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I'm a struggling college student who is trying to pursue a career in creative writing, but a little lost on how to get there. I am 22 years old, I live in Sacramento, California and I am an English Major with an emphasis in creative writing. I am a life-long reader. If I don't have a current book I'm reading I don't feel complete. Any constructive criticism, or even just a thumbs up on my work would be appreciated!

I'm pleased to announce that my semester from hell has now ended, and that i'll have more time now until school starts in late January and even after the semester begins. I have a light class list, light in the number of classes, though the workload is heavy among them. I do want to get this work going again, however. Please don't lose heart! I have tenative plans to finish chapter 12 and post it in early January, and maybe even the next!

Current Book: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Innocence of a Queen

Current Status: Chapter 11 (11/14/11)

Long before Witch ever walked the three realms, a young Queen began to come into her own in an isolated Territory in Northern Terielle called Tirrador. Until now the High Priestess of Hayll has had little reason to turn her poisoned tentacles in their direction. But now a witch is rising from the depths who has the hunger and ambition that Dorothea needs to seize control of Tirrador and bring it under the shadow of Hayll. Can the young Queen Adele survive long enough and find the strength needed to form her court and banish the deadly taint from her home?

You know what's a secret pet peeve of mine? When people mispronounce character's names because they have no guide to teach them how to get their favorite character's names right! Well I am nipping that in the butt on here! And bear with me, I'm simply trying to help you pronounce it correctly, I in no way know the proper way to do it. Keep in mind the names in Tirrador culture are modeled after French, so you should pronounce them accordingly.

Innocence of a Queen characters, in order of appearance-(ish):

Adele Ashlyn-(Uh-dell) (Ash-len)


Delphine Ashlyn-(Dell-fEEn)

Josephine Ashlyn-(Joe-sah-fEEn)

Adam Lathan-(Luh-than)

Aveline Lathan-(Aye-VUH-lEEn)


Raphael Lathan-(Rah-fie-El)

Sybilla Lathan-(Sih-bill-ah)

Roxana Lavelle-(Rocks-anne-uh) (Lah-vell)

Christopher Deveraux-(Dev-uh-rOO)

Khevin Tannsley-(Tan-slEE)

Christine Amoria-(Amor-EEah)


Jacqueline Dubois-(Jack-kwell-inn) (DOO-bwah)

Zahira (Zuh-hEER-uh)

Eran (EE-rahn)

Jesiah (Jess-I-ya)

That's all for now, I'll post more as they appear.

There are quite a few locations described in Innocence of a Queen. I've decided to list them here respectively so you can keep track of them.



Alledor (Western Tirrador)--Delacova, Tazian

Lidalli (Eastern Tirrador)--Delleva (capital), Trisor, Dorhaven

Amasca (Northern Tirrador) Veranthis Mountains

Idana (Southern Tirrador)--Indum, Tawnar

The cities are listed after their respective Provinces. As the characters are moving around more, I know it can be a bit confusing to keep track of what is where. I hope this helps!

Newer new Projects

Current Status: Brainstorming 4/14/10

I am also playing around with the idea of an actual Black Jewels Trilogy fic that stars Titian. I've always been interested in her, her strong nature and her Tragic story. (Plus I've always been a fan of Tragedies.) This would give an idea of what Titian would have been like before she came to know a man called Kartane, and the strength it took to hold onto life and bring a daughter into the world after her vicious rape.

Let me know what you think. It will be put on the back burner though, as my first priority will go to Innocence of a Queen to make sure the chapters update when promised. Just an idea I am playing with though.

I know my profile sucks ass but deal with it for now until I feel like making it better so you can stalk me more adequately.

~Kerie Nightingale

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