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"Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway."




09/18/11: I think I'm finally starting to get into the full swing of things so I'll try and stick to what I promised myself would be a weekly update schedule. ^_^'' Wish me luck. On a side note, my re-writing senses are tingling again, and they're pointing me to chapter one of Imprinting? Isn't That What Ducks Do? Rest assured though, if I do decide to re-write the chapter (which I most probably will), I'll make sure to keep the plot points intact, and only add to the context and make the whole thing a lot more funny to read.

09/10/11: After three long weeks, your lovely authoress has finally escaped the far reaches of 10th grade hell to find enough time to update you guys on things. :) First off, you probably noticed I broke my promise on updating and did practically nothing the whole summer. . . . I blame my laziness and procrastination on that one. Second, Vampire Knight, Schmampire Night has been deleted. I sincerely apologize to any readers out there. The story was going a completely different direction than I originally planned, and I just didn't know how to fix it without loosing interest in it or ruining the whole thing. So, yeah. I deleted it. I might make another VK story later on, just not now. As for Imprinting? Isn't That What Ducks Do? I'll try and get chapter 2 up by this weekend. M'kay?


:about the author:

little miss randomosity is:

- a girl who likes coming up with story plots while sitting in odd positions

- a procrastinator and all-around lazy person

- a nerk (and dang proud of it :D)

- a fandom hopper

- easily bored and has a short attention span

- normally shy and anti-social with other people, random, full of energy, and talkative with friends/after consuming large amounts of sugar/when bored (then she'll just turn around and start chatting up the closest person like they're the best of friends)

- a person who dislikes her real name, Tatianna, especially after being told she was named after a freakin' fairy princess in a Shakespeare play

- a person who loves her bishounen ^_^

- a pervert on the outside, a romantic on the inside

- a living, breathing contradiction



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Imprinting? Isn't That What Ducks Do? - Weekly updated; chapter three in progress - 5% complete

Notes: I never thought I'd see the day where I'd write a Twilight's just not really my thing. But, after searching around a bit I found quite a few of the Twilight fanfiction to be a lot more interesting than the book, so here it is: my first piece of Twilight fanfiction. On a side note, one of my friends is absolutely convinced I'm in love with the series. Seriously, though? Vampire Knight is NOTHING like Twilight and should not be considered a cheap imitation of the story. I admit I bought the official guide on impulse...but that's only because of the pretty pictures. :3


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