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Continuing MY personal legacy for terrible penmanship, I have actually published something on to this site! If you are not a brony, you will hate it! If you are, you'll probably hate it too! What do you mean, self-esteem issues? I wasn't bragging, was I? I hate braggards.

Yes, I'm still working on my "stories". No, I'm not writing any more songs, that last one was good but annoying to make.

Overrun, as few of you will be displeased to know, has, in fact, been discontinued, with a new version taking place in a new setting underway.

The original plot had lost too much inertia to be of much meaning to me, and my villainous intentions were not as well planned out as I'd thought. I found myself growing disgusted with the Human faction, while it was intended to be a white/gray morality story.

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