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Twilight (VAMPIRES DON'T F*CKING SPARKLE GOD DAMNIT!)(To all twitards reading this, or anyone else who wants to see real vampires, Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNqER784Zp0&feature=related)(Bottom line: A Vampire is not a hopeless romantic, it is the APEX PREDATOR!!!)


justin beiber (You don't even deserve capital letters) any "artist" who became famous off the disney channel

More on Music

So after taking a class on popular music at the university I realized something about modern popular music: not all popular music is bad (GASP) and sometimes things get popular because they're actually good. Unfortunately, this realization makes me hate the awful, awful popular music anymore. So, to prove to those of you who don't believe that popular music can be good, and to those who just love to see the bad stuff get torn a new one, I present to you my picks for

The Top Five and Bottom Five Songs of 2014

Rules: For a song to make this list, it had to have appeared on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 list this year. Why the Billboard Hot 100? Well, because these are the big hits, the songs that were bigger than all the rest this year, so no matter what you were listening to, more people were probably listening to this stuff. Also, why Canadian? Well, to put it simply, because nationalism. Now without further delay

Fifth Best - This was not a very good year for popular music in my eyes, the good stuff was rare and the bad stuff was just awful. Thus, picking songs to go on the best list was a difficult process. Hell, even as I write this I'm still revising the list just because there was so much that was either awful or just not worth caring about this year. So, as you can imagine, this fifth song I agonized over, but, in the end, it did enough to land on this list. The number five best spot goes to Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton. I know a lot of people hated this song the second they heard it (most likely out of reflexive hatred of any boy-band out of England these days), but I think a lot of the hate is a bit hyperbolic, as the singer's voice isn't that whiny, the music is catchy, and the fact that it's played on real instruments gives it respect in my eyes. However, what really pushed it onto this list is the fact that it reminds me of the band Matchbox Twenty, and that was the band that got me through high school with my sanity. Rixton has quite a ways to go before they truly reach Matchbox levels, but since this is only their first big hit, they have time to improve. That is, unless they turn out to be one of the many one-hit-wonders that show up every year only to never be seen again, in which case, don't spend all your money in one place gents.

Fifth Worst - When I ask people what, if any, Canadian musical acts they know, I usually get one of a few answers, namely Drake, Nickleback and most unfortunately Justin Beiber, artists to which I am respectively neutral to positive, bored of and infuriated with. But this year, one band broke through to the rest of the world, determined to revolutionize the musical world with their lofty ambitions and aspirations. And lo and behold, they became a hit this year, and how did they do that? With quite possibly the most boring, and bland attempt at being the next Sting. So congratulations Rude by MAGIC! as you have made Canadian bands look even worse than before. Mazal tov. Now some of you may be wondering how I can put Me and My Broken Heart on the best list while this is on the worst, and to answer that question, I say that Me and My Broken Heart is RELATEABLE. To all my male readers out there, think back to high school, or if you're in high school, just think about your life right now. We've all been there when we like someone, but they don't feel the same or they leave you. You feel like in that moment, all you need is someone to love you, that, in a nutshell, is Me and My Broken Heart. On the other hand, Rude is about having a very whiny pissing contest with your girlfriend's dad when he says you can't have his daughter. And looking at this guy, who would let him? If someone like him asked for my daughter's hand, I'd chase him out of my house at sword point.

Fourth Best - Now, one of the biggest problems with popular music today is that of overplay. It's that thing that ruins a song for you by making it completely inescapable, and after hearing it so many times it grates on you to hear it until the point when you want to smash your stereo every time it comes on. On the other hand, it can also be a force for good, such as in this case. When I first heard this song, I was lukewarm about it. It was decently catchy, but it didn't click at first. Then I kept hearing it, and eventually I cracked and realized that Problem by Ariana Grande was a genuinely great song. First off, I'm a sucker for a good sax beat since it's the instrument I play, second, Ariana has an amazing vocal range, third, the rap verse by newcomer Iggy Azalea is actually good (especially compared to the other stuff she put out this year, we'll get to that later). Ariana Grande is proof that just because an artist is young, doesn't mean they have to sound awful, and when they get older they can make songs about more than just being a slutty party girl (cough Miley Unconvincing cough).

