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Author has written 5 stories for Gilmore Girls.

Name: Abbie

Home: USA


T.v Shows: Gilmore Girls, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Glee, House... (No be asssured I don't watch all of these shows all the time... I wouldn't have any time left to live. But I do like watching them occasionally.)

T.V Pairings: Rory/Logan, Lorelai/Luke, Meredith/Derek, Lexi Grey/ Mark, Emily/Daniel (Book pairings..) Katniss/Gale or Peeta

Favorite Movie: The Proposal, The Blind Side, Mummy, Avatar, The Good Guy, Footloose

Favorite Artists: Shinedown, The Script, Arshad

Favorite Books: Alex Rider ( Series ), Hunger Games, Matched, Crossed, Ashfall ummm any book that has anything to do with anything?

Hobbies: Painting, Writing, Reading, Studying

Fics currently in the works:

What a Girl Wants: Harvest Moon| "Are you sure this is the place? The farm back home is just so much more... Lively. It's like a ghost town. I can't hear anything but myself. It's creepy."( Pretty much Maia moves into some small town called New Leaf Village and owns a farm at the edge. She comes from a farming family who was very well off and had tons of animals. But, she ran away from it all, from the strict convigns of her parents to start her own farm here. But, little does she know how much work there is to do.

The Third Wheel (Title may change)| Rory and David have been best friends since Kindergarten-he’s like her older brother. He is Luke Dane’s nephew, and has been living with Luke since Kindergarten. When they are both Sophomores, David’s half-brother Jess moves to town. Although Rory goes to Chilton, they see each other a lot. Rory and Jess start to like each other, but David disapproves. Rory and Jess go on a forbidden date, but David finds out and tells Rory that Jess is a troubled kid; he smokes and goes through girls like they're books. He tells Rory that she shouldn't trust him, and that pretty much she should choose between David and Jess. Then, tragedy strikes. Which one of her boys is hurt, and what is Rory going to do?

Floor One Occupants, Mentor, and Escort:

-Rosy Mist and Nystylar Kruje

-Nina Trebluv- She won the 89th Games for the District 1. She is a bit cruel and strange, to say the least. She doesn't like Slow People.

-Jubilee Darke-Typical Escort

Floor Two Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Polla Agentaria and Kiro Tamslin

-Jordana Greene - District 2 winner from the 80th Games. She has a family and doesn't particularly want to be here, but she says to be tough.

-Dante Darke - Jubilee's twin brother who is just like her in everyway, except for appearance

Floor Three Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Keldon Peak and Mykal Duncan

-Hunter Forest - From District 3 . He won the 91st Games and is extremely smart and conniving. He is god with planning.

-Rooney Rex - She's a very happy, peppy girl. She talks non stop and gets upset at the littlest things. She's also a hopeless romantic

Floor Four Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Muscida Symourage and John Heart

-Cane Brocht - He was the 94th Games winner. He isn't yet crazy and can give great advise. He was from District 4 and is younger.

-Tribia Valezquez- She is very excited for the games. This is her first year and she's excited to have two strong looking people to work with who are good looking. (add more later)

Floor Five Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Zara Klearseas and Willem Britale

-Hadrian Lickprivick - He won the 70th Games and is from District 5. He is rather smart and can give good advise as to how to train.

-Dixie Merope - She is rather old to be an escort and a bit bitter. She is rude and condescending and doesn't like to give complements.

Floor Six Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

- Isadora Carlyle and Rowan Anders

-Valenteen Prifton - He won the 77th Games, barely, and is from District 6. He was 17 then and is one of the older escorts now. He is wise and can give insight onto the other tributes for advantage.

-Griffin Tiber-He's a very gay and proud of it man. He has eccentric styles, and rather likes odd people.

Floor Seven Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Saorise Wren and Corin Villanueva

-Blye Winnow - She won the 76th Hunger Games for District 7. She is excited to be helping for the Quarter Quell and has many ideas for the patricipants.

-Nitya Perri - She is eccentric and has a particular accent, different from the others. It's almost pleasant instead of so shrilly to hear. She also is fiery in spirit.

Floor Eight Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Tintrin Damdurge and Ash Flemming

-Grey Duncain - He is a District 8 winner from the 68th Games. He was a master mind in the use of swords and traps, and used them to brutally win his games. He likes to give the tributes new ideas.

-Valeria Geordin - She is a good escort and has been working for years. But, she has a tendency to trail off on her sentences and not finish her thoughts. Probably from her older age, although due to surgery, you can't tell!

Floor Nine Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Shiva Mayleaf and Blake Steele

-Thorn Whistlewort - He was a District 9 tribute in the 88th Hunger Games. He is strong, bright, and brutal. He deals the hard truth, and gives info only if he truly thinks the tributes have a chance. Otherwise, he advises hiding.

Lavender Coddlesworth - She is a brilliantly purple-skin colored glory. Her hair is dark purple, and all other hair on her body. She likes to talk in rants about how people need to be proper, and is slightly annoying.

Floor Ten Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Nikita Twiston and Torn Bronson

-Anise Lerod - She won the 81st Hunger Games and is from District 10. She doesn't want to be here, talking to these tributes. She wants to be at home. But, she wants the glory so she also gives good advise in thinking that perhaps she would be free from the duty then.

-Bright Flicker - A constantly happy person. She has an obsession with hair, and loves it. She likes to touch hair very much and complements people on it. She has other quirks too...

Floor Eleven Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Kassian Livas and Angelus Rushia

-Kern Caldwell - He is the 62nd Games winner and is from District 11. There hasn't been a District 11 winner since, and he is starting to go a bit crazy from helping so many tributes and watching them die.

-Ivory Wellworth- She is very short and doesn't have the Capital Accent as prominent. She is level headed and patient, although does like to achieve excellence.

Floor Twelve Occupants, Mentor, Escort:

-Lillymaya Evangeline Wintergreen and Shydi Descartes

-Whytt Duncain - He was the 76th Games winner and is from District 12. He isn't happy about all of these tributes, and has vowed to help all of them, even those that aren't the ones that he is representing.

-Griffin Naysmith - He is a bit like Whytt. He doesn't approve of this Quell much, but keeps his mouth shut. He has vowed to help his tributes be great for everything that he needs to help with.

(If I repeated any of what games the mentors won, SO SUE ME... It was hard to keep track... XD)

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