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Lets see... Hatake intro, GO!

Name: Honest Lunar Raven (anagram of my real name :P)

Age: 23

Location: Texas

Likes: cute things, adorable things, D'awww things, cleanliness, extreme temperatues (both hot and cold, dislike average temperatues), winter, summer, tomatoes (they are fruit d*mnit!), tea, lemonade, water, salty foods/drinks, warheads, boardgames, freezypops, my laptop (I hug her daily and tuck her in at night), my family (most of the time anyway), the moon, night-time, dark places, shiny things, showing off, cats, dogs, and ferrets.

Dislikes: filth, body-hair (I like long hair though), people tho don't take care of themselves in any way shape or form (just eww...), allergies (most evil concept ever conceived. Ever.), soda (of any kind), any bar-b-q and most meat in general, fast-food, trend obsessed people, bullies, cussing in general, how religion is used to justify evil actions, socal expectations, prejudice in all forms (im fine if they deserve it as an individual, aka a total jerk, but not against a group of people), opression, depression, most (anything)ressions (not to be confused with russians), rudeness, and snobiness. (phew... quite a bit huh?)

Hobbies: reading Fanfics, reading manga, reading books, reading road-signs, gymnastics (aka being ninja), drawing (I wont show anyone anything I draw as I am a horrible artist), people watching, and stargazing

hmm... anything else... dunno.

If anyone has any fanfics they like and want me to read I am fine with anything, regardless of the pairing be it any form of slash het or anything else you can come up with, as long as it is beliveable! I absolutely HATE fics that just go completely OOC before the shotgun is even loaded! I HATE fics that degrade the canon material with its quality (not meaning any story that has a typo, more along the lines of those stories that make you want to kill the author for blasphemy). I dont mind if the fic starts somewhere random and not at the beguining of the story (like say harry potter is a ravenclaw and the story starts in his 5th year) as long as they explain at least a little bit how they got there and why they are acting ooc to a degree. Having a main character suddenly decide they love their arch rival, hate their best friends, and want to run away and join the circus (for no real or proven reasons); a good story does not make! As a general rule, I dislike harem fics, mostly because it's an unrealistic senario, I HAVE found a few that I actually like and that make some sense, but they are few and FAR between (note: Effects and side effects (HP fic), and One Man Team (naruto fic) are both fairly good) and if it IS a harem fic, only 2-4 relationships... not.. oh idk.. ive seen some naruto fics with over 100 member harems (thats plain stupid and degrading to everyone in the relationship, and it destroys the sense of individual).

With that said, please send me any fics you enjoy so I may enjoy them in kind, and if you like, I will do the same. Till now, i have just been adding them to my favorites, and not the ones on here, (well over 1000 fics in that list) so adding the comprehensive list will take some time.

A few fic ideas that I have not seen done at all, but would love to read:

Harry Potter:

Windows to Magic - It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and magic has always been all about the soul...

Basic Idea: All magical's eyes are different, vibrant, 'unnatural', and varying colors. The color corresponds with a single spell that that magical, and that magical alone can cast to a degree that surpasses all others. That spell's 'Master' can do things with it that others could never dream of.

Plot Rules/Suggestions:

- There can only be one magical with any spell at a given time.

- Family members can 'Pass' their magic to an unborn child, but doing so causes their eyes to dull to a slate grey color.

- There CAN be a slate grey spell, and someone born with that if you want to, and it is up to you how you treat that individual.

- Those with faded eyes are highly respected individuals in the magical community for their sacrifice to their family.

- 'Old' families are not stuck up on blood, but that they have hoarded some of the stronger spell affinities over time, or, their family magics.

- Lily passed her magic to her son, thus she has faded eyes. Riddle did NOT want to kill Lily, he wanted to recruit her by any means necessary for her affinity with the killing curse, but when he found her 'greyed' she lost all value to him.

- Lily is the great-granddaughter of Grindlewald, who passed his magic down to her. Dumbledore KNOWS this, and treats Harry well because of it.

- Riddle also did not want to kill Harry, but reasoned that once he did he could find the magic elsewhere as it would be 'freed'.

- Riddle possessed either the Crucio affinity or the Stupefy affinity , but upon his 'death' the magic was freed, so he is 'greyed'.

- Riddle and Bellatrix are not completely Insane or incompetent; both are ridiculously powerful, intelligent, and cunning. They will THINK.

- You can either give Harry heterochromia with both affinities, or give the Crucio affinity to someone else (I advise the latter).

- Whoever has it will be hunted by Riddle to be his heir, as blood is not important to the old families, but magic IS.

- If a magic is freed, and an 'Old' family finds it in a muggleborn, they will attempt to regain the magics through any means necessary; legally if possible.

- Muggleborns are not persecuted, but those with 'weak' affinities are considered 'lower class'.

- No affinity is truly weak, as is really only limited by the user's imagination with the spell.

- The unforgivables are still illegal, save to their owners, and even for them, only in controlled environments or if the owner finds a new application of it that has a useful purpose.

- Obliviate is extremely illegal in this story, and cannot be used by anyone other than a trained and highly observed official personel. Lockhart is not a useless fraud and leads the Oblviate Corps. with the Obliviate affinity (partly because I want to see a competent Lockhart and partly because I don't want to deal with him).

- Experimentation is HIGHLY approved, but safety is strictly enforced. Luna's Mother died in an 'illegal' experiment for the DOM.

- Luna and Dumbledore Possess either the Imperio or the Patronus spell affinity each (if you have someone other than Harry with the Crucio affinity, use the Imperio for Luna and have them be the Trio).

- Magicals fear but respect the unforgivable affinities, especially the Crucio and AK affinities due to Grindlewald and Voldemort.

- The magcial world as a whole is more competent and less ridiculously traditional.

- The Dursleys hate Harry, but they fear him far more as his affinity(s) was(were) explained to them. They do not physically abuse him or make him live in the cupboard, but they more than make up for it in emotional abuse. Don't exagerate them, but don't make them nice either.

- Harry killed Ripper when the dog touched him in fear, which only further frightened the Dursleys and traumatized Harry.

- Harry wears gloves at all times in fear that his touch will kill someone. It won't unless he loses control, nor will the gloves stop it if it happens, but he dosn't know that. Harry will also be even less talkative than in canon, but MUCH smarter.

- NO bashing. At all. If you hate the character, portray them as they are in canon and chances are, we will all hate them too. Don't degrade a character into a characature.

Preferences: You dont have to do these, but I would appriciate it!

- If you have a pairing, make it Harry/Luna. I adore Luna.

- Don't make Ron his first friend, but don't make him a Malfoy either. Prefered becuase I know some can't help themselves. He can try to make friends with him on the Express, but will fail if he does due to Harry not wanting friends.

- If you use the Heterochromia, use the brother wand, otherwise new wand. Not the elder wand, Dumbledore has that.

