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Mounkey speaking,

This account is a shared account between me and my friend James. The format is basically that we'll alternate chapters It's been rather inactive for a while now, but I'm going to see what I can do on my side to tidy things up a little an knock out the cob webs.

At this point in time I'll be working on my own Pokemon fan fiction, and adding a bit more to the other stories we have on file: regardless if it's my turn or not. I'll leave the rules we had been working with below, but as far as points and turns go: I'll be pretty much ignoring those unless James wants to reinstate them. Since these were set when we started college, they'll most likely have to be revamped anyway to suit our different lives now.

Old Rules:

1) Instead of just having one fanfiction, since it's an account we could have several going, with one fanfiction per anime/story (like if we get Harry Potter going)

2) No alternative universe fanfictions. (Because, personally, it just gets confusing trying to sort out what's established and what's not the case because it's another world... @_@)

3) No posting on the same fanfiction twice in a row; this is just to keep any one story from being particularly monopolized, but since there's no maximum to how much you write in any one chapter if you really want to control the flow of the story you can: as long as you do it in one sitting...

4)Minimum of 100 words in a chapter. This is only counting the story, not the little comments we make to each other about the real world or anything like it.

5) Since this is a big project (as I noticed trying to make an amv to every video when we were vloging V_V) and since we will probably have to skip some days because of homework overload, I propose we change “punishment for missing” to “reward for being on time”. Basically, every Friday, if it's our turn to post we get a point (so, since I'm starting today you'll get one tomorrow... LOL) which we can keep track of on our profile. We can then spend our points if we don't post on our day for whatever reason. In my case, I'll be trying to save mine for days when a) a hurricane hits or we loose power for whatever reason or b) I'm just overwhelmed that day, but if you want to, you could choose to spend your point tomorrow and that would be fine. Anyway, this way seems a bit more practical for college life. Plus I'm not feeling creative enough to come up with a fanfiction oriented punishment. -_-

6) This one isn't really a rule as much as a guideline (and personal plea). Try to keep original characters to a minimum. Some are OK (like a villain or minor character) but let's try not to overshadow the main characters. (And even though I post this the first thing I do is set up the introduction of an OC in our first fanfiction... sigh Well, now I guess I can't be harsh if James does it, can I? LOL...) Basically, we should just remember that we're writing FANfictions, so we should try to keep with the spirit of the show.

7) If we post when it's not our day then we also get a point, this is also true if we post more then the agreed to one on our day. (This is kind of like saying: I'll post now so I won't have to later)

8) Passing 1000 words also adds an additional point. Plus I suppose another point for every 1000 past that. I'll have to bounce that idea off James.

So, yep! That's basically the rundown. Please treat us kindly!

Oh ya, here are the points.

Mounkey: 2

James: 0

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