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Hi, this is Ashley. I wrote fan fic waaay back around 2000 but then I switched movie obsessions. I got burned on a Lord of the Rings RPG and refused to write any of mine down or read any for it, considering LOTR sacred and above fanfic, since most likely no one (myself included) could ever approach the altar of Tolkien with clean offerings.

So I stuck to my own private head-stories and only occasionally browsed this site to laugh at the ridiculous stories, though doubtless my own stories are Mary Sue-like and I would never published 99 of them. However, I did find a few interesting ones on this site: a Peter Pan/Phantom of the Opera crossover, a Stargate/Harry Potter crossover, another where Gomer Pyle goes to Vietnam, and of course some Doctor Who ones, like "Ok Doc" and "Confusion and a Whole Lot of Nappies" and some others.

During all this, I never wrote down my stuff. Until now.

Why? Doctor Who is why. I'm currently obsessed with it and feel a couple of my stories have interesting plots or at least beginnings and I want to share the laughter with fellow Whovians. I realize, though, they may be a little Mary Sue, though I've taken steps to improve this. Maybe I'm hypocrite? Probably.

Here is a brief history of my OCs.

Amy Frazier - my first OC, more like me: short, brown-haired and loves books. She is in my unpublished novel. After that, she had lots of adventures with Superman. My niece likes the one involving a pink rock.

Chloe Fairweather - scientist with no family, blonde and geeky. She spent much of her time in the Star Wars universe (often by her own universe-hopping machine). Sometimes has a grandfather.

Isabel Evans - ah, Isabel. I created her in response to Twilight, which I hate, except as a source of laughter and an example of what's it done to our social intellect. I will soon put up the prologue of her story--which is all there is of it, but I like it because it pokes Twilight in the eye. She has blonde hair, and can either be fat or stick-thin, depending on the need of the story.

Her name is derived not as a "special snowflake" (a la Twilight) Mary Sue name, but because her mother is from Spain, who named her daughter with a Spanish name, Isabel (Ee-zuh-bel) Maria Antonia, plus her father's American (or Welsh) last name of Evans. Feel free, however, to pronounce it Iz-a-bel, as she does live in America (or Britain when she's called to work there).

Isabel is probably the least-developed of my characters, though at one time I believe she was in the US military. She has been to the Star Wars universe (I think), but is formely a scientist, and now a hopsital nursery nurse (separate continuities, of course) who loves a British television programme called Doctor Who. Also currently she has dead parents, and has a brother named Jay (either from Juan or James) and his wife Rose (yes, on purpose. She used to be their little sister but I decided it was more interesting to have her be Jay's wife).

Please enjoy my stories, and feel free to comment on them (I love getting other people's input!), though I do ask that you could be polite.

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From Twilight to Sunlight: a Twilight Rewrite reviews
Typical teen Isabel Evans is forced to move from wet Washington State to bright, hot Dallas, Texas. She look forward to meeting new people & new experiences. And so she does, but not the kind she expects---or wants.
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