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This profile is now being shared by two people - hence the name. If you'd like to contact either one of us just put (in the subject line) the person you want to contact. Our penname is listed at the top (bolded) to avoid confusion. But mostly, this profile is being used by me, Riotanthem.


Raleigh. 19. California Girl.

Just your average Twi-hard, except I'm actually legal nuff to drink, smoke & read all the lemons that will squeeze me tight ;) I've tried my hand at writing but never posted it online. I'm a snark with tucked away claws, so be warned. But if you play nice, I might share some of the pictures I secretly put under my pillow (psst...the pictures are Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Edward & Jacob. Bet you can't resit now..hehe!)

Wondering why this girl got no fiction to read?
1) I'm too shy
2) One is still in process
3) Been busy

Not that you care, unless your a creeper, I'm a Pimp A Fic Validator and Contest person over at Twi-Muse. Haven't heard of us? Eff you! (jk) Also, I'm a V GUARD, VBird & Archivist for Luv'nv I've recently been part of the TTC as a Contest Coordinator & Special Event Aide. They're hosting the 'Walk of Fame Awards.' Come check out whose been nominated!!

As a means of communication -- Contact Me (It was a way to past time. Ya I'm a dork.)


Venetia. 19. Well-bred Californian.

I'm not exactly sure as to what to say here, even if Rai has tried to help me. I suppose my only reason to coming inside the Fandom realm is due to RaindropSoup. She wants to see my wickedness come out when I'm nearly positive I have none. But hopefully, I'll find other reasons.