Fourth Worst - Unfortunately, overplay can also be a force for evil, as I said before, and this song is living proof of that. When I first heard this song, I was neutral about it, just one more generic pop song, dime a dozen. Then I heard it again and my opinion grew slightly as the thought occurred to me that if any artist should be allowed to make a song about this subject today, it was this artist. Then I heard it again. And again. And again... So then I threw my radio out of a high rise building and declared that I would forever hate Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Where to begin? How about the beat? This 'sick beat' may be from a sax, but I'm pretty sure a beginner who just picked up his horn could play something better than this dreck. Then there's the lyrics. Taylor Swift rapping was always something people always joked about, but now that she's actually trying to, I miss the jokes. Finally, while I never really liked Taylor Swift, as I said before, she has more than earned the right to fight back against her legions of haters. This, however, is not how she should have gone about it. What a shame.

Third Best - With so much of the music industry dominated by plastic figures masquerading as artists, it's rare to find a song that sounds like it was made by actual human beings. The charts will always be dominated by the Katy Perrys and the Rihannas and the Lil Waynes and what not, so when a song that sounds like it was made by real people appears on the charts, that's reason enough to be happy. But when one of those songs goes up to number one, that's a reason to celebrate. So congratulations to Am I Wrong? by Nico and Vinz. It's a song about wanting to be the best they possibly can while remaining who they are inside. They ask the question of is it wrong to reach for the top of the world while they are all but unknown, and to them I say yes. This is a song that just puts a smile on my face every time I hear it, possibly because these guys just sound so happy while they sing it. The positivity and spirit of this song are just infectious. If it's wrong to like this song, then I don't want to be right.

Third Worst - Remember when I said that a lot of the music industry was full of shallow, plastic figures who pretend they have talent? Remember when I said Iggy Azalea being good was a surprise in Problem? Well, what a coincidence, because those two go hand in hand for this song, Fancy by Iggy Azalea. Now, I, as a gentleman, do enjoy being fancy, I have some rather nice blazers and collared shirts, I enjoy the finer arts, I try to be polite, etc. With this in mind, it was quite a shock to me when a song entitled Fancy was all about drinking straight vodka, trashing a hotel and getting smashed. How on earth is any of this "fancy?" Hell if I know, especially since Iggy doesn't seem to want to tell us why. It's a shame this song is so bad since Iggy does have some talent. She has pretty good flow, and while she could stand to be a little less faux-gangsta, her voice isn't that bad. Unfortunately, she's fallen prey to the same pitfall as most other bling n' bitches rappers in that they forgot that the journey is much more interesting than the destination. And since this was her first real hit, would it have killed her to at least rap about being a white girl in a genre largely dominated by black guys? That would be an interesting song. That, however, will likely never be made, since if she does continue to have a career after this year, she'll likely just do the same thing as most rappers and release the same songs under different names every year. Oh well.

Second Best - This song technically came out in 2013, but only really became a hit in Canada in 2014, which was when I heard it. When I did hear it though, I was instantly hooked. I've listened to this song so much since I first heard it, I swore it would make number one on this list. That may not have happened, but either way, Counting Stars by OneRepublic easily takes the number two spot on this list. Let's begin on the beat. While the beat may be fairly simple, a few drums, a tambourine, a piano, a little guitar, but it's arranged so well and in a way that's so catchy that I can't help but love it. Next there's the lyrics. This is a song about changing, about dreaming big and taking risks that could end badly. OneRepublic wants to make different music from what they've made so far, and if what they want to make is anything like this, I'm all aboard. And now we get to the biggest reason I like this song: it finally made me really like OneRepublic. Up until now, I was lukewarm at best about them, but when I heard this, I was hooked. Alright OneRepublic, you've got one more fan, and I'm looking forward to more good stuff from you guys. If you guys can make anything this good again, then you can take my money... just don't burn it...

