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name: Zivon96

real name: you wish

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gender: male

Religion: Jewish

Nationality: Canadian, eh?




Upcoming Deadliest Warrior battles, season 3. Battles will be revealed once they have been announced.

The most suave and lethal of assassins clash: Zevran Arainai vs Ezio Auditore

Two of the deadliest generals of legendary rebellions clash: Loghain Mac Tir vs Tywin Lannister

Warriors of the sky clash with those of the earth: Hoshidan Sky Knight vs Earthbender

The most lethal and audacious special forces in the galaxy: ODST vs ARC Troopers

Barbaric riders of Essos take on legendary heroes of Rohan

Mid-Season Finale The most successful western style mercenary bands ever created in Japan collide. Both enter nearly undefeated, and consist of two of the most legendary greatsword fighters in modern fiction.

RWBY: Fading Light Series Characters


The Artist:

Name: Alison Zu

Based on: Sun Tzu

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Red Chinese warrior's robes, green leather chestplate and boots.

Insignia: Iron claw with an eye in the palm

Background: With both her parents being former professors at Beacon, Alison was raised as a huntress at home, having been home schooled since she could talk. As soon as she could hold her weapon, she was trained to use it with proficiency, and was taught about nearly every type of Grimm by the time she was five years old. Skilled in both war and the arts, Alison was well known as the "Artist on the Battlefield." However, when she was thirteen, both of her parents were killed in an airship crash, taking away the only family she had. When she came out of her grief, she requested to build a statue in their honour that was to be placed instead of a headstone. She visits that grave whenever a significant event in her life takes place, such as recently when she was accepted to Beacon herself.

Weapon: Pianji - A Zhua with a collapsible claw that can use a different type of dust from each talon. Alison now also carries a jian style sword given to her by Thatch with a lightning dust crystal embedded in the hilt, allowing the blade to channel electricity.

Semblance: Accuracy - Alison makes aim-botters look sloppy. She can hit a Nevermore in the eye with a pebble that bounced of another pebble she threw in the other direction.

Theme Song: Hengsha - Miracle Of Sound

The Renegade:

Name: Thatch Edwards

Based on: Blackbeard

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Black greatcoat and tricorne hat, black leather sailor's boots, tan trousers.

Insignia: Crossed swords over a red star.

Background: A former student at Signal Academy, Thatch's record in any combat related class was near perfect. Other classes, not so much. Thatch would skip nearly all his non-combat classes, so a lot of his marks dropped considerably until a friend convinced him to re-join classes (he claims he was under threat of physical harm if he didn't). Outside of that, Thatch would participate in some... questionable... activities outside of classes. No one's sure if what he did was legal or not, but the fact that he's never been caught gets him credit in some eyes. Thatch, however, insists that all his activities have been legal, with the majority of them being either working security or working aboard airships, during which time he learned how to pilot several different styles of airship from large transports to bullheads. Coming from a small, relatively poor family in downtown Vale, Thatch learned that if he wants something in life, he's going to have to work for it, and has little patience for those who get what they want through no actions of their own.

Weapon: Anne and Elizabeth - Twin cutlasses with black basket hilts and Uzi-style submachineguns in the hilts. Thatch also now carries a combination hatchet and sawed off shotgun that he stole from a mercenary in the Abyss.

Semblance: Terror - Thatch can make you see an entire nightmare world of his design or show you your worst fear. Not exceptionally useful against Grimm, but against anything else, it works well. He, however, cannot see one's worst fear, merely make them see it.

Theme Song: Beneath The Black Flag - Miracle Of Sound

The Noble:

Name: Francois Delatrois

Based on: The Three Musketeers

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Royal blue tabard over a steel brestplate, wide brimmed, feathered hat

Insignia: Fleur de Lis

Background: Coming from a wealthy family of nobility, Francois learned to fence as soon as he could walk. Though his father wanted Francois to remain at home and become the new head of the family, his life's ambition was to live up to those members of his family who had become heroes in battle. His mother wanted nothing but the best success from him, so she hired the best huntsmen and huntresses money could buy to train him to fight and lead men in battle. A natural fighter and leader, Francois became a pillar of his city, as more and more people began to take notice of his prowess. After inspiring and leading a group of local police in an effort to take down a notorious criminal gang, Francois finally got the recognition he desired: that of Beacon Academy. He gladly accepted the offer of enrollment they gave him, and will now begin taking classes.

Weapon: Mademoiselle - a royal blue high powered carbine with a bayonet in it. the gun unfolds to reveal that the bayonet is actually the tip of a rapier encased in the rifle.

Semblance: Charisma - A phrase from the mouth of Francois can inspire any man or woman to action, no matter who.

