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Hey all. Because this is the web I'm not going to be posting stuff all about myself. But I will tell you that I am a high school student in the wonderful city of San Francisco, who obviously loves to write, and write, and write. My family is pretty amazing, mom, momma and sister all together and very happy. So yeah my parents are both women! But seriously I find it pretty freaking toilet seat to be left up, no farting noises..(besides sisters obnoxious boyfriend) and all the like.

My favorite past times... writing, reading, horseback riding, singing and hanging out with friends. I started writing in my free time when a school teacher thought that it would be a good outlet for letting all my frustrations out surrounding life as a gay women's daughter, which it has done wonders for. I have realized who I am through writing, have delved deeper into emotions than I think anyone else my age has ever gone, realized that I love my parents gayness and all, and have really gotten out my emotions tremendously well.

I started with writing poetry, focused mainly on slam but moved quickly onto fictitious or semi-fictitious stories. Then my momma introduced me to ff and since then, seriously addiction is a problem. Enough about me...well sorta. kinda. not really at all!

Music: really anything with some semblance of good lyrics. I don't really care for the pop genre but every once in a while someone or some song will attract me. I really love indie/rock and alternative and some other stuff too. Really I am pretty flexible.

TV Shows: SVU, NCIS, Bones, The Office, Colbert Report, Criminal Minds, really anything I have time for considering I don't watch TV during the week unless completely done with homework...well most of the time.

What I Ship:

Harry Potter- Hermoine/Ginny

Twilight- Alice/Bella, Rosalie/Bella

Bones- Booth/Brennan

Law and Order: SVU- Casey/Olivia, Olivia/Alex


There is an epidemic in our country of kids being ridiculed, harassed, tormented, beaten, and attacked because of their sexual orientation or that of people they care about. The time for a social revolution starts now, with the acceptance, tolerance, and support of the people we can fight the opposers using nonviolence and prove to the world what type of country we are.

During the Civil War this same idea was discussed and fought over; thousands of people died for the rights of a people no different then ourselves. What gives us the right to say that people of one skin color should not be afforded the same rights as every other human being on this planet? What gives us the right to persecute people based on the people they love? What is the difference? So I ask you, all of you, to stand up with me and all the hundreds of others and fight the oppression and law.

To all you LGBTQ Youth and Adults out there: I know what it is like to be raised in a house with two amazing, radiant, totally in love, lesbian parents. And yes sometimes it is difficult, take freshman year of high school for instance when the parents of new friends were asking to meet my parents and two women come up and a disgusted look clouds their faces. I have found that the hardest part is saying "you know what, yeah I have two moms! Who gives a (insert inappropriate word here)! I love them they love me...I really shouldn't have to take this (another select French word inserted).

So in all be true to yourself, don't back down for what you believe in and please live to see the day when all this goes away!

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