- Have Dumbledore explain to Harry what he knows of the AK affinity from Gridlewald. The war stories/fics that this could spawn alone...

- Dumbledore is a manipulative old bat, but he is genuinely a good person. I know some can't help but write him as an evil old codger.

- Magicals age even slower than in canon once they reach maturity. This is even more exagerated the stronger they are magically. Dumbledore will look around 30-50 in this case, while being over 200. Same with Grindlewald if he shows up.

- The Hallows exist, but other than the cloak, actively hinder and work towards the death of the weilder. All three act as an additional 'Owned' magic for the master.

- Only the Cloak Hallow is not a 'physical' object. It is a magic that allows the wearer of it to phase out of the same plane of existance as everything else, and everything, including spells, will just go through them. They are undetectable. It's the cloak of death people, come on.

Inheritance of a Dark Soul - "O' the few rare soul magics that are known to this world, therest none more abusable, less studied, nor fully comprehended than the Horcrux. On the method of their creation, and the effects they bestow upon their creators is well documented ifst one can know where to look, but the containers themselves, and their origins are another thing entirely. Much akiin to most all of what is't now called 'dark magic', the intent of the Horcrux has been all but forgotten to the sands of time. But heed this warning, traveler. If thou seekest t'use magic for the aim of immortality, tread carefully, lest thou gain exactly what ye hast asketh for..."

- Excerpt from "The Path of the 'Darkest Magics'"

Basic Idea: The idea of what Immortality is has changed drastically and in a very selfish dirrection since the creation of the Horcrux magic. Created originally by the African shamans and witchdoctors, and adopted and made known the world over by the Egyptian Pharohs and High Priests, the Horcrux was indeed intended for 'immortality' in that the creator would 'live on forever'. Theoretically, anyway. The truth of the matter is a bit more complicated. The original Horcrux was used by the old wise shamans to pass their knowledge and experience, as well as that of their predecessors that was passed to them, to the next younger shaman, by making them a 'Living Horcrux'. The concept and intent of a 'Living Horcrux' is an entirely different thing than that of the objects created by the bastardized version of the magic which it is now known for.

A 'Living Horcrux' already posesses a soul of their own, but more specifically, a whole and unweakened soul. The recipient's soul will naturally absorb the 'Soul Fragment' created by the ritual, thus also absorbing everything that was what their benefactor was. Originally by tradition, the recipient would inherit the name, posessions, and, essentially, 'life' of the benefactor. Thus the Horcrux user would 'live on' for as long as the process continued. This magic is why there are accounts in history of individuals attaining an age of over 800 years, even though now, even amongst the wizarding populations, the greatest age feasably acheived is around 300 years.

However, at some point, a great Egyptian Pharoh was not satisfied with this method of immortality, reasoning that he would still die and he could not risk his beloved empire falling without him. This lead him to a series of experimentations, eventually creating the first 'Soul Jar', rather than Horcrux. While his experiment seemed to be an overwhelming success, cementing his place as a one of the greatest pharoh, the effects of him still retaining a connection to his shattered soul fragement were devastating. In a normal Horcrux ritual, the shard would cease to belong to the creator after it had been absorbed, slowly closing the connection and allowing the soul to heal in time. In his Soul Jar however, that connection was never severed, thus his soul always desired to be in two places at once, tearing him apart inside. The man eventually destroyed his own soul jar in a fit of desperation and killed himself to finally end his torment at the age of 90 years and one month. While this tale had a tragic end and all his research was destroyed by the man himself before his death, the seeds were sown.

A millennia and a few centuries later, an aspiring young researcher wizard came upon the old tales of the 'Immortal Pharoh' and pursued it. As a man on a mission to prove himself, along with the aid of some newly devised spells for detection and object memory, the young researcher managed to discover the methods for creating a 'Soul Jar'. When he presented his findings to his colleagues, they were fascinated, but completely refused to allow his research to ever see the light of day, deciding it to be too dangerous for public knowledge. The young man disagreed, and found the idea of an entire society of immortals to be a goal worth the risks. Thus he preformed the ritual, using a 'lesser being' (read muggle) as a sacrifice. He was ridiculed by his colleagues for his rash and reckless behavior and was rejected by them. This, along with his vision of a 'perfect society', his relatively much weaker will than that of the Great Pharoh, and the encroaching madness of his split soul, caused him to later become the world's first recognised 'Dark Lord', his name forever striken from history for his crimes. While his story is irrelevant, what is not is that upon his death, his research was not destroyed like before. He hid copies around Europe, Africa, and Asia with the intent that those who follow his path be able to find them, so that even if he failed, his dream might live on. The methods and purpose of the original Horcrux creation were a well kept secret known by few by this point and were largely lost to the world of war, hidden away, or destroyed by their keepers so that they would not be accused by dabbling with the Horcrux magic that had given rise to the terrible dark lord.

I little less than two millennia later, a woman named Lily Potter nee Evans died, and the Horcrux magic was unintentionally used as it was meant to be for the first time in over a thousand years. But it did not go unnoticed or unrecognised for what was, and plots for the child were made. Not all of them were as ill-informed or well intended as those made by Albus Dumbledore.

The idea had to come from somewhere, so I decided that it was based in something Wizards really can/could do.

Plot Rules/Suggestions:

- Horcruxes, as explained in the basic idea, were meant to be absorbed by another living human, thus the living human becoming an essential 'Reincarnation' of the Horcrux creator.

- What this means for Harry is that he is for all intents and purposes a sane version of Tom Riddle who has learned from his mistakes. He has no qualms about using or even destroying his past self's work and goals to further his ambitions if it proves necessary. He IS somewhat Evil, or at the very least extremely Dark. Until his first year he beleives that he IS what is left of Tom Riddle, but that his soul fused with the infants and became whole again, regaining his sanity in the process. While not completely incorrect, it allows him to take a step back and see his actions from an outsiders perspective. He is not pleased.

- Tom Riddle did know of the original version of the Horcrux Ritual, and thus Harry knows that 'his' existing horcruxes are useless to him in their current state.

- Live Horcruxes have a 'larger' soul than a normal human. In a fully absorbed Live Horcrux, that would be the end of it, and would make them better at soul magics than normal humans. However, a Live Horcrux that had just started absorbing the shard is a different case. Their soul, along with a part that was not originally theirs, are both technically theirs, and thus they can sucessfully use the Soul Jar idea by splitting a part of their soul and replacing it with the part they are absorbing from the ritual to retain a 'whole' soul. (Sketchy idea, but I think it 'might' work, with some possible side effects).

- Harry realizes this early enough and creates a Soul Jar out of something (your choice what), while keeping a whole soul, thus will not go insane, at least not from this.

