better than mine, I'll assure you. Give her a visit!

Also, I have a Saving Private Ryan fanfic ready to go, however, I cannot update to the website. If anyone wants to preread it so its even better when it gets on, just PM me

Here is a list in progress, shoot me more if you got any!

- You always plan weekend vacations to Isla Nublar
- You argue with friends that there are dinosaurs on the planet (not just birds)
- You try to convince your parents you can survive in a tanker for 8 weeks
- You think you can clone dinosaurs
- You hopefully search maps for Isla Sorna or Isla Nublar
- You carry around a velociraptor claw in your pocket
- Whenever your on a plane, you look for Pteranodons out your window
- Every old guy with a short white beard looks like John Hammond to you (I was guilty of this...)
- Amber is a goldmine of genetic information to you
- Dinosaur footprints in the snow interest you, even if you made them

Okay, a little about me:

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg is awesome!)

Favorite Book: War of the Rats (WWII sniper story...)

Favorite Song: Metallica: Enter Sandman

Favorite Bands: Metallica, AC-DC, Green Day, etc...

Quotes AND Funny Stuff:

In New York: The penalty for jumping off a building is death

George Washington: "Do you think the Second Amendment here is to vague?"

Other Delegate: "Of course not! Every American has the right to have a pair of bear arms hanging on their wall. How could that possibly be misconstrued?"

(Family Guy)

"Beer and guns... don't try it..." ME

"You shot me thru a wall!!" Friend

"That wall is a tin can, you know that right?" Me

(Call of Duty: Online Match)

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Elder Scrolls: The Black Anvil reviews
A year following the events of Atmora, Bjorn Frosthammer and his friends are plunged into a mysterious and dangerous new world. After a terrifying accident at the College of Winterhold, the three are cast out of Mundus and find themselves trapped in the Black Anvil, the final resting place of the Dwarves of Tamriel, desperate to stop what could very well be the end of the world.
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Almost 60 years after Dragonborn defeated Alduin, we follow Bjorn Frosthammer, who uncovers something incredible about his heritage and joins an expedition to the lost continent of Atmora, the ancient land of the Nords. Upon landing, things go wrong, and Bjorn and his team push forward into the wastes to uncover secrets of the Nord's, and Bjorn's, icy past
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It's been about 15 years since Eric was rescued from Isla Sorna. Now 29 as a paleo journalist, he is joined by Alan Grants son, Alex. Together, theyre tricked into going to Isla Nublar, the original JP, where they become stranded and meet other survivors.
Jurassic Park - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 7 - Words: 9,407 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 6/22/2011 - Published: 12/2/2009 - Complete
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Aaron Devez is a Private in a special group of Marine soldiers. After being captured by Taliban, and mysteriously being rescued, he meets the galaxies greatest hunter; who want to see him dead. Bad summary, but read and review!
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