Second Worst - Remember how I said that Counting Stars was all about taking risks and making changes? Well, the number two worst song is from an artist who hasn't changed since 2009, as in, he's still an idiot, he still sucks, he's still a terrible singer and rapper, and he's still not in prison somehow! Yes, it's Loyal by Chris Brown. Where to begin here? The lifeless beat? Brown's terrible singing? The boring at best rap from Lil Wayne? Good God, nothing here works! Oh, but I think I've found the worst part, and boy is it ever bad. The song is all about Chris Brown trying to steal your girlfriend, and then having the balls to complain about how "these hoes aint loyal." Go eat a dick Chris Brown! When you decide you want to try and seduce women with boyfriends/husbands (I say 'try' in the hopes that no one actually falls for it) you have no right to complain that they aren't loyal enough. In fact, I'll bet he's just complaining that they're too loyal to the guys they're already with and not enough to him. That certainly makes more sense than any girl leaving her man (or woman if that's what she prefers) for Chris freaking Brown.

Now, before we get to my pick for the number one best song of the year, a few honourable mentions and guilty pleasures that I think deserve to be mentioned.

- Burn by Ellie Goulding just missed getting on this list. While I love Ellie's music, the first song I heard from her was Lights, and I'm still waiting for her to make something as good as either that or Guns and Horses.

- Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lois a pretty good song, but in the end it just rubbed me the wrong way and didn't make the list. For some reason I just didn't like this song as much as I thought I would, and I really wish I knew why.

- Let It Go (Frozen) by Idina Menzel just had to be mentioned if only for capturing the hearts of so much of North America. Very rarely is a song so universally liked.

Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil John is a song I think I'd rather try to defend than attack. First of all, when you want a party to go completely and literally insane, there is no substitute for Lil John, and the beat, while seemingly random, is pretty catchy. Finally, the music video. It's sheer perfection, perfectly capturing the spirit of this song: an unstoppable force of chaos and wanton destruction.

- Love Runs Out by OneRepublic was a good song, but to avoid having two songs by the same artist on this list, I put the one that I liked more: Counting Stars. However, both of these songs have vastly improved my opinion of OneRepublic, and if this is the direction they want to go in, I say go and never look back guys.

- Happy by Pharrell was a song that was hurt by its own success. I honestly don't have any idea why it was so big, especially since there really wasn't that much to it. There's really nothing to object to (aside from overplay) but at the same time nothing to really give it life (aside from its positivity).

- Classic by MKTO was a big load of silly fun that just needs to be experienced by all. That said, it's still just a silly party song and that's about it.

- Pompeii by Bastille was a song I really should like a lot more than I did. It's got a lot that I do like, the chanting monks, good singing, interesting instrumentals, etc. But then in the vocals... I don't know, they just seemed awkward to me. Either way, I still like this song, and if this were a top ten list, it would definitely be on it.

Well, that's enough stalling for now (although if there are any songs you think I missed, feel free to let me know in a PM) time to reveal my pick for

The Best Hit Song of 2014 Remember when I said there were only so many Canadian bands that people actually knew? Well, this is one I wish more people knew, as they are quite possibly the best band to come out of our country. When people ask about my favorite groups from Canada, I always answer with this one, and people always answer me with a resounding "who's that?" Well, allow me to introduce them with my pick for best song of the year: Pop 101 by Marianas Trench. Marianas Trench have only ever had a few hits in the US, but up here in Canada they've had several, with their second album Masterpiece Theatre being one of the best pop rock albums of the decade, reminding me a lot of Queen (mostly due to their anthemic, harmonized vocals, and the fact that their singer is the most flamboyant man since Freddie Mercury). This song, despite being completely different from anything on that album managed to be my song of the year simply for how smart it is and how enjoyable it is to listen to. The song is sung from the perspective of someone in the music industry, likely an executive, trying to perfect the formula of pop music, and how do they plan to do that? By slamming together as many tropes and cliches from pop genres as possible into one homogeneous mass. Well, that would have been the case, had this song been made by studio hacks, but in the hands of Marianas Trench, it was not only a satirical deconstruction of popular music, but quite possibly the most fun song of the whole year. The song lists elements of the pop music formula, making fun of musical tropes such as four on the floor dance beat, lyrics like calling out "baby" "DJ" and "shots," pop song chords, a dumbed down pre-chorus, and even rap verses. Now, that would normally be enough, but they went even further, making fun of particular artist's tropes such as Kesha's talk-singing, Justin Timberlake's "sexyback," Lil John's random shouting, Miley's pitch shifted voice and even Jasooooooon Deruuuuuloooooo. Since I can almost guarantee they won't become that big of a hit anywhere else (good stuff from Canada rarely does) I recommend checking these guys out. You will not be disappointed.