Important Note: The irony that true immortality, while keeping his sanity, has proven to not really be possible while using Soul Jars and working alone is not lost on 'Harry'. Given that Tom focused so much on himself that he would never even consider letting someone else in on his secret, and that he is only now complete by unwittingly working together with someone is something that 'Harry' takes to heart.

- That note said, he still won't trust 'anyone else'. However, knowing that Tom's existing Horcruxes are useless to him on their current state, he does get an idea for what to do with them. After all, If you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?

- Harry decides to use Tom's existing Horcruxes to recreate what happened to him on that Halloween night in five or six others. Who these six are is up to you, but I advise Hermione (Cup, he sees her as pretty much his 'Bellatrix' before the ritual, so the Cup of Loyalty being used would amuse him), Luna (Diadem), Sirius or Tonks (Locket, but it wont be found until he goes to Grimald Place), Ginny (Diary, Duh. Only makes sense and might be where he comes up with this idea at all), Fleur Delacour or Cedric Diggory(Voldemort's remaining ghost at the grave yard. Having one of him be a Veela would be a useful weapon), Daphnie/Draco Or Nagini as she is. (Nagini the Snake, Created before the Triwizard Tournament I beleive, so that would make seven total, counting himself.)

Note: The reason that most I advise are girls is because after Ginny (Who should undoubtably be the first in all circumstances, no matter who else you choose), he discovers that he is mostly 'himself' because his fragment had fused with an infant, which essentially had almost no memories or 'self' with which to combine and dilute. However, Ginny is an algamation of both 'him' and Ginny Weasley. She is extremely dark, has his aspirations and general desires, and his ultimate loyalty only to himself. However she also has Ginny's Adoration of him, her fiery spirit, her desires with a darker nature, but most importantly, Ginny's willingness to follow him. Her memories would be somewhat blurred as well. As in, in most of her memories as 'Tom', she is instead 'Ginny Weasley'. Whomever he uses as a Horcrux will in evitably become part him, but also part whoever he uses, unless he chooses to use an infant, which is just far too risky (and stinky). It is easiar for him to predict and manipulate the Horcrux result by getting the originals to fall in love with him, or at the very least be extremely loyal to him. He does not want to risk a part of his soul going rogue on him because he used it on the wrong person. In the books is describes a young tom as extremely charismatic and charming. I choose to beleive that given what we know of him, he would not be a stranger to sexual manipulation, thus would find it easiar to make absolute certain that his other 'selves' would not betray him by making them love him.

Note: It also appeals to him that having females he can trust would open up several intimate intent based rituals that were previously closed to him. Yes I am talking Sexual Rituals. If you choose to beleive they wouldn't exist then you can, but I'm fairly sure you would be deluding yourself. If you choose that they do exist, I'm a. Not sure Tom would trust anyone to be that close to him to preform them. b. I don't think he was capable of love, which would likely be required for some of the lighter rituals.

Note: Sirius would be an obvious outlier in that the man definately loves his godson, thus would not be a problem to convert. That the man also is partially insane, and the part of him that is sane stayed so by being fixiated partially on him would not hurt. Either way, Sirius will side with Harry over anyone else no matter what.

- The six others you choose, along with Harry himself, will be the Inheritors of a Dark Soul obviously. The Pairings would pretty much have to be between the seven of them in some fashion. Does that make him a narcissist? Hells yes it does. If Tom is capable of loving anyone it is himself.

- All six of the others would do the same as Harry did and use their 'extra' bit of soul to create a Soul Jar Horcrux out of either something you pick or Tom's old Soul Jar Horcruxes. All of them will not be hindered by the negative aspects of the Soul Jar due to the above explanation.

- Yes, all seven of them are 'immortal' in a sense. If they die, they become a wraith that can then be given a new body via ritual by the others.

- I think this story is an interesting take on a Soul Bond unlike any other, being that the ones involved are being bound together by Lord Voldemort's Soul. The consequences of this are up to you to decide, be it a connection to each other mentally, shared cores, or whatever else you want to pull.

- This story would be DARK. The main group would be either evil or just short of it, and willing to do just about anything to acheive their ambitions, whatever they may be. That does not mean that they will be openly dark/evil. The dagger that kills is usually not the one that is seen afterall, or if it is seen it is disguised as an decoration. They very well may pretend to be a force of the Light, gaining power and prestige by using their intimate knowledge of the dark side to destroy them.

- Harry will be extremely good at magic, obviously. Where he is sorted is up to you.

- Lily's shield of love is not keyed directly to Tom Riddle, as she had no way to really ensure it was keyed to him. It is instead keyed to the killing curse (either a one time thing fueled by her death, or a 'it lasts as long as there is enough love energy to sustain it' thing.).

- Because of this and the changes to how Living Horcruxes work, Harry does not feel pain around Voldemort Tom, but can still tell he is there by the lingering connection between them. (Possible side effect of using the soul fragment to heal his soul after making a Soul Jar instead of simply absorbing it 'normally'?)

- If Lily's shield is a persisting thing, all of the Inheritors will find some way to share it between them, or charge it to such a strength that even if the rest of them die that Harry will get away and be able to ressurect them. Failsafes among your failsafes. Tom learned the first time.

- All of the Inheritors will be Parselmouths.

- If Tonks is one of the Inheritors, they might find a way to share her Metamorph abilities among them, via ritual or whatever. We know blood rituals exist, good enough for me.

- The Philosopher's Stone in first year is a fake. Flammel still has it.

- Sirius' situation can be handeled however you like, but he is on Harry's side no matter what.

- Wormtail. He is an interesting case. Harry both hates him and likes him somewhat. Hates him because he is the reason that 'his' parents are dead, and he got that from baby Harry. He likes him, because even if Tom going to the potters that night 'killed' him, it gave him the key to true immortality and increased his power seven times over. Also, baby Harry liked wormtail too (he liked all of the Marauders), it's only Tom's logic and knowledge applied to that babies emotion that causes him to hate him. So no super baby harry that can magically tell that wormtail isn't such a nice guy by seeing his face once. He was just a baby. Wormtail was an adult that was regularly around and gave him attention. I think that is good enough for an infant.

- The Inheritors will be powerful, but greatly outnumbered on all sides. There will also be a few that can beat them to a bloody pulp, especially early on when they have the magical strength of dumbledore and Grindlewald as teenagers. Insanely strong teenagers, but still limited by their age. Grindlewald would be one of the few that could mop the floor with them, as would the Flammels. Dumbledore is a maybe, but mostly because he is so soft hearted now. Had they fought him in WW2 in his prime, he would have destroyed them badly. Rituals may help this.

- Voldemort Tom will NOT side with them, and they won't want to side with him either. They are using Voldemort Tom for all he's worth, but have no plans to work with him as he is. Voldemort Tom is completely insane. He is smart, evil, but he has been driven insane by his soul splitting. The inheritors plan to finish him off to make another one of them, one that is sane. However, they may confuse the hell out of him to get the drop on him and make him think they are on his side at some point.

