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I'm Marisa Serise.

22. Professional ghostwriter -- anonymity is love, but you've probably seen my work somewhere online and didn't know it ;) That's how I roll! I got into fanfiction as a way of relieving the stress that comes from running two companies and developing digital products and coaching and... yeah...I do a lot :) Work hard, play hard!

And mm, do I ever like to play! My storyverses focus on yaoi, sex, more yaoi, and more sex! HA! BDSM is love, so it's sprinkled throughout my stories -- if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. I don't write gen, and I rarely write het -- if I do, it's twisted in some way -- long live the chessboard :) I love stories that are heavy on the mind-fuck, so please be aware of that as you wander through my storyverses. Nothing is ever as it seems. :)

-The Update Space-

Hi y'all! It's 4/17/10 and I'm still up to my neck in work. I am 100 determined to finish everything I write, so please do not worry that I'm going to vanish for good. I'm working on a major project for my company and I have to focus all of my attention there. I adore my fans greatly -- you all are wonderful. I appreciate all of your comments, PMs, reviews, alerts, faves, and just the fact that you've taken the time to step a little bit into my fanfiction world. I'm honored and touched, but unfortunately my schedule is just incredibly busy! Sorry :)

Until further notice, I am on hiatus -- if I update, I update. However, if oxygen is important to you, I wouldn't hold your breath. :)

-Shoutout to my Beta!!-

I now have a lovely beta from the strangest of places: my Clark Kent life! My business partner, forever initialed here as JT, has a deep interest in writing as well as anime/manga. He took one look at Moonbathing and let me know that he wanted to sign on to be my beta. So yes, expect Moonbathing & other fics coming up to get a few passes by JT before they go up here. Ironically, JT is a touch shy / lazy on the writing side. He wrote a fanfic but he won't create an account here to publish anything. I'll be uploading any of his stories here, with full credit of course.

Please note for many quickwrites and experimentals, my beta may not get it on his desk before it shows up here. I like audience participation and will risk being eaten by the wandering fanfiction police than miss out on a chance to hear from readers.

-What I'm Currently Working On-

Moonbathing: This is my first fanfiction - I roll onto the scene from traditional 'original' fiction, mainly on the erotica side. This is a cat & mouse, domination, control story all the way - a love polygon between Aizen/Gin/Ulquiorra mainly, with splashes of Orihime, Grimmjow mixed in to deepen the control points and plays. Heavy on the BDSM, sexual roleplay, and other goodies. Full notes can be found on the story. Moonbathing started out as a straight one-shot - I was looking at AiGin hotness photos, and thought about a story about those two on my terms. MB will most likely set the tone for a full out universe, with subsidiary stories that will assume information from the main MB story in a major way. My co-writer/beta & I have a plot pretty flushed out for MB, so requests may not be able to be honored for this piece.

Chessboard, my Chessboard: The mostly serious diary of Aizen Sousuke. I am having a blast writing this story -- I wanted a serious Aizen journal, but one that could also slide effortlessly into my Moonbathing bleachverse. It's not as smexed up as MB, but you get some lemony goodness if you're into that. If you're not into that, I try to divide the scene accordingly -- there's a flow to each journal entry. The first section is the serious, the second section is the sensual. I'm toying with whether or not Gin will have a journal. My quasi-goal is to make all the major/submajor characters of Moonbathing (Aizen, Gin, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, and even a 3rd party observer like Nakamura Misoka, my OC have some sort of journal going on. We'll see.) There's plenty of control games, reflections, and extrapolations in this fic. I'm two chaps in and I'm thinking about the 3rd.

NEW NOTE: Moonbathing is still active and it is far from complete or over -- Chapter 5 is being co-written by myself and JT and we're trying to take it in a completely different direction. If you're currently enjoying the head games being ain't seen nothing yet.

Pillars of Sanctuary: an AU take on the Kouga / Muramasa pairing. How far will Muramasa really go for Kouga?

Pillars of Decadence: the lemon side of the relationship dynamic between Kouga/Muramasa - a companion to Pillars of Sanctuary.

Unnamed Story #1: (GinxKira) - Soft GxK, set within the Soul Society / Rescue Rukia arc. I really want to build a fairly realistic sensual story with these two. A beautiful blonde and a sexy, cocky silver-haired captain? That's too delicious not to portray.

Unnamed Story #2: (UkitakexShunsui) - More sensuality - As I stated before, I write a lot of BDSM & mindfck stories. So I got challenged to write a few 'soft' fics to round it out.

