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This is a collab account with Symphoniafan and Freakyanimegal! Welcome! :D (Lol, the pic looked suspiciously like us :P )

Symphoniafan: (The brown haired)

Freakyanimegal: (The black haired)

Our current collab story is 'Rip Van Symphonia'. Please check it out n.n

And here's the summary for another collab we plan to make, we won't give the title just yet, but we think this should be enough to secure SOME interest...We have such crafty minds for this sucker...

'Genis Sage thought the only secret he had was being a half-elf, he had no idea what connection he had to Cruxis, due to Raine's familiarity with a certain angel...'

And no, it's not Kratos. Just clearing that up now. X3

Character-Author interviews for 'Rip Van Symphonia'

Freakyanimegal: HI EVERYONE! Tis your favorite psychopathic FREAKY!

Symphoniafan: And me Symphoniafan.

Freakyanimegal: Aw, you can be more dramtic than that my friend...(whimper) Just think of the poor drama impulses you have going to waste! T.T ...God I feel like Zelos, shouldn't have had that many candycanes... Though I am eating one right now, lol

Symphoniafan: (stares) um...okay... Welcome everyone! Today you will be lucky enough to witness--actually read--how exactly we came up with the story ‘Rip Van Symphonia.’

Freakyanimegal: Ah yes, I remember it like it was last month...

Symphoniafan: Really? Only that long ago?

Freakyanimegal: Well, it kind of WAS last month...

Symphoniafan: Oh...

Freakyanimegal: XD Yeah. Well, anyway, I'm sure if you're bothering to read this, you either read my stuff or Symphoniafan's, right? So you might've heard of 'Growth Spurt', hm? n.n

Symphoniafan: (cough) I am sure everyone has read 'Growth Spurt'. And if you haven't! Go read now!!

Freakyanimegal:You flatter me too much, my dear friend. n.n' Well to those who haven't, the basic story is Lloyd gets aged ten years over night and, as usual in everything I write, chaos rules and I put that lovable idiot THROUGH MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HELL AN BACK! AHAHHHAHAHAH!...cough...

Symphoniafan: And I enjoyed every minute of it. (sigh) Why do we get such enjoyment from evilness?

Freakyanimegal:Who knows? Oh well, see, while I was thinking up Growth Spurt, I had another idea for an age-mutilating story, which was pretty much that Lloyd fell asleep for ten years, kinda like Rip Van Winkle. (Which, funnily enough, was written by Washington IRVING XD)

Symphoniafan: The irony scares me. Seriously.

Freakyanimegal: God how I love it so.

Well, so anyway, I messed with that idea for a little and found it far too...tame, for my tastes.

Symphoniafan: Tame? How can any of your ideas be tame? It just need a little nudge.

Freakyanimegal: Exactamundo. I eventually arrived to having the whole group going out for several years, but alas, I hit a dead end with it. Thus Growth Spurt as you know it came about, though I do love it so n.n

Symphoniafan: And epic in itself. Glad you hit a dead end. Though, the idea of the group going under was definitely intriguing and I couldn't let it go.

Freakyanimegal: Exactly, so once I brought it up to my dear amiga here during a vid-chat session where I was, as usual, incessently talking her ears off with the prepetual noise that is my voice. Miraculously surviving my endless jabbering, Symphoniafan here proceeded to bash down that roadblock with several HIGHLY intersting ideas...X3

Symphoniafan: Haha, you are much too hard on yourself, I love listening to your ideas, so there. But anyway, yes, I did give a few ideas. What were they exactly? I can't seem to remember? Lol sad I know.

Freakyanimegal: Hm...well, they kinda all blend together now, sadly, I don't remember who said what either XD I do know that you said a few things and WHAM, down went the roadblock.

Symphoniafan: The desciption is very fitting. Thus came hours of planning and laughing over the ideas, which were undeniably evil.

Freakyanimegal: Ah yes, so evil. God how I love being my twisted self n.n

Symphoniafan: I give you full credit to my twisted self as well. I read your stories first.

Freakyanimegal: And thus I spread my eveel! > I am contagious baby! Well, at any rate, we were talking about it maybe half an hour in and I go, heck, let's do a collab! (we then proceeded to talk about it for about another two or three hour straight)

Symphoniafan: That is pretty much how it happened. It was like Christmas time and two little kids opening presents. Presents containing torturous moments of cruelty for our dear ToS characters. Ah, such memories

Freakyanimegal: Ah yes, good times. So why don't we, now that it's posted, do a brief questioning of our victims- characters?

Symphoniafan: Hmmm, wonderful idea. Who should we begin with?