Theme Song: Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top

The Rival

Name: Maria Gaia

Based on: Gaius Marius

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Lorica Segmentata, purple skirt, Galea helmet with purple crest

Insignia: Laurel Wreath

Background: Throughout her life, Maria was always the best. She got great grades, flew past her peers in combat, and in general excelled. She loved every moment of it, always wanting to go the extra mile to ensure her success and that of those around her. Unfortunately for Maria, her record was brought to an end when she enrolled at Sanctum Academy. It was there that she met the one person to pose a challenge to her status, ultimately defeating her in the end and ruining her perfect record. Despite the defeat, Maria's near perfect record got her accepted to Beacon where she now attends, hoping to better herself. However, in her desire to become a huntress, Maria shirked the tradition of her family, forgoing the life of a general in Atlas, and instead opting to follow her dreams, and her rival, as a huntress.

Weapon: Imperator - A near unbreakable purple scutum shield with a minigun hidden under the boss. Maria also carries a gladius sword, a standard issue weapon for any member of her family.

Semblance: Mimicry - any tactic or style Maria sees as effective she can adopt easily. This works especially well if the tactic was successfully used against her.

Theme Song: Headstrong - Trapt


The General

Name: Julia Gaia

Based on: Gaius Julius Caesar

Age: 28

Wardrobe: Chainmail, bronze medals, crimson skirt and cape, galea helmet with crimson crest

Insignia: Laurel Wreath

Background: a loyal soldier of the Atlesian Armed Forces, Julia's skills and family background saw her quickly rise through the ranks of the army, reaching the rank of Lieutenant General by the age of twenty five, earning her own battalion of custom robotic troops, the Atlesian Legion, as well as her own flagship, The Rubicon. With her rank, however, came an increasing sense of superiority, a belief in the superiority of the Atlesian Military over all other military organizations, hunters included. It also brought about a very stiff and unshakable sense of morality, and an unflinching moral compass. Julia has little patience, especially for what she might perceive as insubordination, as soldiers under her command have put it, "The only thing more rigid than her sense of duty is the pole up her ass." That said, when bullets start to fly, soldiers under Julia's command find themselves thankful for the general's tactical mind, regard for the lives of her men, and lead from the front attitude. For the soldiers who follow her command, it is rare for them to suffer anything resembling a defeat.

Weapons: Century - a Pilum javelin, the head of which fires like a rocket, exploding an instant after it impacts and likely pierces a target. Maximus - A near unbreakable crimson Scutum shield housing a miniature artillery battery behind the boss, able to fire both explosive shells or grapeshot. Julia also carries two swords, the first being a gladius similar to her sister's blade, and the second being a longer spatha.

Theme Song: Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Beacon Staff

The Veteran

Name: Curtis Marlow

Based on: Marlow (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad)

Wardrobe: Red trenchcoat, black pants, black boots

Insignia: Unknown

Background: Trained as a huntsman from a young age, Curtis was made part of the legendary Team AGTM, led by the heroic Arthur Arc, Curtis's partner. As part of Team AGTM, Curtis served as a scout and tracker for his team, his semblance allowing him to remain completely unseen despite his choice in wardrobe. His exploits with Team AGTM would become the stuff of legends, but that would all change during the Grimm Incursion. Massive armies of Grimm poured into the Kingdom of Vale, causing mass destruction as they rampaged across the land. The armies of Vale and Atlas answered this call to arms, both sending in their armies and their finest hunters to lead them. One of those teams at the head of the army of Vale was Team AGTM, their heroic battles against the monsters earning them a spot in history. After the war, Curtis was a changed man, and for a while he disappeared from the public eye. Eventually, he was recruited by professor Ozpin, an old comrade from the war, to teach at Beacon Academy and raise a new generation of heroes. Though still haunted by the faces of those he has lost, Curtis has staunchly refused to give up his life as a huntsman.

Weapons: Twin sabers and twin high caliber pistols that can extend into rifles for greater accuracy. Curtis refuses to name his weapons, but they remain by his side at all times.

Semblance: Invisibility - Marlow has the ability to completely vanish form sight, earning him the wartime nickname of "The Ghost in Red." He has to remain careful, however, as he still casts a shadow when invisible.

