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I, BrDPirateMan, hereby declare that I do not own Square Enix or The World Ends With You. That said, I must state here that all of my stories that appear on are entirely my work and mine alone.

I also upload all of my stories only on, which means they will not appear anywhere else (Wattpad, Fictionpress, etc). If you see my work published elsewhere, then it means somebody plagiarized my work for their own benefit and it is to be ignored and reported if possible, especially if the plagiarist claims to be me. (Additionally, I submit all of my fanart only on DeviantART, so any of my works that appear anywhere else are ripped off by someone else.)

Do not blatantly copy ideas from any of my stories. Do not ask for my permission to copy my ideas; I will never allow you to. I am a serious story-writer, I frown upon plagiarism and even paraphrasing and I would never respect mere copycats.

Do not ask for permission to translate any of my stories. I will not allow you to do that.

If I find any story which is startlingly similar to any of mine, and I suspect that plagiarism, paraphrasing and translation has been involved, I will take action.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Notes on reviews:

Constructive criticism is perfectly fine with me. I understand that not all of you like my stories, and that's alright. But if you want to leave reviews telling me why you didn't like them, please don't pour insults on me. Look, it's not easy being a writer, and I'd appreciate more constructive criticism, and less flaming. The moment you start spewing bad language and hurling terrible things about me like there's no tomorrow, that counts as flaming.

Flaming is immature and rude; don't do that. I don't regard flames as proper reviews anyway, and any flames headed my way go into the dustbin where they belong. So heed these words: if you don't like my stories, you're free to say why, but give your reviews in a sensible, mature manner; I'll be glad to listen. If you flame, you fail. Because flamers are retards!

You want to troll on my stories? Then get lost; there's no home for you here. I have better things to do than deal with trolls, because trolls are retards.

Long reviews are far too rare on this site. I'd gladly appreciate some good long reviews. Take the time to review my stories well enough and I'll recognise that you took the time to read it properly. I'll thank you too in writing.

But for goodness' sake, if you're going to leave a review, please state clearly if you liked my story or not. Ambiguous reviews are the worst. Also worthy of being thrown into the ditch are reviews that make no sense at all. How in the world am I supposed to appreciate nonsense that makes me think "What the heck was that supposed to be?" and slap my forehead in disgust? No stupid reviews! I know I sound like a nitpicker but I'm a serious writer and I'm in need of some good ol' mature constructive criticism. I'm doing my part as a responsible writer. Do yours as a responsible reviewer.

I reserve the right to moderate any and all anonymous reviews that I receive. Any reviews that I deem too stupid or offensive or just plain grammatically wrong to appreciate WILL be deleted. Potential reviewers, you have been warned, so don't come yelling at me if you find your review is not on my stories.

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Other affiliates: I have a deviantART account where my pseudonym is also BrDPirateMan. If you want to check out the TWEWY fanart I've drawn you're always welcome! Check it out at brdpirateman (dot) deviantart (dot) com

Stories highly recommended by the author:

An Awkward Couple
Cure or Curse?
She Comes And Goes As She Pleases
The Loner's Birthday Bash

I've just created a community called "Lesser-Known Pals", which caters to stories that focus on some of the supporting characters in The World Ends With You, such as Ai, Mina, Makoto, Eiji Oji and so on. I felt that they don't get enough love around these parts, so I created this community especially for them. Check it out, don't be shy! A few of my stories are there too. And yes, it's shameless self-promotion. That's a scientific fact, heh heh.

Favourite fanfiction couples:

Ai/Mina (straight friendship or yuri)

My personal fanfiction-writing rules:

Just a few rules that I like to stick by when I'm writing fanfiction.

1. I prefer writing stories for The World Ends With You, as it has a great videogame plot and a bunch of nice characters that I can use. As such, I aim to establish myself as a writer for only TWEWY fics.

2. I'm a big fan of funny stories, which is why I like writing for the Humor genre. Romance is my second favourite genre, because I think Neku and Shiki are a sweet match and a lot can be written about them. Neku and Eri are great together too because of their differing personalities. And I simply love Ai and Makoto because they make a nice couple too.

3. Any original characters that I introduce in my stories have strictly minor roles. I don't really like making an OC as the protaganist or even a supporting character.

4. When I write romance stories, I typically focus on boy-girl relationships; NekuXShiki or AiXMakoto come to mind. It just feels natural! Yuri (girl-girl) fiction is perfectly fine with me though, as long as it's well written, but I dislike yaoi (boy-boy) fiction a lot.

5. Occasionally I'll come up with an M-rated lemon fic. While they tend to be very detailed, I refrain from using swear words that could be used to describe certain body parts... if you know what I mean. Doing that will just ruin the beauty of the eroticism.

6. AVOIDANCE OF PLAGIARISM! This is important! I am proud to say that all of my stories are original and my work alone. I do not and will not copy other writers' ideas; what's the fun in that? I hate it when someone reads a story, gets all excited and "inspired", then comes up with a clone. Copycats are despicable and disgusting.

7. If a story that I'm writing starts to have more than 10,000 words, I try to break it up into several chapters. However, if possible, I'd make it into a one-shot.

8. And speaking of which, I love one-shots. I usually write only one-shots, not full-fledged noveletes. If I have a really really great idea, I may consider writing up a multi-chapter story.

9. My multi-chapter stories are usually complete when I upload the first chapter. Which means that if the story is out, you can be sure that it's all done and the rest of the parts will be out in no time. The time before the next chapters are released is spent on doing minor editing work, correction of any possible mistakes, and finalising.

10. I emphasize on good English. I don't like stories with confusion in tenses, poor spelling, eye strain-inducing presentation and enough swear words to fill the universe, to name a few gripes. My stories will always have proper grammar, spelling and whatnot. If there are mistakes, they are purely unintentional, as I always check my stories before publishing them.

11. This fanfiction website has lots of weird (and frustrating) autocorrection quirks. For example, you can't have more than one punctuation mark placed close to each other, like two exclamation marks in one go; you've got to separate them with a space. Dashes that indicate interrupted speech aren't even supported. Now, I'm not exactly clear about what the autocorrection system seems to like and dislike, but if my story looks weird, I swear it's not my fault because my punctuation is almost always right; you can blame it on the autocorrection.

12. I refrain from using swear words in my stories. There are a few exceptions, namely "damn" and "dammit". But nothing strong that would warrant it an M rating.

13. I don't write drabbles, troll fics or one of those "challenge" stories where I write a single line to capture the essence of a single word. Waste of time.

14. Joshua is my least favourite character, so I don't usually include him in the tales I write. As the Composer, he's too busy in the UG anyway to care for Neku and company. He used them as his pawns to achieve his goal to destroy the whole of Shibuya! If you ask me, he's selfish, takes advantage of people at their expense, and on the whole not very likable at all. If I have him in any of my stories, it's if he suffers a terrible fate like being erased or stripped of his powers for good (Killing the Composer comes to mind). I prefer to have Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme and Eri in one cool gang. Sorry, Joshua fans, I know I sound evil but I just hate the guy. I'm keeping his appearances in my fanfiction to a bare minimum, if at all.

Have fun browsing my collection of stories! And do leave some constructive criticism by the doorstep if that's cool with you; it'll help me out a lot and make whatever stories I write in the near future a lot better! XD

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Need reviews
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