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Author has written 9 stories for Zoids, Beyblade, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Ok, well, it's spose to be a bio, so I guess I should write something to the sort in here. OK:

Age: *singing* I am 16 going on 17 *voice cracks* Eep...

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Asian

Eyes: Brown (Think Bakura, LOL)

Hair: Black (hoping to be blue soon, or streaked with red)

Skin: Well, I'm pretty tan, but compared to my cousins in Asia, I'm a freakin' sheet. ^_^ But it's cool, I'm not as white as my Caucasian friends.

Fav Food: I'm starting to have an unhealthy obsession with anything that is strawberry flavored or has strawberry in it. Within reasonable bounds of course (meaning I'm not going to eat it with squid...eheh, yea)

Book: I like lots of fantasy stuff. Tamora Pierce, Garth Nix, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton are some of my favorite authors. I've been recently getting into horror and Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite is a favorite. Slash fans with a taste for horror must read it!

Music: I listen to almost anything, but I adore foreign music. Favorite band ia the Ereaserheads (a Fillipino band). I also like Lifehouse, t.A.T.u., H.O.T., Dragon Ash, Flogging Molly and others.

Anime: Ah, a subject I like. Um, I'm seen quite a few. Gundam Wing, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Noir, Wild Arms, X the Movie, Angel Sancturay, Vampire Princess Miyu, Patlabor 2, Ranma 1/2, The Original Dirty Pair, Dirty Pair Flash, Macross, Gravitation, Rourouni Kenshin, Visions of Escaflowne, Slayers, Princess Mononoke, Cowboy Bebop, Blue Submarine No. 6, DBZ, Cardcaptor Sakura, Vampire Hunter D, Magic Knight Rayearth, Candy Candy, Zenki the Demon Prince, Sailor Moon, .hack//Sign, Shadow Skill, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Digimon, Akira, Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Speed Racer, Super Pig (I think that's the shows name, it's the one where the girl turns into a superhero pig ^_^;; it was cute), Princess Sara, Little Women 2, The Dog of Flanders (oh God, this was so sad), Secret Garden, Peter Pan, Kiki's Delivery Service, Those Who Hunt Elves, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Megami Kouhosei, Ninja Scroll, Beyblades, Medabots, Battle Angel Alita, Bidry the Mighty, and uh, I think I missed some more but those are really going far far back into my childhood XD)

Manga: Koori no Mamono no Monogatari (so long to type, but awesome series), Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, Shaman King, Yami no Matsui, Saiyuki, Gravitation, Dragon Knights (oh so funny!), Wild Rock (O_O hot, slashy cave men!), Petshop of Horrors, Alichino (pwett~y!!), Dorobou to Keiji, X/1999, Chobits, Plannet Ladder, Wish, Hikaru no Go, Bleach, Only You (cute, cute!!), Tokyo Renaikitan, FAKE (XD!!), Apocripha/0 (wish they made the game in English), Ceres, Lumen Lunea (gack! *nosebleed*), Paradise Kiss, Kare Kano, Marmalade Boy (*snickers* "The Devil made me do it"), Fushigi Yuugi, Angelic Layer, Blade of Immortal, El Hazard, Generation Basket, Touch, H2, Kizuna, Saint Tail, Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, Lum, Bakuretsu Hunters, Gravel Kingdom and some more one shots that are crowding my hard drive.

Hobbies: Um, writing, drawing, watching anime, reading

Anime & Manga Chars: Um...Zero Enne, Shuichi Shindou (squee, my pinks haired rock star!), Yami Bakura, Jounouchi Katsuya (coincedentally, I act like him...), Wild and Blood (from Koori), Son Goku (little baka saru, in case ya didn't know, I'm refering to Goku from Saiyuki), Tokimaru (from Cutlass!), Rath ("Demon! Demon!" LOL).

Couples: Oh, here's a loooong list:

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ryou/Bakura (^_^) Seto/Jounouchi (if I didn't like em, why would I be writing about them?) Yami/Yugi Malik/Ishtar Malik/Bakura (yea, yea, as if this one wouldn't appeal to me) Bakura/Ishtar (fight for domination, LMAO who's the seme/uke???) Jounouchi/Mai (cannon!!!) Seto/Shizuka (another cannon!!!) Honda/Shizuka (I think it's cute) Mai/Anzu Honda/Otogi Jounouchi/Ryouta (don't raise your eyebrows, it was an epiphany!!) Jounouchi/Noah (^_^ ^_^ ^_^) Noah/Mokuba (technically it's not incest, they never even met each other)

Gravitation: Shuichi/Yuki Ryuichi/Tatsuha

Beyblades: TyKa (kaitaka to some) Tyson/Rei Rei/Max Max/Emily Rei/Mao Rai/Mao

Megami Kouhosei: Zero/Hiead Clay/Saki Kizna/Ikhny Gareas/Ernest Gareas/Teela (yes, they hate each others guts, but so does Seto and Jou)

Saiyuki: Sanzo/Goku Hakkai/Gojyo Kougaiji/Yaone Hakkai/Yaone Kougaiji/Goku (XD!!)

Alichino: Tsugiri/the girl (I still don't know her name T_T) Ryouko/Myoubi (I hope Myoubi doesn't die) Enju/Tsugiri (something's going on, I swear)

KnMnM: Blood/Ishuca Wild/Rapunzel Nei/Saphir Kazuel/death (I really do not like the guy!!)

Dragon Knights: Rath/Cesia Rune/Tintoretto Alfeagi/??? (i forgot her name, but the chick he could only see) Ruwalk/Kai-stern (don't ask) Thatz/Kitchel Lykouleon/Raseleane (they look so pwetty!)

Ok, so I said Music Express will be out soon, but I just had to write Clockwork Angel first. I got pretty good reviews for it. Um, ok, fic status:

Ghost of a Chance: Chapter 4 will be coming out soon. If not tonight (really late) then sometime over the weekend. I promise!!!

Clockwork Angel: Chapter 2 will be out tomorrow night. Yeppers, guaranteed.

Music Express: I'm hoping on posting it tonight. If not then tomorrow morning. Yes! ^_^

Flower of Vows: Having problems with Chapter 2. T_T I need help.

Red Eyes: I'm getting to it. Expect it sometime next week.

Quote of the Update:

"Don't ask me why I'm here, It's your subconscious."

-Katsuya Jounouchi in Seto's head (In "Red Eyes)
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