Theme Song: For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica


The Phantom

Name: Erik Fantine

Based on: The Phantom of the Opera

Wardrobe: Black formal suit, black cape, white half face mask (made from Grimm bone)

Insignia: Phantom's Mask

Background: Erik Fantine was never meant to be a huntsman. Born to a family that never wanted a son, he was abused all his childhood until he ran away at the age of six. Since that age, Erik taught himself to be a master thief and learned street fighting, becoming skilled with a blade by his teens. However, none knew who he was, so simply staying out of trouble for a short period of time would keep him off the radar of the authorities, after all, no one looked at the homeless. Erik didn't know it, but his life would change forever as he grew older and picked the pocket of a man in an expensive looking green suit. A day later, the man had tracked him down to his lair in a condemned building and introduced himself as Director Ozpin of Vale's Hunters. Ozpin, impressed by Erik's skill, offered him a place in his organization in exchange for using his skills to fight criminals and creatures of Grimm. Erik accepted, and upon becoming a huntsman, cleaned up his image, going from street rat, to classical gentleman huntsman, and formed his own team from the dregs of hunter society: Team FRST (Frost). In the coming war with the Grimm, they would lead special operations missions that would make them known and feared across the kingdom.

Weapons: A rapier, the name of which he hasn't disclosed outside of his team. The Coat of Arms - hidden in his suit itself are several lengths of rope tied into slipknots that can be launched from his sleeves to ensnare enemies, as well as lengths of wire he can extend through a pair of formal looking gloves to cut enemies apart.

Semblance: Illusion - Erik's immediate environment is his plaything, able to make his surroundings and even himself into whatever he pleases.

Theme Song: The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

The Raven

Name: Elaine Ravencroft

Based on: The Raven (Edgar Allan Poe)

Wardrobe: Floor length, long sleeve black dress. Ravencroft, as a raven faunus also tends to disguise her wings as a lengthy black feathered cape until she needs them.

Insignia: Raven's Talon

Background: Elaine was born to the wealthy Ravencroft family in Vacuo, who mysteriously vanished when she was young, with all other family members disappearing without a trace. Though this disappearance was highly suspicious, no one had any reason to question the young Elaine, who was still in her teens when her family vanished, her father's last known request being for her to be taught as a huntsman. However, once Elaine arrived at Beacon, her faunus heritage, combined with the mysterious disappearance of her family led to many questioning her, as well as bullying her. After one incident where two other students were horribly injured trying to cut off her wings, Ravencroft became closed off to the rest of the world. The final straw came after her first mission with her original team, when the team leader vanished without a trace. That was all her teammates and classmates needed to know for them to pit this on her. Within a matter of days, Elaine Ravencroft was cut from the ranks of her team and expelled from hunter academy. Elaine, however, would not be deterred from her goal of fighting the Grimm, and trained with private tutors to master her skill as a fighter. This record and her skill caught the attention of Erik Fantine as he formed his black ops team, and she was recruited in an instant, accepting the offer near instantly. While she is still considered highly suspect due to her past and closed off attitude, her actions with Team FRST have gained her respect with those few who know what her team has done. Those very, very few.

Weapons: Raven's Grasp - a set of talon gloves which can channel fire through the claws. With her wings and semblance, Ravencroft can rain fire from either above or below an enemy.

Semblance: Shadow Stepping - Ravencroft can physically enter any shadow she touches and emerge from any shadow connected to it. However, should the shadow pass or the area be illuminated, she can be trapped within the space she entered until a sufficient shadow is cast for her to exit from.

Theme song: Valentine - Xandria

The Berserker

Name: Samantha Patton

Based on: George S Patton

Wardrobe: Worn, green military style trenchcoat, black pants and combat boots

Insignia: Golden Star

Background: Born into a military family, Samantha was hardly the first of her family to enter hunter school in an effort to rid the world of evil, however, she was among the first to see significant failure. During Samantha's first years at the academy, her tenacity and skills in battle earned her a position of leadership, but it wasn't long before that power went to her head and she began to think she was unstoppable, and for her years in school, she was. She rarely saw losses in combat class, and any mission she went on would end in a ground littered in Grimm corpses and shell casings. However, in her last year, Samantha and her team saw their first failure on a mission. Distracted by a large horde of Grimm attacking a village under their protection, they failed to notice a smaller but equally dangerous band approaching the village through a neighbouring forest. Samantha and her team finished off the attackers, only to return to a burning village. Though she fought valiantly, the casualties were too high for her, and taking the blame for herself, she dropped out of Atlas academy, leaving her team's deputy in command and going into a self imposed near exile, falling to drink. However, she would be pulled from her misery by Erik Fantine as he invited her to join the team he was forming. It took some convincing, but once Samantha was given a purpose again, she took to her tasks on the newly formed Team FRST with gusto, and though no one knows the details of her missions, on one she was able to steal an Atlesian ship, renaming it The Cannae and amassing a full crew in less than a month. With no evidence that it was one of his ships, James Ironwood has been forced to allow her to keep it.

Weapon: Lockheed and Sherman - twin single bladed battleaxes that double as bullpup assault rifles. Samantha can either dual wield or combine them into a single double bladed battleaxe she calls Service.

