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Author has written 15 stories for Merlin, and Haven.

9/12/2014 Memento Mori is finished! I know, it's hard to believe after it sat in limbo for so long but it's done and it's great (if I do say so myself). Apparently I started this in 2010 so I can only say it's a testament to the fact I hate to leave things undone.

NOTE: Since I'm doing far less FF writing, I've decided to consolidate my two accounts into one. Over the next few days I'll be posting the Haven stories from my Lee Tennant account to this one. It's a shame to lose the wonderful reviews I have but it seems redundant to have two accounts. So for all fans of my Haven stories, I haven't stolen them. Promise. Just relocating them.

About me

My nickname is based on Mnemosyne who gave birth to the muses. Mostly, people call me Mnem and you're welcome to as well.

I'm Australian and am one of the more *ahem* 'mature' writers on As a consequence I have the time-consuming things that come with age such as full-time jobs and housework. I also have a genetic back problem that flares up every now and then and means I'm not allowed to sit in front of a computer for too long. For all these reasons, my time on the site is much more limited now than it used to be.

I'm just finished what will probably be my last fic in the Merlin fandom, Memento Mori. I personally think it's probably my best fic in terms of conception, characterisation and execution. It's a great feeling for me to read back over my earlier fics such as A Lion and a Unicorn and Body Swap and to see just how much I've improved as a writer. For that, I cannot thank everyone on this site enough.

My avatar

This is the amazing artwork of Silvia15. You can find her on Deviantart right here: I couldn't believe how much this image captured the gravitas of Memento Mori; it's positively inspiring. Thank you, Silvia, for giving me permission to use your wonderful artwork.

My stories by genre

(Mostly) Drama

A Life in Moments Trilogy: A Lion and a Unicorn, A Life in Moments, The Haunted Lake

I Love To Serve

Memento Mori

My Enemy's Enemy

(Mostly) Comedy

Twelve Days of Christmas in Camelot (my personal favourite and, in my opinion, highly underrated)

Damsels are Distressing

Body Swap




The Problem with Merlin and Morgana

Mnem's review policy

In my opinion, we all post fan fiction because we love to write and because this gives us an audience that can read and review our work. I know my writing has improved considerably since I began posting on ff and I appreciate everyone who's helped me with that.

I believe in reviewing a story regardless of how old it is and in reviewing every (or maybe every second) chapter. Let's face it, writing "that was great" at the end of a 30-chapter story is hardly helpful. I will also NEVER favourite a story without reviewing it. If I can't find one thing to say about a story, it hardly counts as a "favourite" and being one of someone's 4,000 'favourite' stories is not so much a compliment as a dispiriting testament to someone's ability to click a button.

There are, unfortunately, some parts of Merlin fan fiction where I think the basic premise has flaws. These are fics that I don't read and so will therefore not review. This is completely my opinion so I hope nobody gets offended. I just don't want people to wonder why I never reviewed their story:

Modern AU, particularly modern AU set in highschool;

Stories where Merlin is a woman and still Arthur's manservant (no nobleman would have a female servant. Ever. Seriously. Would not happen.);

Stories where Merlin and Arthur can't be together because homosexuality is frowned upon (generally speaking, pagans did not have a problem with homosexuality and in many human cultures it was more than acceptable. In the 600AD - 900AD time period it would have been widespread, particularly amongst the ruling class - people in power have always been able to sleep with whomever they want anyway. Basically, nobody would have had a problem with Arthur having sex with his manservant at the time. It is true that when the myths were finally written down Christianity was fully entrenched and homosexuality was not widely-accepted then. But that was up to 500 years after the myths are set, if you take the 600AD date compared to when Geoffrey of Monmouth was writing.)

Which brings me to slash. I have no problem with slash per se as long as the protoganists are in character. In my opinion this is incredibly rare. Of the hundreds of slash stories I've read on this website so far, only a handful have good characterisation. I will review slash if it's well-written or if I believe pointing out OOCness will help the writer. But porn is porn regardless of the character's names and if the story will still make sense when I change the character's names to 'Bill and Ben the gay plumbers' then it isn't fan fiction either. Reviewing that kind of slash is pointless for obvious reasons.

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