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I'd like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly.

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm alseep.

Because my dreams are bursting at the seems.

Hi There! Ash here with... No good deeds and ... quirky antics... And ... A paintball gun. Run fast.

I'm not all that old, but I have learned over my years of living to not touch things unless you have the money to pay for them and children should not be tried as adults. And don't try to nail jello to a tree unless its the kind you get from chinese buffets.

I'm... How old am I? And I'm sure I'm a girl, even though some people don't believe me. Oh well! I'm strange, but likeable... Or atleast I have friends... I'm pretty sure they are friends, even though they threaten to kill me. I like to write and paint and draw and play and eat and sleep and- IT WAS THUNDERING THIS MORNING AND IT WOKE ME UP AND SCARED ME AND THEN IT STARTED TO HAIL AND I WAS VERY SCARED!!

I'm also a pretty bad apple. So I need to be watched over alot, but if you want chaos, TELL THEM TO TAKE THE STUPID LEASH OFF.

Also, I write alot of fanfiction using characters that are not mine. You can spot Ocs a mile awhile, so I don't believe I need to say whose mine and who belong with the original creator, just keep that in mind if you decide to read some of my work!

Story Status:

Maxwell Falls: Complete

The Little Voice: On-Going, almost finished.

Sudden Urges: Complete, oneshot.

The Faded Rainbow Effect: Discontinued. Unless I somehow get some ideas for it...

Melody Ranch: On-Going, Haitus.

Special´╗┐ Tensions: One-shot, currenting in contest.

Sonic Truth or Dare: On-Going


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