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Author has written 7 stories for Doctor Who, Ouran High School Host Club, White Collar, and Alice in Wonderland, 2010.

Me: HI!!

You: Ummmm... Hi? Who are you?

Me:I'm Dr. Obsessive!

You: That's nice... about to run away

Me: Why Dr. Obsessive you ask?

You: Ummm… No I didn’t ask. I don’t really care what you call yourself…

Me: ignores comment Well if you really want to know then I’ll tell you. I was watching Doctor Who and had an epiphany! 80 percent of my obsessions are doctor related.

You: How is that possible…?

Me: Well since you asked…

You: Oh no… Why did I ask?

Me: ‘Cause you love me…now observe!

List of “obviously” doctor related stuff:

Doctor Who (Doctor’s 9 and 10), Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (Dr. Horrible), House M.D. (House and Wilson)

All of the above are doctors, AND three of them are Dr. H-sound isn’t that cool!!

You: Not really... but wait a minute, the only “real” doctors are the ones on House!

Dr. Horrible: I’m a doctor!! I hold a PHD in horribleness…

You: Fine, but the Doctor is the Doctor’s name!

The Doctor: But..but it’s my title, and ummm I’m a doctor of everything! I fix things!! I make the universe better!

You: Fine, you win, so what are the other obsessions…

Me: I’m glad you asked! .

You: Ugh...

Me: There is one more not “obvious” doctor related obsession.

Ouran High School Host Club; Now I know that nothing in there seems to be doctor related…but there is. Kyoya’s my fav character….and his whole family is made up of doctors and he’s pretty much destined to become one sooooo….tah dah it is now doctor related.

You: I suppose that makes a little sense (but not really though….)

Me: And I have two non-doctor related obsessions

Pushing Daises (nothing doctor related that I can find, I love everyone in there!!) and Dead Like Me (again nothing doctor related…. Mason’s my favorite and while he may have performed brain surgery on himself using a power drill, he’s not smart enough to be a doctor)

Mason: Hey… that’s not nice… I’m so smart I’m practically retarded!!

Me: lolz that pretty much proved my point.

You: That doesn’t equal 80 percent more like 60 or 70 percent...

Me: pulls out TI- 84 Snap, you right….it equals 67 percent... well it’s still majority

You: But you lied!

Me: Shhhh….. here’s a cookie, don’t tell the others!

You: Yay cookie!

Me: So I probably be writing fan fics based off the above obsessions…

Oh and final note (but not really): I don’t own any of the characters or obsessions above. If I did, I would make the producers keep Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me on T.V., there would be another season of Host Club, The 10th Doctor would never regenerate, and I would make Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog into a Broadway musical.

mmmmm I don't give out personal info but I shall shed a little light on why it takes me a while to update...

a) I'm a senior in IB, which direct translation means= slow torture do to homework, IAs (papers/ orals/ experiments/ 14 page long math problems typed/ whatever sadistic thing IB can come up with), CAS (150 hours of community service that "teaches" and helps us grow as people spread out through two years), college stuff, EE (really long paper, mines on Poe if you want to know...) and generally just junk.

b) I actually do a lot within the realm of school, I'm VP of a service club, treasurer of Thespians, in a few honor societies, active in theatre, and I'm generally just ridiculously busy.

3, no wait c) that was a tribute to the tenth doctor, who will be missed :'(

d) Life. Yup, I know the saying that IB kids get to choose 1 and 1/2 (it's actually supposed to be 2 but that's a lie) out of the following 3: sleep, good grades, a life. Truth, I have made it so I get half of each.

e) Wow this is long-winded, sorry about that, finally do not fret. Due to my lifestyle I sometimes get worn out and when that happens I come to the wonderful world of fanfiction to read and write. It is my way of relaxing so the more I do the more I write, a little counter-intuitive, but hey, it works for me.

Summer will be a great time for me production wise. I write when I am venting, or have something that I don't want to do. Why does this make summer better than school? Because my dear friends, I hate my summer job, but it pays too much and my boss likes too much for me to look for another job (I won't get as many days off). With school I have little time to breath, with work I have breaks, where I get so frustrated fanfiction will work out well during the summer.

As for pending updates here is a status report:


Unfortunatly I have a hit a bit of a writers block on this one :( sorry.


Chapter 2 is up!!

Ideas for Stories

Mk have quite a few ideas which I've had for forever, many crossovers.

I never read Doctor/ OC stories, but I have a really awesome idea soooo...

Doctor Who/ Dr. Horrible/ House crossover- now I know it sounds convoluted, but I want to do it as a funny little insight on the characters. Namely complaining whose life is worse, and while all have it bad, I'm pretty sure there is a definite winner.

That leaves Dead like Me, which is harder for me. Anyone have a prompt?

OMG I am done with my EE, all of my IB papers, and CAS!! I still have a months worth of exams... BUT IT IS ALMOST OVER!! T-minus T-minus 13 school days til my month of IB exams. T-minus 5 days til I start work. T-minus 12 days til my birthday. Next few months are busy... but I shall work hard not to leave you guys hanging.

My Word is being funky, so that has put a hold on my stories an editing :(

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