Speaking of disappointment though, how about a few dishonourable mentions before we get to my pick for the worst song of the year?

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor was once again hurt by its own overplay. I had no strong feelings about it at first, but over time it just kept grating on me. Also, the whole 'skinny shaming' thing, while seeming ridiculous is actually kind of true. If she had said the same things about fat people she would have been run off the charts with torches and pitchforks. Finally, for a song all about bass, there really wasn't that much bass.

Feelin' Myself by Miley Cyrus and will.i.am really doesn't surprise me. Neither 'artist' tries to do anything new, just being the same slut and idiot they're known to be. Next!

Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo originally annoyed me a lot, and really, what's not to be annoyed at? The lyrics are terrible and stupid and misogynist and borderline racist, the delivery by Derulo is atrocious, with even auto-tune being unable to fix his voice to sound anything close to good or at least not punchable. Then I found something that took this song off this list: the beat. The sax riff from Talk Dirty lead me to Balkan Beat Box's 'Hermetico,' so if any of you want to hear the beat to Talk Dirty without hearing anything related to the moron who made the song, check that out. That didn't save it from an honourable mention, however, and Derulo, if you're reading this, here's a tip: when you rip an idea off from Pitbull, you're desperate, and when his version is less bad, you've hit rock bottom.

Timber by Pitbull and Kesha isn't a song I'd say I like or didn't, but on those rare occasions I do leave my cave long enough to go to a party, this is the kind of music I want to hear. Why? Well because in an era where even party songs are beginning to sound bored and dull, Pitbull (especially with the help of Kesha) can really liven things up. I mean, yes, he's a moron, but you can just hear that stupid grin on his face, and you know what, if I can focus on how much fun the artist is having, it makes having fun myself that much easier.

Fireball by Pitbull see above

Lifestyle by Young Thug is an unforgivable train wreck of a song. Can I just ask a request of anyone who reads this who hasn't yet heard this song? go and listen to it. Just go, I'll wait... Did you listen to it? Good, now let me ask you something: just what the serious fuck was he saying? No, seriously, what? I have no idea! Was he rapping with his mouth full? So, how did this avoid the list? Well, the mighty internet trolls struck, making some of the funniest vines I've ever seen, so this song escaped through sheer force of it's own stupidity.

Anaconda by Nikki Manaj is another train wreck of a song, but I almost think it was supposed to be. Nothing in this song works, but it's a such a fascinating mess that you just can't turn away. In fact, I'm almost sure Nikki made this song for the sheer purpose of TRYING to make the worst song anyone had ever heard, ending up with the massive mess it became. In short, this song is DANGEROUSLY close to so bad it's good territory.

The entire discography of DJ Mustard all sounds EXACTLY the same! And it all sucks!

Well, I can stall all day, but I inevitably have to address the trumpeting, tuberculotic elephant in the room.

