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Author has written 3 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Homestuck, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Welcome to the profile of Twisted Ink Incorporated, formerly DemonicAngel. After many years and a complete reform of my writing style I decided to wipe the slate clean and come back to fanfiction with a new conviction, so here I am!

The Woman Behind The Works:

I am a seventeen year old female living in the rural flatlands of Ohio, just outside a modest little town that no one ever leaves once being drawn in. I spent most of my life in Kentucky but was born and raised in West Virginia. One or two years were lived in Indiana, and now I have ended up in little 'ole Ohio. I have experienced big city life, country life, small town life, and suburb life, so I hold a unique view of many different subgroups in society.

I'm taking courses at Marion Technical Institute while being a senior in high school still, and am hoping to dual major in psychology and law to create a complicated path into forensic psychology, and am going to be minoring in journalism. I hope to be a forensic psychologist for the courts, preferably somewhere VERY FAR to the West. I was thinking Nevada or Washington; somewhere at least near the coast and far different from the brown country of the rural East.

I grew up with a 'military father', which is pretty much the same as 'half a dad', so I was raised by a slightly-sadistic older half-sister that is an artist and was a little too obsessed with zombies at the time. That probably explains a lot of why I am who I am now. xD

My life's goal is to devote everything I am into helping others. I want to specialize in foster care so that I can go in and interview the children, making sure the homes are safe, and maybe to even start a foster home of my own someday. I spent three months in one of those homes and it was so terrible and gut-wrenching it just can't be explained with words. So I want to help those children unfortunate enough to have to face that experience.

When it comes to stories and writing I appreciate deep plots and philosophical standpoints. I enjoy action too, but I usually can't stand large amounts of heaping romance unless it's delivered just right. Surprisingly I've been nursing a newfound love of Humor, so don't be shocked at the sad attempts at humor I may throw into some of my stories. I try my best, people, but I'm just not as great as some people on this site. You know, those people who should have foregone fanfiction altogether to publish their own novels? Yeah, those people.

Fandoms (don't be surprised at the mix; I'm strange): Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Criminal Minds, FFVII, FFXIII, and many more, but these are the main ones.

I am a boyXboy lover, by the way, although I can enjoy canon and straight pairings as well. I just love immersing myself into the complex relationships that men can share, like they used to centuries ago, and end up going a little too far. Not that I'm shameful about it. ANYWAY, if I write romance, trust that it's going to be boyXboy.

Sorry everyone who doesn't appreciate or aren't comfortable with Yaoi, it's just something I enjoy a little too much to hold back on. ;)

Feel free to private message me about stories or anything you'd like to talk about! I love having talks- or in this case texts- with fellow writers! I can't get enough when it comes to meaningful conversation!

Also, I AM NOW SHARING THIS PROFILE WITH MY COUSIN. She's an amazing young writer that is new to the site, so be nice. :)

While I deal mostly with KH, video games and such, she's stuck on Homestuck at the moment. AND while I usually do longer stories, she's more prone to one-shots. So take a look at her work if that might interest you. :) Once she gets more familiar with the site, she'll add her own two-cents here as well.

I know, I know, you're not here to hear me ramble on. Go check out our works below, and thanks again for visiting TII!


Hello, I am the coauthor on this page. Coauthor? Right? That's what you would call that? I think. Any way! A few days ago after sharing a fic with my amazing cousin we decided to share a fanfiction page so we could both make posts and such, which is a great idea because I get really self conscious about my writing, like criticism no matter how harsh is always constructive for me, but I feel the need to have someone in it with me, if that makes sense. Like, one of those... I WILL NOT GO DOWN ALONE sort of things. All well. Here's a bit about me in no specific order:

I'm a bit spastic, I'm not even going to lie, things with me are sporadic and a lot of times there isn't much logic to it. You may or may not see it reflected in my writing. Especially if I make a drabble. It will be all over the place like nobodies business. A lot of times when I write I write exactly what my thoughts are, which is why the Homestuck style (ex. You are Dave Strider, you are the cool kid, lol no your actually a dork) fits me best, it's easy for me to write because I think in that sort of way. However, if I'm writing something more geared towards the serious (i.e major character death, sadstuck, or my own story) I do it in first person. I find it easier to convey what I'm thinking that way.

If you do not like comedy, you will not like a majority of my posts. I am all for things that are slapstick or laugh out loud hilarious. It's pretty much my second nature to strive for irony and hilarity. HOWEVER on the flip side I love moving people to tears with my writing, so if you read something funny and then something else that is sad as all heck, I apologize, it's just how it happens with me.

This is all about my writing so I should probably give you more about ME
I'm a sophomore in high school, and I absolutely love the school I go to, it's artsy and kind of hipster-ish in a cliche sort of way, but it is a wonderful community that fits my personality like Cinderella's shoe, lol what a cliche metaphor.

I cosplay a lot, that is one of those things that just makes me feel good in a silly way. I do mainly Homestuck, the fandom has kidnapped me, I admit it. If anyone ever wants to see any of my cosplay, I post a lot of it on my tumblr @

Another things I do other than writing and cosplay is art, I love to draw and I do it all the time to be honest. Mostly rough sketches of things, though I'm working on saving up for a new pen for my tablet so I can get into the digital side of things.

Lets see. I live in The Land of Random Weather and Chicken aka Kentucky, it's actually not as bad as I sometimes make it out to be, but the more country geared lifestyle (well the people I'm surrounded by, I'm more city-ish) isn't exactly my thing, though I do love small isolated places. Which is why I plan on moving to Alaska for college, I want to go into Psychology or Criminology, maybe even both. I have a lot of aspirations.

Hm lemme think. Is there anything else I should detail?
OH! Things I might post:
Naruto (possibly)
and maybe a bit of Gundam
Adventure Time
Amazing World of Gumball

We'll see. I'm just kind of playing by ear.
ALSO as a request from a good friend of mine, I will take requests, in case someone has something more specific they want me to write, though, and I warn you, I may spin it into something of my own, I have a bad tendency to do so, but it will also be grounded mostly in the request. But yeah.

I think that's everything.

All of my love to everyone on this awesome site and I hope you enjoy what you read from both my amazing cousin and myself! :) Partake in the fruit.

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