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April 24, 2013 (updated August 25, 2013)

Greetings to new and old visitors. I feel obligated to let you all know that I have ceased creative writing due to real-life issues. However, I have passed this account on to a close friend who has been an adviser and editor on some of these projects in the past. If the opportunity arises, he will attempt to finish Horizons: Shadows and As Soft Rains Fall and maybe conjure up a project or two of his own. To this end, the pen-name has been changed to show that it is no longer me behind the wheel. Thanks for reading, and take care.

- L



Suite Horizons - Zack, Cody, Carey and Moseby are all picked in a global contest to come aboard for the maiden voyage of humanity's first inter-stellar spaceship, the USG Ishimura, first of the Planet-Cracker class mining vessels. However, not everything is as it seems, and what is first a cool vacation turns into a nightmare.

Suite Horizons 2: Resurrection - One year after the disaster that befell Zack and Cody aboard the Ishimura, life seems to have returned to normal, at least, as normal as it can get with Cody's death. Behind the scenes though, a new force of change is at work. Old enemies turned new allies help right the wrongs of the Ishimura Incident, and reveal even more dark secrets surrounding her.

Suite Horizons 3: Resolution - After almost a year of nothing but fun and antics with Seven Seas aboard the Eden, things go awry quite suddenly, and the twins find themselves in one last struggle to save the Ishimura, and themselves.

Horizons: Origins - Rewrite of Suite Horizons: Begin anew with Zack and Cody aboard the Ishimura, but tread lightly, for dark happenings are in the works. (Completed in January of 2012)

Horizons: Icarus - Technically a rewrite of Resurrection, but the story-line has no similarity. While the maiden voyage of the Ishimura is long over, Zack and Cody still have many unanswered questions about the events that took place aboard her. Until now, the only person able to help put the pieces of the puzzle together had been in a coma from those same events. But in their hasty quest for understanding, the twins may find themselves flying too close to the sun. (Completed in August of 2012)

In Progress:

Horizons Series - In retrospect, the Suite Horizons series was far too derivative from current culture, namely in the liberal pilfering of ideas and plot components from recent TV shows, movies and video games. Additionally, the opportunities available to me were poorly executed on. Horizons seeks to correct my mistakes as a novice author and serves as a major rewrite of each the three primary Suite Horizons stories (Extraction shouldn't have existed, so it's out of the picture), constituting a massive overhaul of plot, characters, setting and increase in quality of writing. (Two out of three stories completed)

Horizons: Shadows - Essentially a new story; original "Resolution" plot is completely thrown out. The destruction of the Citadel has changed the face of the world in ways that could have never been predicted. As chaos reigns and a new face takes up the deceased Colin Shepard's mantle, Zack and Cody must find the strength to press on against the one final thing denying them a normal life: their own lineage. (Completion uncertain)

As Soft Rains Fall - This one was also the recipient of TLC when I returned to writing in 2012, with every chapter getting a face-lift and the plot being clarified. Soft Rains also now incorporates the experiences of a good friend of mine who so happens to live in Louisiana, and I hope their "inside" knowledge of the state's unique culture will help make the story better. Original summary: When one is so close to the edge, they would do best not to fall, but there are those who would seek to send you over intentionally. For Zack and Cody, madness is like gravity: all it takes is a little push. (Completion uncertain)




Extraction - Fourth part of the original Suite Horizons story line that should not have ever existed. Bad writing and a confused plot made me pull the plug.

Normandy - Good idea that I simply couldn't execute effectively.

Lost Memories - Same as Normandy, with the added issue of the material being a bit too similar to stuff I already has written or was in the process of writing.

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