Semblance: Berserker - As the battle rages on, the chaos and bloodshed invigorates Samantha, making her stronger the longer the battle goes. However, this also makes her less receptive to pain and more primal, meaning she could lose herself should she take her abilities too far.

Theme song: Night Witches - Sabaton

The Dancer

Name: Theodora Xander

Based on: Empress Theodora of Byzantium

Wardrobe: Purple floor length evening gown, sharpened silver high heels

Insignia: Shattered heart

Background: Theodora was born into a low class family in Vale, and while her passion would eventually become combat, originally she wanted to be a dancer. Using much of the money they had left, Theodora's family managed to put her into dancing lessons where she took to it with gusto, winning several dance contests and earning quite a significant amount in prize money. Theodora's interests changed at this point, however, as the young girl developed an interest in defending her home kingdom of Mistral from the Grimm, the adoring gazes of the fans of her dancing making her want to defend those faces and ensure their safety, so, using the money she earned through her work as a dancer, Theodora managed to get herself through Sanctum and into Haven, where she managed to mix her dance and combat skills into a deadly and effective combat style. However, her past as a dancer would begin to effect her life at Haven, with rumors about her activities outside of school starting to make people, students and teachers alike, see her in a different like. Ostracized by her fellow students, Theodora made it until her last year of Haven before the rumors became too much and her team requested she be removed from their roster. Crushed, Theodora fell into a depression, nearly losing herself to the vices she developed in her desperation. Eventually, she would be pulled out of her despair by Erik Fantine when he called on her to complete Team FRST. Though she was initially mistrusting of him, she would eventually grow to become one of his most trusted and deadliest teammates, and though many suspect she used her body to get where she is today, Fantine assures the world that while his team's operations are a secret, their interpersonal relationships are crystal clear.

Weapon: Temptress - a lengthy sword which splits into a segmented whip sword, with each segment housing a lightning dust crystal.

Theme song: Bye Bye Beautiful - Nightwish

White Fang

The Commander

Name: Caroline Leon

Based on: King Charles XII of Sweden (AKA Carolus Rex)

Age: 22

Wardrobe: Blue greatcoat with gold cuffs and a black tricorne hat, White Fang Grimm mask.

Insignia: Roaring Lion's Head

Background: Born in Menagerie to famous huntsman Gustav Leon of Team AGTM, Caroline was trained to fight since she could walk, looking up to her father as a hero. She aspired to be just like him in every way, especially since he fought for their people, the faunus, by gaining the respect of humans, rather than making them fear. However, when her father was killed in battle, Caroline was crushed, and when rumors began to spread that he was left for dead by the humans for his faunus heritage, she snapped. She took up her father's title as the mighty lion, but with a resolve to make the humans pay for what they did. Today, she is a feared commander in the White Fang, leading her soldiers, the Caroleans in many a successful strike, including her recent raid on the Vale City Prison. She remains determined to get justice for the death of her father, and no human is going to stand in her way.

Weapon: Shining Roar - A massive blue carbine with a spearhead bayonet that unfolds into a lance. Her inheritance from her late father.

Semblance: Emotional Repression - Caroline can repress all of her emotions as well as those of any who are willing. In this state, they have no remorse, no fear and no regret, but retain their instinct, intellect, and creativity, allowing Caroline to make strategies.

Theme Song: Carolus Rex - Sabaton

New Grimm:

Draculings: A cave dwelling species of Grimm that take the form of giant bats, Draculings distinguish themselves from most species of Grimm by not having the bone-like armour that others have. Instead, the creatures are entirely black aside from their eyes, talons and teeth, allowing them to blend into the shadows with ease. They hunt at night or in caves where they use their black colour to blend into the darkness, attacking in swarms by flying around enemies at high speeds to prevent escape. If caught, prey is first drained of all blood by the predator before ultimately being eaten. Each Draculing is about the size of a large wolf, so while they are large enough to kill larger prey, they're also small enough to be fast and agile when hunting or flying.

Goliath Widow: Most who see a Goliath Widow usually see the females of these large arachnids, since they are much larger than the males. While a male Widow can grow to about the size of a truck, females grow to about the size of a house, all, however, have a nasty temper and will kill nearly anything that it sees at either a threat or possible meal. Usually living in caves, a Goliath Widow will come to the surface to hunt where they try to ensnare prey as large as Nevermores. Once caught in its web, prey will be near immobile, rendering it helpless until the Widow returns to kill it with a bite of acidic venom. The webs may be easy to spot due to their size, but the Goliath can wait as long as it needs to. After all, they can survive for years without anything to eat or drink, making them much more aggressive and temperamental.

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