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I'm Kryin Ashley.

A lover of anime am I and I hope anime loves me too.

My favorites include Bleach, DBZ, Inuyasha, Code Geass, any Gundam, FLCL, Wolf's Rain, Eureka 7 (I think it's the sweetest anime ever), Fullmetal Alchemist (ESCTATIC they've done Brotherhood that is based solely on the manga)... I really could go on. Hey, at one time, I even could name every Pokemon, in order, AND I had a Pokedex (beat THAT!!)

Anysmoo, my main fixation right now is Bleach because... well, it's Bleach.

The type of characters I like in an anime/manga are the dark and broody type and the loud and confident types. Two different ends of the spectrum, I know. I don't care too much for a half-n-half. I tend to like the bad guys more and I root for them. Like, I really, really, really hate it when they die (even if they do blatantly deserve it). For instance, I bawled when Vegeta died (both times). I mean I called my friend and we cried together like big babies.

My favorite characters in Bleach are Gin (if you incite fear by OPENING your eyes, that's awesome), Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Ichigo, and Rangiku. I cried for Ulquiorra and since I don't REALLY know about Grimmjow yet, I'm gonna hold my tears. I'm kinda hoping Rangiku dies so that knocks some sense into Gin (between him and Tousen, I think he's the most likely to betray Aizen *I was totally right about that too*). Anyone who looks THAT cool simply drawing a zanpakuto shouldn't be evil. Just... eccentric.

About me preferring the bad guys... I think it's because, let's face it, deep down everyone wants to be evil. Don't lie to yourself. You think the Joker in The Dark Knight kicked ass. No matter HOW much of a douche Aizen is, on some level he is cool. Gin, too. The bad-ass factor is off the charts. So, power to the evil guys.

I just wrote my very first one-shot about the cutest zanpakuto ever created: Sogyo no Kotowari! Eh, I was bored and they are just too adorable.

I didn't quite expect the success of "Simply Deep" but I'm glad it's receiving such great reviews. Thanks guys. I love it.

I've always wanted to do a story with a different twist to it. I've given Aizen a girlfriend of sorts. Now I want to make a new soutaicho; a HAX soutaicho. But hax in a good way. As in, "afraid of your own power" hax. The new story has that. Stay tuned...

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