Freakyanimegal: Why not Lloydie? n.n We'll force him to talk, the shy guy...After all, he won't be doing much talking in the fic for several chapters X3

Symphoniafan: Ah that you are right. (Disappears. Comes back shoving Lloyd from behind) Here he is. Initiate interrogation.

Freakyanimegal: EXCELLENT! MWAHAHAHA-cough- er...right...(shifty eyes)

Lloyd: (glares)

Freakyanimegal: Glaring didn't save you from Maetala, Lloydie, so God knows it won't save you from me X3

Lloyd: 0.0

Symphoniafan: Haha, priceless. Now then. What do you think of the story, Lloyd?

Lloyd: (Refuses to talk)

Symphoniafan: Hmm... this is going to prove difficult. We need some kind of persuasion

Freakyanimegal: Release the tomatoes?

Symphoniafan: You read my mind

Lloyd: 0.0

Freakyanimegal: Well, here's the truck of tomatoes-

Lloyd: You girls are crazy!

Freakyanimegal: HAH HAH! He speaks! X3 Now then, Lloydie, would you mind answering our question now?

Lloyd: ...

Symphoniafan: I think he is shy

Freakyanimegal: Oh, poor baby...(loving/creepingly strokes the side of his face) Does the poor swordsman need some time...?

Lloyd: O.o' Well-

Symphoniafan: Too bad, we don't have time. wields a tomato. Now what did you think of the story?

Lloyd: I don't-

Freakyanimegal: TOUGH F'ING BREAK! (smacks) ANSWER THE QUESTION!

Lloyd: Ow-! Geez, it's like the Professor's class all over again!

Symphoniafan: I think you should answer the question before it happens again

Lloyd: Grr...fine. What did I think of you guys messing with my friends life and mine, like you ALWAYS do? I hate you both and I hope you both get sucky Christmas presents.

Symphoniafan: Well, Happy Holidays to you too.

Freakyanimegal: We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas! n.n

Lloyd and Symphoniafan: (stare)

Freakyanimegal: ... And a Happy New YEEEAAARRRRR!

Symphoniafan: Oookay...What about your new height? I think being like six foot five would be awesome.

Lloyd: I...well...I's weird to have to look down at everyone...

Symphoniafan: I would love to be really tall. I am just average height. (pout)

Freakyanimegal: Nyeh, I'm tall for a girl

Lloyd: Can I go now?

Symphoniafan: ...Should we let him go?

Freakyanimegal: Hm...well, as I see it we have two options.

One, we can keep him and ask him a few more questions, then interrogate- er, that is, 'interview' someone else next chapter...or we can switch to someone ele now and ask them only one question.

Lloyd: Please let me go.

Symphoniafan: I don't know, they both sound fun.

Freakyanimegal: I say keep him a little longer, then ask one more person like three questions. n.n

Symphoniafan: Perfect!

Freakyanimegal: Okay, now then, what do you think of Genis being an adult all of a sudden? Being your best friend and all, it's gotta be odd.

Lloyd: Uh...its really weird.

Symphoniafan: More please? Weird is not enough.

Lloyd: Well...I mean, he looks so different now, and yeah, I'm still taller than him and all, but I mean, what if he says something obnoxious to me and I don't realize it because his voice is different? I might not even realize I have to yell at him! Or I might think someone else said it if we're in a town and get in a fight...stuff like that.

Symphoniafan: You really worry about the strangest things you know that?

Freakyanimegal: Well, he does notice stuff like 'Quick Jump', which could be an interview in itsef so let's not get into it now...n.n'

Lloyd: O.o Wait! You kow about it too-?

Symphoniafan: Know about what, Lloyd?

Freakyanimegal: Yeah, we have no idea what you're talking about.

Lloyd: But--

Symphoniafan: Well look at the time, I think we are running out of time. you should go now Lloyd.

Lloyd: Uhm...all right-

Freakyanimegal: WAIT! ONE LAST THING!

Symphoniafan: Oh?

Freakyanimegal: Yes... What does he think of Colette now? X3

Symphoniafan: Oh that. (Huge grin)

Lloyd: 0_0

Freakyanimegal: Well, my darling little Lloyd, what think ye of your blond maiden? X3

Lloyd: You only said three questions!!

Symphoniafan: Well, we lied.

Freakyanimegal: Indeed we did. Answer or the tomato goes down your throat.

Lloyd: (stares at tomato and gulps) Uh...well...she looks...nice (blush)

Freakyanimegal: Oh? ELABORATE! NOW! (shakes tomato in face)

Lloyd: OKAY OKAY!!

