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Hey Everyone,

Harry Potter books has been the first series of books that has held my attention and made me follow it till the end. After reading and re-reading the books multiple times (I honestly do not remember how many times) I found this site and was fascinated to read Fan-Fictions based on it.

I have read multiple types of storylines ranging from "Reading the Book" type stories to "Founders coming back" or "the trio being trained by the Founders".

Hence after few years when I stumbled across a story about "the trio plus Ginny being the reincarnated version of Founders who has just been thrown to the an alternate universe", I loved the idea. But I found that the author had not updated for few years now. So my mind went into an over ride and few ideas started forming in my head.

I pmed the author asking if he/she was intending to update the story; and when I received a negative response I asked if I could adopt the story. The author was happy to let me adopt it but once I started doing some research and planning the main story line (which was different than how the original author had planned it) I found that I was not following the adopted story at all but only using few parts of the story.

And thus I started writing and posted my first ever Harry Potter story. It is my first story in English and really enjoy writing it.

The Founders Four:

The Founders Four is a story about our golden trio plus Ginny. Basically all four of them regains their memory after Dumbledore's death and learn that they are actually the reincarnations of the Founders of Hogwarts. With this they gain the knowledge, skill and power of the Founders and use that to defeat Voldemort. But if they thought that by defeating Voldemort they had fulfilled their destiny and can now live in peace and sort out the differences and misunderstandings from their previous life, then they were wrong.

Just as they defeated Voldemort in their world, they found themselves being thrown into a whole new world, where Voldemort was not gone and the Wizarding community did not have the 12 years of respite from him. Their parents are very much alive but each and every witch or wizard of their age (spanning 3 years) was killed as an infant; including themselves. Why you might ask? Well surprise surprise - there was a prophecy that spoke of four people being born in the span of those three years that will unite to kill Voldemort.

Now they are faced with the challenge to kill Voldemort again, having to face their parents who are still grieving and the Wizarding world thinks that they are the Founders themselves who have somehow managed to travel through the time.

Do they manage to gain the trust of their families and help them to move on in life? Will they manage to defeat Voldemort? What amazing magical knowledge do they have that made them legends? What secret powers do they have? Did the history really depict their characters correctly or was the history distorted? Keep reading to find the answers to all these questions.

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