The Worst Hit Song of 2014 - 2014 seemed to be the year of the ass. It seemed that any song, no matter how bad, as long as it was ass related in some way managed to chart. I can only assume that this is how something as hilariously awful as Anaconda managed to chart. But, if I were to choose one song to not only represent the ass-end of the year's music... let's see... Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez's Booty? Well, that was pretty terrible, but also easily forgettable. Anaconda? Nah, I already touched on that one. No, if I have to choose one song as the worst of them all, there's only one option: Wiggle by Jason Derulo. Derulo proves once again what a massive moron he is with this song, and with so much of this song being terrible in a not even funny way, I once again don't know how to approach this carcass of a song. Let's start with an easy target: the beat. It's made on a God damned recorder. If I need to say any more than that, then go back and read that sentence again. Understand why that's a problem yet? No? Well let me explain it to you: A recorder sounds like shit! Who in the right mind bases the beat of an entire song solely on that! You must have literal brain damage to think that was a good idea! Oh, and that's not all, the lyrics are even worse, so bad that I'm not sure that with lines like "your booty like two planets" I'm not sure if this isn't just a horrible diss track directed at fat girls! You know what, let's look at it that way, seeing as, as I said before, maybe we can get rid of him for fat shaming. I think there's only one real sentence for such a terrible song. In the words of Derulo, "you know what to do with that big, fat butt!" Sit on this song. If it survives, find someone with a bigger butt and have them sit on it.

Well, those are my picks for the best and worst hit songs of the year. Allow me to remind you that music is the most subjective form of art, so while some of you may disagree with this list, allow me to say that I respect your opinion, but at the same time I challenge you to find the songs you think were the best and worst of the hits in your country and post them on your profile.

You know what, in an attempt to win some of you back, I think I'll make another list. Keep an eye out for the top five SONGS of the year. That's right, the next list I post will be out of all the songs I heard this year as I sift through them to find the five I liked the most. And this list will cover ANY song I heard, no matter who made it or how they published it, as long as it was made in 2014, it's eligible.

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"When you're born you're pink,"
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The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...

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I stated before that I hated yaoi and yuri stories before, and I feel I need to clarify something: I have absolutely nothing against gay people, gay marriage, etc. what I am against is the stories that include them, but for a different reason. Almost every yaoi/yuri story I've ever seen has made the main characters seem stupid, and made all the other characters into assholes. I don't know if that's just in the ones I've seen, but I still don't like it when people butcher what were once great characters, so if you're going to write yaoi and yuri, you have my blessing, go right ahead, but write it well.

95 percent of teens would cry if they saw the Jonas Brothers at the top of a skyscraper about to jump. Copy and paste this EVERYWHERE if you are in the 5 percent that would shout 'Jump Motherfuckers!'

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- Crime of Shadows: Complete. Sequel in progress, a Bionicle/Soul Eater Crossover. Mazeka left the world of the Four Nations using the Kanohi Olmak's power, but does the Kanohi itself ever work properly, let alone a small amount of its energy? Mazeka ends up in Death City.

- Reasons: On hiatus. May continue in the future.

- End of an Era: Also on hiatus. Possibly canceled.

- Deadliest Warrior of Fiction: With the help of DeadAliveManiac and Scarecrow'sMainFan. Continuing as planned, despite fanboy rage.

- It's Always New York: A MASSIVE crossover of things that take place in New York City. Current categories: Grand Theft Auto, Saint's Row, Spiderman, Crysis, Castle and more to come (ideas will be considered)

- RWBY: Beacon's Fading Light: Beacon Academy has been a place of light and hope for time immemorial, a place for the training of huntsmen and huntresses, those who protect the world and all it's people. But inside lies a heart of darkness waiting to be unleashed and take vengeance on those believed to be in the wrong.


- A Flash of White and a Dark Knight: When the body of a notorious criminal turns up in Gotham City, Batman must find out who the killer is before he can strike again. But what if the Dark Knight sees himself in this White Hooded killer? Just as Batman begins finding information on who this killer might be, the Joker causes a breakout at Blackgate Prison, he escapes and all his men are transferred to Arkham Assylum.

- Steam Wars: Another massive crossover inspired by "Wreck-It Ralph." What happens when the games on Steam go to war?