- The inheritor's goals are up to you, but they should most likely be along the lines of Tom Riddle's. Domination, reformation, etc. Immortality has been effectively acheived, though they may still look to expand this and their protections.

- The inheritors can die. If their Soul Jar is destroyed and their body is killed, they can still die. They CANNOT just make each other their Horcruxes, as each would just absorb the fragment given and the giver would lose the connection to it.

- Up to you if they inherit Tom Riddles extreme fear of dying, or if they just want to live as long as possible.

- NO bashing. At all. If you hate the character, portray them as they are in canon and chances are, we will all hate them too. Don't degrade a character into a characature.
- This includes the 'villains'. As an author I like said in one of their comments, "If you've got a villain, let him be a classy villain."

Important* The ultimate enemy would NOT be voldemort. Voldemort Tom would likely 'die' for good at the end of the triwizard tournament! Preferably in a very public manner to gain the group more power.

Ideas for the ultimate enemy:
- Nicholas Flammel (fellow immortal who is old enough to have recognised what Harry was when he heard what happened, and just who's soul was used and imparted)
- The DOM (same reasons, but they want to study him in captivity. Could be a fun way to make the group go to the ministry in 5th year if you want like in canon)
- Dumbledore (if you really just hate him so much that you have to, but I would prefer you not).
- Egyptian group for the use of what they see as a heretical use of 'their' magic.
- Vatican/The Church (If you want to use the idea of Holy Magic, and that they are repulsed by the 'abominations' and how they mutialted their souls.)
- Grindlewald (He escapes Numengrad somehow and is a rival to them)
- An OC who was just standing on the road somewhere and decided to kill them. (Why? because if you have read all of my other story ideas you would know I can't stay completely sirius for twelve seconds, and I wan't to see what you come up with!)

Preferences: You dont have to do these, but I would appriciate it!

- Include Nicholas Flammel in some manner, be it as an instructor, mentor, or enemy for Harry and his group. Flammel is either a good guy or he is insanely evil. Insanely evil if you decide to use the Full Metal Alchemist way to make a Philosopher's Stone. Yeah, think about that. He does not get enough love either way.

- Include Grindlewald in some manner, be it as an instructor, mentor, or enemy for Harry and his group. He would always be the dark version of Flammel, possibly less evil if you use evil flammel. That is saying something. He would most likely be a mentor for Harry and his group though, seeing that his time has passed or something.

- Make the wizarding world as a whole more competent. In canon they are just sad at times.

- If you have a pairing, make it Harry/Luna (Harrymort/Lunamort?), or involve Luna/Lunamort in it somehow. I adore Luna, even if she might be turned evil in this fic. Then again, I'm not really sure she COULD be turned evil... May very well just absorb Tom's fragment and burp an evil burp. Never know with her... Then again, mess with her friends, and see what she would do to you. I dare you (There are some rather scary fics that have this in them and I love it!). She very well might not care about alignment too much in the first place... As long as she's with her friends.

- Don't make Ron his first 'friend', but don't make him a Malfoy either. Prefered becuase I know some can't help themselves. Ron can try to make friends wtih him on the Express, but will fail if he does due to Harry not wanting to be involved with him (Not worthy of his greatness).

- Use the brother wand, otherwise make a new wand. Tom's Yew wand will either be his secondary or belong to whoever he is Horcruxed into in the Graveyard. Do NOT use the elder wand. Dumbledore has that, for the first few books anyway.

- Dumbledore is a manipulative old bat, but he is genuinely a good person. I know some can't help but write him as an evil old codger. Although, in this fic if he is good he very well may have to fight them tooth and bloody nail depending on how evil you make them.

Note: Would be ironic though if he WAS evil, and decided to take them under his wing. I can just imagine an incredibly amusing scene with something like: "No, no no... That's all wrong. Upward flourish, THEN flick. Like THIS! Avada Kedavra! See, now Delores is good and dead. This, as well as a revision on Crucio and the proper method of Inferi creation will be on your mid terms, so make sure to take notes! Ah, I see Ms. Riddle has already taken that liberty however. 10 points to Griffindor!" I giggled madly just at that little improv alone. What if EVERYONE in the wizarding world was secretly evil? Mwahaha!

- Magicals age even slower than in canon once they reach maturity. This is even more exagerated the stronger they are magically. Dumbledore will look around 30-50 in this case, while being over 200. Grindlewald will look in his late 20s if he shows up (I think he was stronger than Dumbles by a good margin).

- The Hallows exist, but other than the cloak, actively hinder and work towards the death of the weilder. Wand via assassination (Dumbledore is strong enough to fend off anyone who tries though), and stone via suicide.

- Only the Cloak Hallow is not a 'physical' object, it is tied to the owner's soul. The cloak is a magic that allows the weilder of it to phase out of the same plane of existance as everything else, and everything, including spells, will just go through them. They are undetectable. It's the cloak of death people, come on.
Note: this is abusable in that the seven main characters will partially share a soul. Does not mean more than one of them can use it at a time if they are not touching though.


On the Origins of Bloodlines - Among the Bloodlines lie some of the most powerful abilites mankind has ever grasped, some even encroaching on the realms of the bright-kami. Their Origins shrouded in mystery and lies. Some clans claim that demons are the Origins, some the bright-kami, and others that it is simply evolution. While some may contain a grain of truth, all are boldfaced half-lies to obscure the true origin and to protect the families greatest treasue. The clan chakra seals.

Basic Idea: Chakra is not naturally produced in the ammounts that Ninja use it in. Humans naturally only produce enough to live, and, perhaps after exhaustive physical and mental training, enough to augment their physical abilites to superhuman levels. This changed with the coming of the first seal master, the Sage of the Six Paths. This man was an archeologist who discovered an artefact. This artefact, upon his touch, changed him on a fundamental level; granting him his legendary eyes, his knowledge and ability to make use of chakra, and as great a comprehension of seals as humanly possible. These seals were the language of creation, and could do nearly anything if the user understood them well enough. With his new knowledge, he understood that the artefact was the last masterpiece of a race that had fallen to an evil alien being. It was the first, and only perfect, Chakra Coil Creation Seal.

It also imprinted upon him the knowledge of the coming of the destructive alien force, which he named the Jubi, after it's ten tails. Unfortunately, his use of the artefact has drained it to the point of uselessness. The man was not able to truly understand the artefact, and thus could not repair or recharge it, so no other would ever truly gain the strength granted to him unless it one day recharged naturally. He left and recreated what he could of the 'prime chakra coil creation seal' with his own power so that he could spread the strength to oppose the Jubi, and possibly save his world from extinction. He was partially successful; the first seal did impart the power of chakra to it's recipient, but instead of altering the eyes to the likeness of his own, the man gained the ability to weild his bones as a weapon, and regrow them nearly instantly. Much like the Prime seal, this seal too, was drained to uselessness. Not so easily dissuaded, the sage left the seal with the one who used it along with what he could teach on it's creation, in the hope that the man could find a way to make use of it.