Quickwrites - I'll probably put up a running series of 'quickwrites', stuff I type up from my notebook. I try to write before bed, and I can't promise any of it will be necessarily interesting to a general audience, my beta (who masquerades in the daytime as my business partner & technical wizard) challenged me to write-edit-publish instead of falling into the 'nobody's going to like this' trap.

-Thoughts on Fanfiction, Writing, Character Development-

This will probably become a rolling collection of short thoughts that I'll update fairly often. I think fanfiction gives you an interesting snapshot into how the writer interpreted the media, whether that's an anime, a manga, a film, a tv show or a regular novel.

I believe in giving reviews. If I read your piece, chances are I will try to leave you a review. I try to avoid leaving 'one liners' like "ZOMG AMAZING UPDATE PLZ". If I like it, I'll go back and recap some of the chapter/story's points that I noticed. Sometimes, I may leave a review that indicates I'd love to see a story updated. If your story is a oneshot and is going to stay that way, please forgive me in advance as I may not have seen that clearly stated.

Note: My reviews are generally long -- in fact, I'm quite sure I have left some of the longest reviews around on this site. I'm a very analytical reader and if I see things I want to bring up, I'll leave them in a review. I try to refrain from spoiling a chapter, but my reviews do hover a little close on the TMI side. If I'm following your story, I will try to review for each chapter that's posted. Am I expecting anything in return? Absolutely not -- if you want to leave me reviews, I find that an honor, but do it only if you mean it. I write for my own pleasure and while reviews are nice, I'll still chug along even if no one comments about my stories. It's just my thing.

Bleach, Junjou Romantica, Okane Na Gai, Kirepapa, St. Luminous Mission High School, and Boku No Sexual Harassment all have my attention right now, in one form or another.

Most of my stories have some form of sexual content - from a little lime power to full out, snap-your-lips-off sour lemon goodness. So most of my stories here will be under an M rating for sure. Mature audiences only, please!

Author's Notes: I prefer author's notes at the top and/or bottom of the story. My story, Moonbathing, has them at both the top and the bottom. I do NOT care for author's notes interjected into the middle of a story. It distracts me from the story I'm looking at. My A/N's are a little lengthy, but I figure that's the only time I have to really 'talk' to you about a story, so if that offends you, my stories will probably not be to your liking.

Accepting reviews: you're more than welcome to leave a review. You're also more than welcome to not leave a review. One of my biggest pet peeves I have as both a writer and a reader is seeing the line: if you want me to put up the next chapter, I need to see reviews! It always backfires -- the author gets reviews that aren't really constructive, and the readers feel pressured to say something, anything, to get continuation or 'resolution' of the story they're looking at. As a writer, every word I publish has meaning - why would I essentially hold part of this great process 'hostage'? I don't get anything valuable enough to justify saying such a thing - any review that has to be derived at gunpoint is no review that I want on my story.

Let's talk a little Bleach, shall we?

I'm completely a Bleach fangirl -- it's not my first anime but it's one of the first in a long time that I've watched that made me actually want to write fanfic. I'm Team Evil all the way - sending passionate shoutout love to Aizen, Gin, Tousen, and the rest of the Las Noches crew. Cat & Mouse games, manipulation, control and 'mental chessboard' play is what gets my heart racing with excitement, and I find all of those things when I think about Aizen and his interaction with Soul Society. Being the dirty perv I am at heart, I lean more on yaoi pairings: AizenxGin being the top of my list, but I also have a soft spot for GinxKira.

I am currently working on a GinxKira story, but it isn't going to be straight non-con, or even dub-con. Why? I think that Kira is truly devoted to Gin, and vice versa. For Kira to have feelings about Gin even after he's gone says a lot to me. Yes, I'm aware that what I'm referring to is more/less in the New Captain Amagai arc and therefore not canon. I just don't think that Gin has to be forceful with Kira. Rough play is one thing, super-dark noncon is another story entirely.

One pairing I never thought I'd sign on to: ByakuyaxRenji. Renji is ruggedly handsome, while Byakuya is regal and completely trapped in a world of rules and values. There's a lot of pressure to perform all the time, and it gets my brain bubbling at the possibilities. From the anime, I see that Byakuya actually has some respect for Renji, he just can't fawn over the fella at this point. Yes, I said fella. It tasted sort of funny rolling off my lips, but I rocked it anyway :)

By the way - I write Gin having red eyes in my story - I know there was a debate over such a little thing going on in several places, but I like the red eyes. Red eyes it's going to be. :) If that makes my Gin OOC in your eyes, that's OK too. :)

Update: I'm now completely sucked into KougaxMuramasa. Don't hate, celebrate. ;)

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