- Civilization: Beyond Reality: A civilization story staring civilizations from all over fiction. I have a few ideas for civilizations, but I need more, and city states, but I think it's doable.

- Another songfic attempt. Probably in the Soul Eater universe.

- Something Dragon Age related, taking place after the events of Dragon Age II. It will star both Hawke and The Warden (possibly Wardens).

New York Characters (More to come as the story progresses):

Richard Castle - writer and NYPD consultant after criminals and the heart of his partner Kate Beckett

Katherine Beckett - NYPD detective and partner to Castle, knows he loves her, but does not want to acknowledge it, distracts herself with her work.

Nico Bellic - former Serbian mercenary, recently immigrated to the US, signed on as security for Dr Nathan Gould and his intern. Currently living with his cousin, Roman.

Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito - Beckett and Castle's co-workers, loyal partners and friends to both them and each other.

Dr. Nathan Gould - a prominent scientist at Crytek, working on a secretive project with his intern, hired extra security as a precaution.

The Boss - Head of the Third Street Saints, a hardened criminal determined to take down all other gangs in the city. Gave part of his fortune to fund a Crytek project.

Johnny Gat - Second in command of the Saints, best friend to The Boss.

Pierce and Shaundi - Saints Lieutenants, they help the Boss run his... business with other gangs.

Alexis Castle - Richard Castle's daughter, starting classes at Empire State University with some old friends while trying to keep her long distance relationship in one piece.

Peter Parker - An old friend of Alexis, and will soon be attending ESU with her and others friends. Lives with, and tries to help provide for, his Aunt and Uncle.

Harry Osborne - Son of Norman Osborne, and heir to Oscorp, the largest company in the city. He'll be attending ESU with Peter and friends.

Mary Jane Watson - A friend of Alexis, and an acting student under her grandmother.

Gwen Stacy - the daughter of the police commissioner, and a friend to Peter and company.

RWBY Characters (Once their trailers are up, I'll tell more about them):


The Artist:

Name: Alison Zu

Based on: Sun Tzu

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Red Chinese warrior's robes, green leather chestplate and boots.

Insignia: Iron claw with an eye in the palm

Background: With both her parents being former professors at Beacon, Alison was raised as a huntress at home, having been home schooled since she could talk. As soon as she could hold her weapon, she was trained to use it with proficiency, and was taught about nearly every type of Grimm by the time she was five years old. Skilled in both war and the arts, Alison was well known as the "Artist on the Battlefield." However, when she was thirteen, both of her parents were killed in an airship crash, taking away the only family she had. When she came out of her grief, she requested to build a statue in their honour that was to be placed instead of a headstone. She visits that grave whenever a significant event in her life takes place, such as recently when she was accepted to Beacon herself.

Weapon: Pianji - A Zhua with a collapsible claw that can use a different type of dust from each talon.

Semblance: Accuracy - Alison makes aim-botters look sloppy. She can hit a Nevermore in the eye with a pebble that bounced of another pebble she threw in the other direction.

Theme Song: Hengsha - Miracle Of Sound

The Renegade:

Name: Thatch Edwards

Based on: Blackbeard

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Black greatcoat and tricorne hat, black leather sailor's boots, tan trousers.

Insignia: Crossed swords over a red star.

Background: A former student at Signal Academy, Thatch's record in any combat related class was near perfect. Other classes, not so much. Thatch would skip nearly all his non-combat classes, so a lot of his marks dropped considerably until a friend convinced him to re-join classes (he claims he was under threat of physical harm if he didn't). Outside of that, Thatch would participate in some... questionable... activities outside of classes. No one's sure if what he did was legal or not, but the fact that he's never been caught gets him credit in some eyes. No one really knows where he came from or who his family is, some say he killed them, others that they're antisocial, and still others say that he's from another country (his accent is certainly different) and his family still lives there, but like most things about Thatch, his past is unknown.

Weapon: Anne and Elizabeth - Twin cutlasses with black basket hilts and Uzi-style submachineguns in the hilts.