Thus he went across the land, creating many renditions of these seals, some with different, and at times astounding, effects, but with limited uses. However others seemed to do nothing other than granting Chakra coils to the recipients, while having a nearly limitless number of uses. He spread his knowledge and power far and wide, and soon, all of the nations posessed some iteration of the seals and their powers.

The story of the sage is the same from there until the birth of his sons, for whom he had since created his most perfected, and mind-splittingly complicated versions of the Chakra Seal. Given more time he may have managed to combine them, but upon his deathbed he granted them one each, and taught them all he truly could on the language of creation. The younger was given the Senjutsu seal which granted him absurd vitality, allowed him perfect control over Chakra, and the ability to make free use of Nature Chakra as if it were his own. The older recieved the Doujutsu Seal, granting him eyes as close as the great sage could create to his own. The oldest's iris faded to white and formed seven prismatic tomoe around his pupil interlocked with one another, mimicking the great Sage's eye's luster. It was thus named the Nanarigan*.

The brother's story is generally the same, save that the eldest brother at one point stole the younger's seal and attempted to combine it with his own, destabilizing it and causing it to imbue a weakend creation. This created the Byakugan of the Hyuuga clan. Later at some point a member of the branch family pleaded with the biju to use their knowledge to restore the seal to it's former glory. The biju agreed, seeing as the man was a descendant of the sage, and attempted to use what they had learned from that man to repair the seal. Unfortunately, the evil demonic chakra of the Jubi, which was the source of the Biju's power, did not mix well with the language of creation and mutates it further. The chakra's malicious nature warped the seal and further locked away the greatest levels of power so that they could only be gained by the most truly despicable individuals. The corrupted doujutsu seal's creation had regained some of it's Tomoe and the abilities that came with them, although they were all plain black. The price was the loss of the abilities that the byakugan was famous for, as well as causing a red iris to appear, marking it as a demonic seal.

The younger brother eventually regained his seal, but it too had been damaged by his brother's ambition. The eldest brother had broken his seal down into it's three parts, making each far less valuable alone. Fortunately, the younger posessed enough knowledge to recombine the parts into two incomplete seals, that while lesser than the original, were still greater than the parts alone. The two incomplete seals he created, while both posessed the ability to make easy use of Nature Chakra, only one posessed the insane vitality required to make good use of the physical empowerment that the Nature Chakra brought, while the other held the key to the perfect control required to make use of the manipulation of nature. Without both in one line, the chances of anyone ever weilding the full power of nature was extremely slim. He hoped that one day, one of his descendants would figure out how to recombone the seals to recreate their former glory.

The seals all over the elemental nations were passed down through their created clans, while much of the knowledge of sealing was lost in the great ninja wars. Ocasionally, a true seal master pops up every once in a while, and manages to create a new Clan Chakra Seal. Most of these are descendants of the Uzumaki, whom managed to survive most of the clan wars relatively untouched in their island home, thus lost little of their knowledge on sealing imparted to them from their ancestors. One of the early Uzumaki actually managed to partially recombine the two seals created by the younger of the sages sons, creating in his clan the ability to use nature chakra to heal at absurd rates. What would be a mortal wound for most could be shrugged off in minutes by a truly powerful Uzumaki, while lesser wounds, poisons, and diseases didn't even register to them.

Plot Rules/Suggestions:

- All ninja know that chakra coils are created by seals, but most beleive that clans truly are just bloodlines that react differently to the infusion.

- Multiple clan seals can be used on one person IF said seals do not conflict and are either of different types, are non-conflicting body types, or are applied simultaneously, however the recipient runs the risk of not having enough Chakra to sustain multiple seals at once and simply dying.

- A base chakra coil system can only be infused into a person once. Further attempts will not affect existing coils for better or worse, it will simply waste a charge of the seal.

- All chakra coils have ridiculous room for expansion, the starting size of a persons chakra coils generally only affects how big of a head start they have over others. It should be noted however, that there is a mental effect that having smaller or weaker coils has on their owners. Said owners can often feel inferior due to their weaker coils, and thus have less confidence that they can improve despite others claiming otherwise, thus they in turn put forth less effort to improve. This creates many subpar ninja blaming their weak chakra coils and reinforcing the stereotype, which in turn disheartens and causes the same effect in the next generation. There are exceptions, such as when a seal badly fluctuates during the infusion itself, creating flawed chakra coils.
Ex: Rock Lee, who while having absurdly dense chakra and thick chakra coils, is completely incapable of channeling it exteriorly due to his chakra coils not forming tenketsu corrctly. While this is generally a bad thing, it does have the side effect of making him immune to the gentle fist's ability to shut down chakra flow, if not it's ability to deal internal damage via chakra spikes.

- The only true parts of the infusion itself that affects the aspiring ninja's potential is the density and potency of the chakra formed by the coils, and the thickness of the coils themselves. Generally, the denser and more potent the chakra, the thicker and larger the coils themselves. These ninja are usually refered to as the geniuses or the prodigies. These Ninja usually are either assassinated early in their careers, or go on to become legends such as the Sannin, the White Fang, or The Yellow Flash.

- There are generally three types of clan seal with a few narrow outliers: 5 Senses, Body, and Chakra Types. Outliers are Control types, Mind types, Special Types (Such as Yin-Yang/creation or spiritual), demonic types, sensing types, and summoning types. The outliers are very specific and do not typically conflict with a normal clan seal.

- Multiple Body types can be used on one person as long as that person has enough Chakra to sustain them all, and they don't conflict.
Ex: a Blood using clan seal and the Uzumaki clan seal could work together, although the Uzumaki regeneration may make make accessing said blood difficult, while the Uzumaki and Bone clan seals could not work together, as both include a healing factor. This could cause bones to overheal and the user would die very quickly by their organs being crushed by their rapidly growing bones.

- The perfect Rinengan was infinitely more powerful than the one Nagato used. The only near perfect Rinengan since the sage was in Madara Uchiha, but he attained it with such injuries that he didn't survive long enough to really do much with it. Madara managed to create a seal that could copy a clan seal from a living person and apply it to himself. He used it on Hashirama in the battle and managed through pure luck and his own genius, to phrase the seal's wording just right to get it to recombine them in a way that didn't kill him on it's own. His was only lacking the Byakugan's sight and range of vision, and was to date, the closest anyone has gotten to recreating the effects of the First Seal.

- Hashirama was a prototype who had a perfectly recombined seal used on him, unfortunately that seal was destroyed in the clan wars among countless other seals.

