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Hey there fanfictioners! Three facts about me:

I live in the U.S.

Gender- I is a Female

Age- 18

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The Selection SYOC:

The French Royal Family (Description and pics)

King Stephen: Ruler of France. Strict and brutal at times.

Queen Bedelia: Queen of France. Appears to be nice at first but very manipulative.

Prince Tristan: Son of Stephen and Bedelia. The heir to the throne. He's charming but very cold and ruthless. He absolutely hates the rebels due to his troubled past (will be revealed later). He's 20 years old.

Princess Abril and Adora: Twin daughters of Stephen and Bedelia. They are 10 years old.

The Illea Royal Family

King Valentin: Ruler of Illea. Is strict at times but can be nice. Overall a good King.

Queen Zaria: Queen of Illea. She's a very demanding queen, she gets what's she wants. She has a long time rivalry with Queen Bedelia.

Prince Colin: Oldest son of Valentin and Zaria. The heir to the throne. Serious and seems intimidating at times, but really means well. He's also very sarcastic. He's 20 years old.

Princess Brielle: Daughter of Valentin and Zaria. She's very sarcastic and rebellious. She's 18 years old and engaged to the Prince of Italy.

Prince Julian: Second son of Valentin and Zaria. He's 7 years old.

Prince Rory: Youngest son of Valentin and Zaria. He's 5 years old.


Full name:

Nickname (optional):






Celebrity look-alike:


Pre-Selection clothes:

Before/After makeover:

Family (ages, personality, job, and describe their relationship):




Reason for entering:

What do the Princes first think of your character?:

What do the Princes think of her later on?:

Thoughts on Colin:

Thoughts on Tristan:

Which Prince do they prefer? (You can choose both):

Thoughts on King:

Thoughts on Queen Zaria and Queen Bedelia:

Thoughts on Brielle:

Thoughts on the kids (Julian, Rory, Abril, and Adora):

Romantic history:

How they treat the other contestants:

How they treat their maids:

Describe their three maids:

Strategy to win:

Ideal first date:


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