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LibraGirl12 Says:

Writing is about passion, it’s about connections and it’s about devotion. To the plot, to the setting and to most of all the characters, your characters are everything.

I enjoy writing because I want to invoke the same range of emotions, that I felt when I created it.

Fanfiction is an easy and fun way to enjoy this because people are already familiar with the characters, you can change them if your story demands it, or you can stay true to the original authors descriptions.

I hope everyone enjoys my writing!

Some of my favorite things:



Young Adult books

Graphic novels




I love all types of pairings, and all styles of writing, and I appreciate reviews.

Pet Peeves: I strongly dislike when reviews tell me that a character I wrote about would not do something I had them do, I understand if it makes sense, but I usually always line the characters up with a background that has changed their behavior from their original. Since this is fan fiction the reader should expect a certain amount of change. AKA, people write the characters in the way they personally have seen/visualized/imagined, not always the way the original author intended.

Which is one of the reason I love non-cannon pairings so much! More power to you!

I hope all my readers enjoy my work!

I recently had a different pen name, but have decided to start over considering all the new rules and regulations placed on us authors. I will add stories as I go!

Lots of love to all my readers!