- The goal of the clan wars was the destruction of the opposing clan seals and the opposing clan seal masters. If a clan managed that, they essentially 'won'.

- Seals are by NO MEANS understood completely, or even to any degree of true mastery by anyone since the sage. No human could hope to fully comprehend them. The seals themselves can gain some level of sentience at higher levels of complexity.

- *The Nanarigan, or the prismatic eye, was essentially a combined Mangekyo sharingan and Byakugan, while at the same time giving access to all elemental affinities. The only weilder was a one man army and a nearly unstoppable force, capable of seeing everything within miles in all dirrections, and at the same time was capable of igniting anything he saw with the white flames of the bright-kami. He was only limited by his chakra, which while not anywhere near his younger brother's level, was absurdly powerful. This, while powerful, was still weaker than the original Rinnegan.

- The Hyuuga are not only known as the most powerful Taijutsu users in the elemental nations, but also as the most lethal and feared long range assassins. A common weapon for a Hyuuga is a heavy warbow using arrows with seals to make them cut through the air silently, with which the best are capable of pinning a fly to a tree by it's wings from several miles away. Because of this, a single powerful Hyuuga's presence on the battlefield was always apparant and feared by their enemies for the sudden assassinations of their leadership from afar and by the devastation of their frontlines by the taijutsu masters. Unfortunately for the clan, it has not produced a ninja powerful enough to live up to that fear in several generations.

- Clan seals can and have been stolen, modified, and to varying degrees of sucess combined with other Clan seals. It is not uncommon for a new clan to show up after stealing a prototype seal from another clan, though if the new clan's bloodline is recognized and they are unable to stop them, the clan they stole the seal from is very likely to go demolish or enslave the clan that stole from them. This is how the branch family of the Hyuuga ORIGINALLY started. It has hence changed to a political and entitled resource.

- There have also been cases, while extremely uncommon, that an individual or group preforms a great service for a clan, and as a reward, the clan gifts the ally a version of their clan seal with which to start their own clan, which nearly always has close ties to their patron clan. This was most common in the case of the Uzumaki, and has not happend since their extermination.

- Different nations use different itirations of the base Chakra Coil Creation Seal for non clan ninja. Some imbue stronger coils, but have fewer uses before they have to recharge (Lightning, Leaf, Sand, and Whirlpool prior to destruction), while others have no recharge rate and can mass produce ninja but at a generally inferior quality to the former seal type (Rock, Mist, Sound). The lesser villages' seals vary in quality, but their number of ninja is limited by the 5 great villages through threat of destruction if they become a problem. The different seals also have a higher tendency to imbue certain chakra natures, though this is not at all certain and may be at random.

- Almost all clan seals imbue much stronger chakra coils than the generic seal normally does to ensure that the ninja can survive the other effects.

- The strength of the base chakra coils imbued by any seal can fluctuate depending on other conditions. Ex: Orochimaru was holding onto a chakra imbued snake shedding* during his infusion with the generic seal causing him to generate snake like attributes along with vastly stronger chakra coils. The fluctuations can also be completely at random, such as the immensely strong flare in Kushina's infusion, granting her the potential to be THE strongest Uzumaki since it's founder. Unfortunately, she never actually got the time to realize that full potential.

Note: My explantion of how summoning contracts can come into existance from nowhere at times. The summons in question send out a marker into the outer world, in this case a chakra infused shedding, which marks the one who finds it and infuses certain properties and mindsets into them upon receiving an infusion. Sarutobi recognised the shedding for what it was and told Orochimaru to hold onto it in this story, which upon his infusion granted him the snake contract and his snakelike attributes. This is a fact Sarutobi later regrets imensely.

- The Uzumaki and the Sage himself are the origin of the vast majority of the clan seals. Most of the clans of elemental nations hold them in high regard, however some groups, like Iwagakure and the anti-bloodline extremist regiment of Kirigakure, seek to destroy them to prevent other villages from gaining new bloodlines.

- The anti-bloodline extremists of Kiri seek to destroy the clans and make widespread use of their clan seals, however, most often the clans would rather be wiped out than allow others to steal their legacy and will often destroy the seals themselves.

- Haku posesses the Yuki Clan Seal.

- Kimimaro does Not posess the Kaguya clan seal, but his disease is not related to it, nor does the cursed seal actually affect the clan seal itself. If someone recreated Madara's seal, they could copy his Clan seal.

- Orochimaru's Curse seal is a modified Body-Chakra-Mind combination seal, and does not generally affect other clan seals due to how it acts similarly to a demonic seal. As twisted as he is, Orochimaru is a genius, and is not dumb enough to mess around with demonic seals in something he hopes to one day be his new body. He has no way of knowing how the side effects of a demonic seal may affect his 'soul', or if they would be permanately with him no matter how many body jumps he preformed.

- Orochimaru does NOT want a normal sharingan. He either wants the sharingan seal so that he can try to alter and reverse engineer it, or in worse the case scenario a fully developed eternal Mangekyo. He is aware that he is incapable of actually unlocking the mangekyo in a normal sharingan, and that even if he could, it would be useless to him given that it would eventually go blind. While he wishes to live forever, such a thing would be a short term useful tool at best. His real ambition is to recreate the Nanarigan seal, and if possible, eventually recreate or find the sage's perfect Rinnegan seal, though even he realizes that that goal is a long shot.

- If Orochimaru attains the Sharingan seal, his first experiment lined up for it is to apply it to a Hyuuga to see if they would recombine into the Nanarigan.

- Demonic Seals, while extremely rare, are also extremely powerful. They are one of the few seal types that skirt the rule that once a chakra coil system is in place it cannot be changed by other seals. They dance around this rule by creating a second semi-sentient system of demonic chakra coils that burrow around the hosts' chakra coils, while avoiding damaging or interacting with them entirely. This second set of coils will create extra tenketsu, causing the bearer to be simultaneously more and less vulnerable to chakra coil attacks. More, as it is easiar to hit the tenketsu. Less as the bearer has two seperate systems that are indepentent from one another, along with double the normal tenketsu, so it would take double the number of attacks to seal all of them as it would on a 'normal' ninja. An example of a demonic seal would be the Sharingan. The real downsides to demonic seals is that they always have a price; be it mental effects, or a horrible price to use or unlock their greater powers. They grant strength, but at a price.

Note: being afflicted by a demonic seal has a high chance to kill the one it is applied to unless a highly specialized seal is used to apply the normal chakra coils first, as in the case of the Uchiha clan.

Note 2: Seals that seal a demon into a Jinchuuriki are generally NOT in fact demonic seals. They do not normally create a second set of coils, but reinforce, enlarge, and increase the number of individual existing chakra coils. While this does increase the number of tenketsu in a jinchuuriki, they are all one single, but highly advanced system. An exception to this is the Ichibi no Shukaku's seal on Gaara, and presumedly, it's previous hosts. Those are true demonic seals, whose effects are apparant.

