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"Change is heaven.

But noone wants to go there first."

-from 'the book of shoan, hia.-

Hey Guys~

I love anime/manga nowadays, and I'm so into Japanese drawing.

Which I failed damn miserably.


Favorite Anima/Manga #1: Clamp Campus Detectives

For this anime.

It is old.

Watched in broadway tv when I was six. 6.6

Oh well...

I still love this anime although the actual anime doesn't really have an actual plot.

seven year olds thinking about marrying and having kids..(;

elementary kids having supernatuaral powers..);

so unrealistic, right??

But, I am still their biggest fan!!

The blondie one is my fav I think..

Pairing that I like: NokoruXOC

This is my best pairing ever!!

It's just too sad that this cute kid doesn't have a partner like his sidekicks

So, I decided to pair him up with some other girls..ummm

Although I think Imonoyama kun deserves a perfect damsel.

But, I seriously have an issue with 'Mary Sue Girls', so..

I just scribble down stories about female having opposite backgrounds and personalities of him.

(although all of their personalities are consiered nice...:P)

Ideas of them are still buzzing in my head. so yeah..

First OC.

Kotobuki Kira.

She is a character I made up in my head last Halloween.

Currently the main heroine of my first ever fanfic, 'Will you remember me?'

After writing the first chapter, I decided to cancel the fic cuz the character didn't really looked good as I planned.

So I came up with the idea of 'faking'.

Kira is a six-teen year old girl who was currently Nokoru's fiance.

She was raised as the only heir of the Kotobuki company which was an excellent hotel buisness in Tokyo before the accident..

Kira's mother succumbs of a sudden cancer attack when Kira was still five years old.

After her death, Kira's father slowly loses hope of life, he was crazy of love.

In my case, I think he loved his wife that much to die with her.

So much that he forgot his living daughter.

So, Kira's father goes to a psychiatric hospital, and Kira goes to the care of her old housekeeper.

'James Hendrickson.'

Ten years elapse, and Kira grows up into any normal girl.

Somewhere in Kira's mind, she thinks she is extremely lucky to be raised as a normal person.

Not the heir of one of the most wealthy family in Japan.

If her father's buisness didn't fail, she would've lived like a princess and marry with her lover. Imonoyama Nokoru.

But, she would've carried imense responsbilities and obligations as the next president of the Kotobuki zabitsu.

She also wouldn't have been allowed to carry on her music career because of her father's company.

Somehow, I think Kira considers herself lucky because of her normal but happy childhood.

(of course, this was one of her urges to think positive after the accident)

Although living as a normal school girl, Kira was never actually in a comfortable state.

The Kotobuki blood in her veins never let Kira go.

She suffers the empty space of her parents and slowly fills up her heart with deep-rooted hatred of her father.

(though she forgives him after death)

Most of all, the memory of her most beloved freind doesn't let her destiny to be the way she wanted.

I wanted Kira to be funny and a jolly fellow, but I also wanted to make the readers think how unfortunate and a miserable life she was leading of her pitiful existence.

Her true identity gets extremely confused when the chairman appears into her already hard life.

The identity of living as a normal country girl in Denmark, or the true identity of being one of the most important people in Japan.

Of course, the chairman never intended to hurt Kira's feelings, but the arrival of her only made things worse...(:

Telling Kira about the death of her father, Kira loses her last hope.

When Kira meets Nokoru, she decides to go on her identity as a normal Japanese citizen.

She could have chose the life to be with Nokoru, but she was wise enough to know that she wasn't good enough for him.

But, her plan completely demolishes as she spends her time with Nokoru.

How can she possibly ignore him for the rest of her life?

I think Nokoru would be the person who gave Kira both hope and despair.

He was an obstacle of Kira's dreams and her future.

Maybe the meeting of them ten-years ago shouldn't have happened.

The story is almost halfway there.

Will the story end tragically?


Second OC

Asada Hidaka.

Commonly known as K.

That is her code name at the CPD.

Known as 'Clamp Police Department'.

Hidaka too is a girl with tragic start.

Losing her mother at the age of ten, Hidaka was never a loved person.

I am thinking about writing her in my next Clamp fic.

No titile yet.(:

I know there is a campus police, so I wanted to push them in the story.

Unlike my first fic, there is a lot of angst and action.

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