Semblance: Terror - Thatch can make you see an entire nightmare world of his design or show you your worst fear. Not exceptionally useful against Grimm, but against anything else, it works well. He, however, cannot see one's worst fear, merely make them see it.

Theme Song: Beneath The Black Flag - Miracle Of Sound

The Noble:

Name: Francois Delatrois

Based on: The Three Musketeers

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Royal blue tabard over a steel brestplate, wide brimmed, feathered hat

Insignia: Fleur de Lis

Background: Coming from a wealthy family of nobility, Francois learned to fence as soon as he could walk. His family wanted nothing but the best success from him, so they hired the best huntsmen and huntresses money could buy to train him to fight and lead men in battle. A natural fighter and leader, Francois became a pillar of his city, as more and more people began to take notice of his prowess. After inspiring and leading a group of local police in an effort to take down a notorious criminal gang, Francois finally got the recognition he desired: that of Beacon Academy. Francois gladly accepted the offer they gave him, and will now begin taking classes.

Weapon: Mademoiselle - a royal blue high powered carbine with a bayonet in it. the gun unfolds to reveal that the bayonet is actually the tip of a rapier encased in the rifle.

Semblance: Charisma - A phrase from the mouth of Francois can inspire any man to action, no matter who.

Theme Song: Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top

The Rival

Name: Maria Gaia

Based on: Gaius Marius

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Lorica Segmentata, purple skirt, Galea helmet with purple crest

Insignia: Laurel Wreath

Background: Throughout her life, Maria was always the best. She got great grades, flew past her peers in combat, and in general excelled. She loved every moment of it, always wanting to go the extra mile to ensure her success and that of those around her. Unfortunately for Maria, her record was brought to an end when she enrolled at Sanctum Academy. It was there that she met the one person to pose a challenge to her status, ultimately defeating her in the end and ruining her perfect record. Despite the defeat, Maria's near perfect record got her accepted to Beacon where she now attends, hoping to better herself.

Weapon: Imperator - A near unbreakable purple scutum shield with a minigun hidden under the boss.

Semblance: Mimicry - any tactic or style Maria sees as effective she can adopt easily. This works especially well if the tactic was successfully used against her.

Theme Song: Headstrong - Trapt

Beacon Staff

The Veteran

Name: Curtis Marlow

Based on: Marlow (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad)

Wardrobe: Red trenchcoat, black pants, black boots

Insignia: Unknown

Background: Trained as a huntsman from a young age, Curtis was made part of the legendary Team AGTM, led by the heroic Arthur Arc, Curtis's partner. As part of Team AGTM, Curtis served as a scout and tracker for his team, his semblance allowing him to remain completely unseen despite his choice in wardrobe. His exploits with Team AGTM would become the stuff of legends, but that would all change during the Grimm Incursion. Massive armies of Grimm poured into the Kingdom of Vale, causing mass destruction as they rampaged across the land. The armies of Vale and Atlas answered this call to arms, both sending in their armies and their finest hunters to lead them. One of those teams at the head of the army of Vale was Team AGTM, their heroic battles against the monsters earning them a spot in history. After the war, Curtis was a changed man, and for a while he disappeared from the public eye. Eventually, he was recruited by professor Ozpin, an old comrade from the war, to teach at Beacon Academy and raise a new generation of heroes.

Weapons: Twin sabers and twin high caliber pistols that can extend into rifles for greater accuracy. Curtis refuses to name his weapons, but they remain by his side at all times.

Semblance: Invisibility - Marlow has the ability to completely vanish form sight, earning him the wartime nickname of "The Ghost In Red." He has to remain careful, however, as he still casts a shadow when invisible.