Freakyanimegal: Yeess...?

Lloyd: I dont know, she just...that is... There's something about- I dunno, she just has this feel to her now- it's like...warm and motherly, but kind and lady-like...

Symphoniafan: Is he blushing?

Freakyanimegal: He likes older women. Besides, it's common for boys who grow up without mothers to be attracted to motherly women, my uncle is one example.

Lloyd: What? Wait--know it's not--

Symphoniafan: Oh hush up. Dwarven Vow #11

Freakyanimegal: Well, I am satisfied, you may leave now Lloyd. n.n

Lloyd: Thank Martel! (runs)

Freakyanimegal: Now then, do you have an idea for our second and last victim for this update?

Symphoniafan: Well, since we are on the topic of girls, I think Genis would be a wonderful candidate

Freakyanimegal: You read my mind X3 BRING HIM IN!

Symphoniafan: Okay! (Disappears again returns dragging Genis by his suspenders)

Genis: HEY! Let me go-! Dammit, this outfit is embarassing enough!

(Lloyd sneezes somewhere)

Symphoniafan: Man these things are useful

Freakyanimegal: Quite. n.n I like.

Genis: (growls) What do you want?

Freakyanimegal: YOUR SOUL

Genis: 0.0

Freakyanimegal: Or your brains, it would help with my calculus final. n.n

Symphoniafan: She has had too many Candy Canes

Freakyanimegal: NO SUCH THING! D:

Genis: Are you sure she is sane?

Symphoniafan: (ignoring Freakyanimegal) Perfectly. Just relax

Freakyanimegal: ooooooooh...though I'm pretty sure sanity is just a myth n.n

Symphoniafan: Most likely, but it comforts him

Genis: I can hear you

Freakyanimegal: Shut up you and your damn derivatives and gravity constants! Yet you have trouble with IMAGINARY NUMBERS!? (shakes by collar) I SHOULD STRANGLE YOU WITH YOUR SCARF-THINGIES!

Symphoniafan: Freaky, we still need to interrogate him about Presea

Freakyanimegal: ooooh yeah...n.n Then we can have TACOS!

Symphoniafan: Yes, then we can have tacos

Genis: P-presea?

Freakyanimegal: Yes. Presea. I would ask what you think of her new look, but we all know that, so we're just going to ask you what you plan to do about it.

Genis: (looks at Symphoniafan) Kill me now

Symphoniafan: Sorry I am with her.

Genis: (bashes head on wall) W- What do you mean what I plan to 'do'?! I- I mean-

Symphoniafan:Are you going to ask her out? Confess your undying love?

Genis: W- Wha-? B- B- But-

Symphoniafan: Or more simply, just tell her you like her

Freakyanimegal: He's too much of a chicken, or maybe a bunny! A bunken? COOL! Er...cough...right. Well, we'll just have to see what happens with this, I guess...NEXT QUESTION!

Symphoniafan: Yes, Genis, now that you are an adult, will you become more independent of Raine?

Genis: (Stares blankly) What?

Freakyanimegal: Oohhh...I guess he hasn't realized those complications yet n.n

Symphoniafan: I guess not. Pity, perhaps that is a question for next time.

Genis: Next time?

Freakyanimegal: Yes, it appears so. Genis is getting off lucky this more, and we'll drag him back when things start getting interesting for him X3

Symphoniafan: Indeed, we can't give too much of the future away

Freakyanimegal: ehehehheheehehehehehe...

Genis: That is a creepy laugh. I don't like this...

Freakyanimegal: Oh well then, last question and then we let you go- FOR NOW. Do you still intend to fight with a kendama, being that it is a children's toy and you are now a grown man?

Genis: What's wrong with my kendama? (looks at it)

Symphoniafan: It is kind of...well...childish, don't you think?

Freakyanimegal: ...No comment.

Genis: But what else would I fight with?!

Freakyanimegal: (EVIL GRIN OF DEATH)

Symphoniafan: Heh heh heh

Genis: (pales)

Freakyanimegal: Well, I guess that's all for now. n.n You may go, Genis, and be sure to ask Lloyd how to shave. XD

Genis: Shave?

Symphoniafan: Yes. Isn't that some fluff right there? (points) or is it fuzz

Freakyanimegal: Aw, our little twerp is all grown up :')

Genis: You girls are so weird (runs)

Symphoniafan: Awe, thanks for the compliment he is too kind

Freakyanimegal: So sweet, isn't he? Well then, I think that's it for now. Thanks for reading! n.n

Symphoniafan: Yes! Until next time!

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