- The Nine Biiju are not evil. Much like in canon they view the sage fondly for giving them life. They have in general lost faith in humanity though, since they simply seek to use them to destroy. At one time they were guardians and teachers, much like the sons of the sage. This period in time has been either forgotten entirely or has been dismissed as a myth by those who have heard of it.

- The Nine Biiju have forgotten more about sealing than most humans will ever manage to learn, but are mostly incapable of applying it personally due to the fact that their chakra is evil, and naturally corrupts and affects seals, much as it did when it belonged to the Jubi.

- The Nine Biiju can affect their host's body if either their seal is weak or the host themselves allow it. This can lead to many things.

- Minato was a true genius at seals. He was able to learn enough to summon the true Shinigami. Minato did not actually create the seal that was placed on Naruto, but he did create the seal that summoned and bartered with the Shinigami for the being to create a seal itself. The Shinigami agreed to the exchange mostly because it was amazed that a human had managed to summon it at all, and even specifically correctly ask perfectly what it wanted it to do; more than that the deal was a good one. The novelty of the situation amused it.

- The seal on Naruto is a masterpiece rivaling the First Seal itself. Sealing is the language of creation, and of the Kami, thus they are completely fluent in it, but their creations are NOT cheap.

- If Hiruzen uses the Shiki-fujin on orochimaru in the exams, it is the exact same one that Minato used, word for word, seal for seal. This does not work as intended, as that seal was made for a very specific purpose. The Shinigami is not very amused this time, both because someone had the audacity to use the exact same seal to summon it when the purpose is not what was stated in the summons, and because it dosn't have a contract that tells it what it is summoned for. So it does enough to qualify it's summons, and takes it's payment.

- Hiruzen is on Naruto's side, and the council is not a group of harpies calling for Naruto's head every 5 seconds.

- Danzo is a manipulative old bastard, but he really does beleive he is doing what is best for the village.

- Hiruzen disagrees with his old teammates, but they do not actively work against him.

- When/If Itachi 'betrays' Konoha, he either takes, hides, or destroys the Sharingan Seal. That or the leaf village puts it away for later use.

- If Itachi takes it or Hides it, Sasuke's 'secret' goal will also be to get it back, as well as killing him. That part can be part of 'restoring' the clan.

- If Itachi 'betrays' Konoha, Sasuke will be his normal charming self from canon at first unless impacted by Naruto. Not a characature which exagerates his flaws and minimizes his strengths. If he gets bitten by Orochimaru, then sure, he can go suitably insane as bat fucking shit. I don't think in this story that a demonic seal and Orochimaru's curse seal were ever meant to mix or play nicely.

- Sakura is not over exagerated as she so often is. I admit, she is pretty bad in canon, we don't need her to be worse! If anything, please make her a better character earlier.

- Hinata under these circumstances is not as bad, while still a failure at Jyuuken, it drove her to excell at archery. Neji and Hanabi are the Jyuuken prodigies, she is the archery prodigy, which is actually the prefered of the two for this Hyuuga family, it just starts later in training since it requires a lot of strength to draw the bow. She is still shy, and dislikes hurting others, but forced into it by her family due to natural talent, she desperately tries to be the best at archery so she dosn't always HAVE to kill with it. At an early age she was told that it is easy to kill someone, but much harder to defeat them without killing them in the Ninja world. Her Byakugan is one of the strongest to have formed in many generations, boasting both one of the greatest and most detailed ranges. She may either stand on her own strength, or rely on Naruto more than ever as her support, depending on how she is written.

- Because of Hinata's changes, Neji will likely hate her either more or less. More because if she was this strong, why did he father have to die? Less because he dosn't see her as completely unworthy of his father's sacrifice. His experience with archery will also likely greatly change the outcome of his fight with Kidōmaru if it happens.

- The Inuzuka posess one of the strongest body/senses/mind/special clan seals in Konoha, granting them absurdly powerful senses, higher physical abilites, inhuman instincts, and their abilities with their partners who also go through the sealing with them.

- Because of the widespread, if covert, use of sealing and the absolute worship of seal masters that the clans, and to a lesser degree most ninja, posess, Jinchuuriki are not treated badly. While partially because Jinchuuriki are often from clans, it also lies in that all clans see seals as nearly universally good things, and the general knowledge about seals, while mechanically lower than canon outside seal masters, is much greater in comprehension of effects. They may not understand how or why a complex group of markings can do what they do, but they can understand what they do and love the effects. This mindset easily makes the non-clan ninja doubt what they know and ask the clan ninja about it, which leads to an explanation or two about exactly what the seal does. While no one in Konoha really knows exactly what Naruto's seal does, they generally know what a normal Jinchuuriki's seal does, as well as of the simplified explantion from the seal crafters, and that is enough to respect them.

- Naruto will not get the shit beaten out of him on a day to day basis by Ninja with a grudge, but the civilians will generally not treat him well. This is because they have no idea what sealing really is, how it works, or what it is capable of. They just know that the monster than trashed the village is stuck in this little child, and if they say or do anything about it, the clans and Hokage will come down on them hard. Not to say that there might not be a thick-skulled ninja here or there that really believes that he is the Kyubi *cough* Mizuki *cough* and thus deserves whatever they can give him. But it will not be a constant or common thing for Naruto to be attacked by leaf ninja. If word got out about him to the other villages though, make no mistake that assassins SHOULD come for Naruto.

- Write Naruto however you like, that is part of the fun of this idea. You can literally go where ever you want with him, I just set up a world to play in. -

A few simple ideas I came up with off the top of my head:

- Want him to be an insane konoha supremicist the likes of which makes Danzo blush and glow with praise? Go for it!
- Want him to play the idiot while secretly becoming a seal master witht he aid of the Kyubi, who then goes around stealing, copying, and experimenting with Clan Seals? By the dogs, power to you.
- Want him to be the reincarnation of the sage, magically born with a perfect Rinnegan and gifted with a 200 girl harem for being born? Well, I don't advise that, it would probably be pretty boring to read, but if that's your thing...
- Hell, you want him to be his canon self going through this changed world, unknowing how things would have gone had you chosen to base this in canon's ideas? I could easily see him ending up with several bloodlines, starting with (if you dont count Uzumaki) either Hyoton or Byakugan.

The really fun part about this, is you could realistically adopt him into any clan, give him any bloodline you want, without having to pull bullshit that makes little sense or severly changing his lineage.
- I personally would love to see a Naruto who gets adopted by the Hyuuga and becomes a long range assassin.
- Actually, you could probably adopt him into the Uchiha (why you would WANT to do that, I have no clue) and have the Kyubi absorb the demonic taint like a big furry sponge with nine tails, cleansing the eye. Into what? You decide.

Preferences: You dont have to do these, but I would appriciate it!