Theme Song: For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica

The Phantom

Name: Erik Fantine

Based on: The Phantom of the Opera

Wardrobe: Black formal suit, black cape, white half face mask (made from Grimm bone)

Insignia: Phantom's mask

Background: Erik Fantine was never meant to be a huntsman. Born to a family that never wanted a son, he was abused all his childhood until he ran away at the age of six. Since that age, Erik taught himself to be a master thief and learned street fighting, becoming skilled with a blade by his teens. However, none knew who he was, so simply staying out of trouble for a short period of time would keep him off the radar of the authorities, after all, no one looked at the homeless. Erik didn't know it, but his life would change forever as he grew older and picked the pocket of a man in an expensive looking green suit. A day later, the man had tracked him down to his lair in a condemned building and introduced himself as Director Ozpin of Vale's Hunters. Ozpin, impressed by Erik's skill, offered him a place in his organization in exchange for using his skills to fight criminals and creatures of Grimm. Erik accepted, and upon becoming a huntsman, cleaned up his image, going from street rat, to classy gentleman hunter, and formed his own team from the dregs of hunter society: Team FRST (Frost). In the coming war with the Grimm, they would lead special operations missions that would make them known and feared across the kingdom.

Weapon: A rapier, the name of which he hasn't disclosed outside of his team. The Coat of Arms - hidden in his suit itself are several lengths of rope tied into slipknots that can be launched from his sleeves to ensnare enemies, as well as lengths of wire he can extend through a pair of formal looking gloves to cut enemies apart.

Semblance: Illusion - Erik's immediate environment is his plaything, able to make his surroundings and even himself into whatever he pleases.

Theme Song: The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

White Fang

The Commander

Name: Caroline Leon

Based on: King Charles XII of Sweden (AKA Carolus Rex)

Age: 22

Wardrobe: Blue greatcoat with gold cuffs and a black tricorne hat, White Fang Grimm mask.

Insignia: Roaring Lion's Head

Background: Born in Menagerie to famous huntsman Gustav Leon of Team AGTM, Caroline was trained to fight since she could walk, looking up to her father as a hero. She aspired to be just like him in every way, especially since he fought for their people, the faunus, by gaining the respect of humans, rather than making them fear. However, when her father was killed in battle, Caroline was crushed, and when rumors began to spread that he was left for dead by the humans for his faunus heritage, she snapped. She took up her father's title as the mighty lion, but with a resolve to make the humans pay for what they did. Today, she is a feared commander in the White Fang, leading her soldiers, the Caroleans in many a successful strike, including her recent raid on the Vale City Prison. She remains determined to get justice for the death of her father, and no human is going to stand in her way.

Weapon: Shining Roar - A massive blue carbine with a spearhead bayonet that unfolds into a lance. Her inheritance from her late father.

Semblance: Emotional Repression - Caroline can repress all of her emotions as well as those of any who are willing. In this state, they have no remorse, no fear and no regret, but retain their instinct, intellect, and creativity, allowing Caroline to make strategies.

Theme Song: Carolus Rex - Sabaton

New Grimm:

Draculings: A cave dwelling species of Grimm that take the form of giant bats, Draculings distinguish themselves from most species of Grimm by not having the bone-like armour that others have. Instead, the creatures are entirely black aside from their eyes, talons and teeth, allowing them to blend into the shadows with ease. They hunt at night or in caves where they use their black colour to blend into the darkness, attacking in swarms by flying around enemies at high speeds to prevent escape. If caught, prey is first drained of all blood by the predator before ultimately being eaten. Each Draculing is about the size of a large wolf, so while they are large enough to kill larger prey, they're also small enough to be fast and agile when hunting or flying.

Goliath Widow: Most who see a Goliath Widow usually see the females of these large arachnids, since they are much larger than the males. While a male Widow can grow to about the size of a truck, females grow to about the size of a house, all, however, have a nasty temper and will kill nearly anything that it sees at either a threat or possible meal. Usually living in caves, a Goliath Widow will come to the surface to hunt where they try to ensnare prey as large as Nevermores. Once caught in its web, prey will be near immobile, rendering it helpless until the Widow returns to kill it with a bite of acidic venom. The webs may be easy to spot due to their size, but the Goliath can wait as long as it needs to. After all, they can survive for years without anything to eat or drink, making them much more aggressive and temperamental.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Many New Faces by undaed15 reviews
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