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Apparently there are readers who visit my profile, so I've decided to put some useful stuff here. Useful, not as in personal information, but as in, 'Why do I like my favourite stories?' When I browse in other people's profiles, I usually check out their favourites, because I assume that if they write well, chances are that they read well-written fics.

I'll start with the oldest story on my list and work my way to the top. If any of this is helpful to you, then please let me know. (I think, but I'm not really sure, that Private Messaging is enabled.) I know that posting anything in the internet is basically narcissism, but it makes my day if my little ego trips have some sort of use.

1. Blade Mistress, The Hardest Part of Dying.

This one-shot gripped me for a number of reasons. For one, it tells the story of House's involvement with Stacy from an unusual point of view for a fic, namely that of Stacy's husband Mark. The reader is drawn into what he sees and what he chooses not to see, into his sense of foreboding and into the slow death of his marriage. Little is shown directly, much is implied. For another, the prose is wonderfully pithy. It's almost poetic in its structure (eleven 'stanzas') and in the layers of meaning carried by few words. Even if I hacked and hewed at my effusions, I'd never be able to achieve such terseness, compactness, density, intensity.

2. Namaste, Morphine.

Morphine is just one example of Namaste's well-crafted one-shots (I'm a sucker for one-shots), but a ruddy good one at that. Factual information about morphine is skillfully juxtaposed with House's dilemma in needing a drug that he knows to be dangerous. It contains everything one can demand of this genre: a thread that winds through it all, deep insights into House's character and gut-wrenching twists, all within one short intense fic.

3. KidsNurse, Visiting Hour.

Another very clever little one-shot. It's a twist on the outcome of the Tritter affair. Throughout it KidsNurse plays with the reader's prior knowledge and his expectations, only to baffle him completely at the end.

4. KidsNurse, Midnight Hour.

Did I mention that I like one-shots? This one got on my list because of its structure. Short and sweet, it examines how House and Wilson spend their nights far away from each other, but tied together by their common past. Each one's thoughts and actions mirror that of the other in a distorted way. Warning: can't be understood unless you've read Visiting Hour.

5. Duckie Nicks, When the World Ends.

This longish one-shot has House down to a 't'. It's worth reading just for House's musings on why he should turn down the case that Cuddy wants to thrust on him. As he ponders what could go wrong and develops a whole scenario that hinges on this dismal possibility, we get an insight into how his brain works, what emotions and counter-emotions drive him, how vulnerable he is and to what extremes he's prepared to go to hide that vulnerability. The soft core that Hugh Laurie allows us to catch a glimpse of every now and then is clothed in words that enable us to understand how the compassion that he feels is ultimately converted into smart-ass comments and biting sarcasm. A study on communication gone wrong.

6. Blackmare, Forty Yards.

This is one of many excellent one-shots by Blackmare (Already Out of the Bag is is another one of my favourites, but check out Blackmare's profile yourselves) that beguiles us with brevity and depth. Just over two hundred words that examine a friendship, what it must mean to House to be institutionalized and what it means to Wilson to have to let him go. The images are vivid, the writing precise.

7. Duckie Nicks, Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her

A longish bitter-sweet one-shot that examines a future Huddy relationship in inverse chronological order. This is good, even if you're not a Huddy fan, because you can substitute any name you like for Cuddy and you'd still get much the same result - it's depressingly non-fluffy in that it goes into House's head, showing us the vicious circle in which he's caught. Sure that he's poison in any relationship, he tries to hide his feelings in an attempt not to get hurt. Inevitably, that leads exactly to the sort of misunderstanding that causes him to get hurt, making him reinforce his barriers even further. It's a brilliant analysis of the way House's brain works, his obsessiveness, his inability to communicate his feelings, and his inferiority complexes.

8. Brighid45, Treatment, Thursday's Child, Voices Carry

These three are part of the Treatment series, an alternate take on what happened during and after Mayfield. This series is for you if one or more of the following apply to you:
(1) You consider it unlikely that someone of more than moderate intelligence who spends most of his waking hours robbing others of their delusions regarding God, the fidelity of their spouses, etc., would actively support Freedom Fighter's delusions.
(2) You don't believe that having an affair with the married sister-in-law of a fellow patient who promptly ditches him without bothering to say goodbye will work wonders for House's trust issues.
(3) It taxes your credulity that ibuprofen and cooking can take care of a pain problem that had its owner practically immobilized before his detox from opiates.
(4) You've been wondering why House didn't detox much earlier, seeing what a chirpy fella he's been ever since and how few problems he's had staying clean since Mayfield.

Brighid45 builds up an alternative scenario in and outside Mayfield with lots of insights into House's past, the issues he still has to deal with, the steps he takes to sabotage his own treatment, his slow progress towards healing ... well, that's as far as she's got so far. Thursday's Child is my favourite so far, because it shows a freshly released House self-destructing for all he's worth. That's the House we know and love, not the empty shell that's been haunting Season 6 so far.

9. Cardio Necrosis, A New Divide

This is AU with a vengeance. Wilson accidentally wishes himself into a parallel universe where he never was friends with House. The story is hilarious as Wilson tries to figure out why everyone is acting so strangely, gripping as he struggles to come to terms with what he and House have become without each other as friends and touching as he learns to appreciate the best of both worlds. Interspersed with the AU present are flashbacks of the AU past that explain to the reader how House and Wilson became what they are. And always present in the reader's mind is the past and present as it really was and is. Complicated, fun and a challenging read, it ends as a Hilson. However, even if one isn't a Hilson-shipper one gets one's kicks out of this fic.

10. menme, Cafe Dementia

I'm not quite sure how to describe this one. It starts off pretty harmless: House is convinced he's got a stalker. As he pursues his stalker - can anyone evade House for long? - he begins to doubt his perception. Has he got an impersonator, an alter ego? Or is he hallucinating? The reader knows more than the unfortunate House does, but not enough to anticipate the ending. Again, a complex fic that plays with our prior knowledge and our expectations. Right from the first sentence menme creates an atmosphere that seems bland, but conveys hints of ambiguity and of impending disaster. It's an excellent study in how to create and hold tension right to the last sentence.

11. Zayz, Hypothetically

This one-shot about a date between House and Cuddy (yes, I know, but read it before you judge it or me!) made it onto my list because it depicts House's convoluted mind-games and the reasoning behind them accurately. House (once again) has to push Cuddy to see how far she'll bend before she breaks. The reader can only observe in horrified fascination as the date (that would have had fluff writers bending over backwards to incorporate romantic gestures and cerulean orbs) spirals downwards because Cuddy needs to pry and House responds with knee-jerking honesty. Zayz lets the fic end on an optimistic note, and that's exactly what I need at this dire point in Season 6, where everything seems to be coming apart at the seams.

12. sock puppet10, The Best Medicine

The Best Parody. If you're looking for a synonym for 'blue eyes', if you need to get rid of a little House sprog (legitimate or otherwise) that the plot bunnies have planted on you, if you need inspiration on how to incorporate song lyrics into your fic, read and emerge the wiser! In short, there's no cliché too worn, no turn of phrase too trite not to have found its way into this excellent parody of all we adore about the show and fanfiction.

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