- Unless Naruto is a Hyuuga or has a doujutsu, no Naru/Hina. It is overdone, sadly, and while I love Hinata to death, I just don't know if I could take her having an obsession with him to the degree she does in canon. If he is a Hyuuga, I could see clan rules forcing it on them or something, or them using it to keep him from being put in the branch family; but in those cases, I would think that both of them would be opposed to it, given that they likely grew up as either cousins or brother and sister.

- Please no Harem. I find them demeaning to the girls involved in them and the writers are usually incapable of NOT turning them into a horde with one voice, which is usually lacking thought as is and used to provoke naruto into sharing his thoughts on a matter. No offence to harem writers, if thats your thing, go for it. If you think you have a harem fic and manage to not kill the character of the girls involved, send it to me and I'll read it. If your right, I'll gladly admit you as an exception.

- Female Naruto is encouraged.

- I've made this world easy enough to abuse, please dont start pulling out god swords of uber smite or some such crap. Swords I am perfectly fine with, but ridiculously over powered weapons of pwnage able to one shot Tobi? That is just lazy writing and boring to read. On that note, please no obvious guns. What do I mean by obvious guns? I mean if it looks like a gun, shoots bullets like a gun, and can be held sideways gangsta style like a gun, its an obvious gun. However cleverly designed senbon wrist launchers using a repurposed explosive seal as a launch mechanism? Oh hells yeah go for it!

- Poison expert Naruto is encouraged. There are far too few of these, and it would be insanely strong with his clone spaming.

- "Final Boss" should be the Jubi in some form or something similar to it. Who said that it was the only space faring monster parasite-demon thing? Jubi in this story is pure evil. Don't try to save it please.

- Seal user Naruto, in this universe is pretty much a given as he is an Uzumaki.

- Naruto/Haku in any form is encouraged. I like Haku, a lot. He/she is clearly very important to Naruto, given that he essentially figured out his true Nindo from him/her. Also, I'm fairly sure that he/she was his first real friend, even if he/she was an enemy at the same time. Naruto is weird like that...

- Please no yaoi unless its Naruto/Haku. I am insanely biased towards that pairing enough that I let it slide, but most yaoi pairings are written as abusive relationships even if the writers don't seem to realize it.

- Yuri on the other hand is usually fine on that matter. I just don't like seeing naruto become something awesome, only to turn around and get abused and relegated as an unimportant sub. In the same matter, I don't like seeing naruto become something awesome only to turn around and do the same thing to someone else, going against pretty much what he believes, no matter the gender of the person. It can be okay in a fic dealing with a broken Naruto (as much as I cringe at those) who pretty much needs a reason to live, and is much like Haku was, but otherwise, just please no...

- If you do NaruSaku, please make her more like her older self sooner, or avoid the fangirl crap alltogether.

- Naruto in another village is also encouraged. Odd as it is, I like naruto being taken to another village for this or that reason. I have no idea why really.

- Time travel is frowned upon, but if you think you can do it well, go for it. It's just a bit of an overused gimick.

- Crossovers are frowned upon. Again, if you think you can do it well, go for it. I would just prefer this world to be explored some before anyone tries to crossover it.

- Older/Younger Naruto is encouraged! I love it when either naruto is the Jounin of his canon genin team, or is a little shrimp beating the tar out of the rookies. Something I don't think I've actually seen was a fic were Naruto was the same age, but someone else from his canon class was older and became his Jounin sensei. I'm now trying to imagine Hinata as his jounin sensei... Forgot to remove the crippling crush there for a second, that was akward.

- Medic!Naruto, and Genjutsu!Naruto is encouraged! Not enough of these out there.

- Competent Ninjas would be a very welcome thing. What does that mean? I mean ninja who dont goggle at the supposedly imposible. Ninja who never look on in awe, but plan how to defeat whatever is awe-inspiring if the situation comes up. Ninja who plot, who plan, and backstab if necessary. Ninja are not shocked. Ninja are not suprised. They are ninja, that is their world. Their job is to find ways to kill suprising individuals, to slaughter the ones who are shocked while they are distracted. If they have to slit the throat of a kage as a genin youd better bet they will find a way into that mans bedroom after messing with his pills to put him into a coma. Ninja also never hold grudges. As Kakashi said, an enemy one moment may be your ally the next. That does not mean they wont try to deny that ally any advantage they can while trying to appear friendly. That is what I mean by a competent ninja. However, that is hard to write, because it is hard to get into that frame of mind... Think like the characters are Alistor Moody crossed with whatever character you are writing. I am terribly sorry for any mental trauma that may have caused.

If you like any of my, well I guess they could be called "Challenges" and wan't to give them a go, please PM me! I would love to read the results and help you bounce ideas around!

-Raven out!

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 16 - Words: 88,406 - Reviews: 731 - Favs: 1,128 - Follows: 1,697 - Updated: 23h - Published: 5/29 - [Hermione G., Harry P.] Seamus F., Dean T.
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 16 - Words: 157,648 - Reviews: 1380 - Favs: 2,687 - Follows: 3,322 - Updated: 11/4 - Published: 9/23/2012 - Harry P., Salazar S.
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 48 - Words: 137,582 - Reviews: 2520 - Favs: 2,887 - Follows: 3,605 - Updated: 10/26 - Published: 7/8/2008 - Harry P., Sasuke U.
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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto, all rights go to Kishimoto. Naruto has beaten Obito, Madara, and stalled Sasuke long enough to end the 4th Shinobi World War in his favor, dying in the process. His reward? He gets to live his life all over again, however he wants, as a video game character! Intelligent!Strong!Naruto, Fem!Naruto, slight AU, better summary inside.
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THIS STORY WILL BE EDITED AND RE-UPLOADED TO MY NEW ACCOUNT. SEE THE NEWEST CHAPTER FOR DETAILS. Voldemort had another Horcrux. Nineteen years later he returned. In 2047, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood, the two remaining human beings on Earth send sixty minutes of memories each to their younger selves. Not really time travel but definitely AU.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 16 - Words: 56,726 - Reviews: 269 - Favs: 668 - Follows: 578 - Updated: 9/4/2013 - Published: 7/19/2011 - Naruko U.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 21 - Words: 41,782 - Reviews: 102 - Favs: 71 - Follows: 66 - Updated: 2/18/2013 - Published: 1/3/2011 - Naruto U., Haku
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Out of the Fire and into the Jump by BBRAE623 reviews
Danny stops Dan. Danny saves the world. Dan escapes during the celebration and finishes the job he started. Stricken with grief Danny goes insane, now he builds a new life in jump, he's fine for two years until the Titans show up. Now what happens?
Crossover - Teen Titans & Danny Phantom - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 25,082 - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 123 - Follows: 142 - Updated: 8/31/2012 - Published: 8/5/2012 - Danny F.