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Hey there! Thanks for swinging on by!

A lot of people have a lot of info on themselves on their profiles, which is interesting to some people I'm sure, but personally, I don't find it that important to enjoying their stories. So instead of a biography on myself, how about I talk about my time on this website instead?

Ok, get ready for a roughly sketched timeline:

I've gotten very comfortable with this site. In the beginning I read various fan fictions for the longest time. I actually found this website by accident from deviant art, back in 06 or 07. I began by reading The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy stories! Then it shifted from a lot of things; one that still stands out today is Teen Titans. I got into those stories a lot. But when I eventually found how cool the LoZ community is on here, it's where I stayed.

When I got into high school, I decided to make a profile, solely for the sake of posting reviews. My name was TTaranino back then, so if you see that name in my old stories, that's why. That time was actually when I learned that people actually reply to reviews, which I thought was cool, but never really struck up conversations. About a year later I tried out writing a story. They say to write what you know, and I knew how to be a sophomore in high school. So first story! To this day it's still my most popular fan fiction, which makes sense, as I'm sure a lot of readers are still in high school. Not just the people who read my stories, just in general. But looking back even I know it's not greatly written. But people still seem to like it, so that's good!

I tried doing a spin-off of Hyrule High, Kafei. But it didn't catch on as well, and without much readership, I lost enthusiasm towards it. I'm not upset or anything about that, just meh, it wasn't meant to happen. Oh, I'm pretty sure that's when I tried my first one-shot.

This is where I get hypocritical in a way. I don't like writing one-shots as much. I find it harder to make a solid story that's relatively well rounded in just one chapter. But I prefer to read one-shots over really long stories. So I pretty much only do a one shot or two every few months.

But back to my story. And hey, thanks for actually reading this far! I'm flattered you're that curious about me. So, then the reverse of Kafei happened. I posted the first chapter of Tomato Stain, which had actually been on my computer for a while. I hadn't thought much of it. Hah, I actually only wrote the first chapter as a one-shot, and I only wrote it as a one-shot because I thought the opening line was funny. After typing that sentence, the story grew a bit. But I thought it wasn't anything special. Then, when it caught interest, I fleshed out the first chapter and started adding a few more chapters. I even say somewhere in there that one review was enough for me to continue. Back then I tried to play it cool, but heck, even today it'd be enough.

Because, let's all be honest, 10 story likes aren't as motivating as one review saying "Continue this!"

So I continued it and it became pretty well liked. I had a huge lull in the story, I hadn't posted anything for a few months. That was just lack of interest in the story at the time. But during that time I wrote Connections. You won't find it down there in my stories, I ended up deleting it. It was an Alternate Universe, but still in the time of the games, not modern times. I realized it just wasn't that good and got bored re-reading it. So it's gone. But it's the only story I've deleted, everything else is there. I finished Tomato Stain and I thought it was alright. Then I took a break. I got bored with fan fictions, so i didn't stop by that much. I had the 2 chapters of Bookstore saved, so I posted those when I remembered I had them. I did wait between posts though, to see the reviews. I couldn't help myself... But I was able to take some of the suggestions from the reviews and work them into chapter two, so that was pretty cool. But I haven't had any interest to continue it. Hopefully that's not too heartbreaking.

I came back after about a year or so. I posted a few one-shots, but that was only because I didn't know if I'd have time to commit to a long story, so I settled with short little things.

Nowadays, I actually took a step a way from the Legend of Zelda and wrote a Smash Bros fiction. Metroid is my favorite series after Zelda, so I wanted to try writing as Samus. I chose Smash over a genuine Metroid fic because there were more well defined characters to work with. And that, if I may say, turned out pretty good! I'm proud of it anyway.

As for the time being, I've started another AU Zelda story. (I don't know. I stick to my strengths?) This one is remarkably more serious. The light hearted moments are much fewer, but that's not in exchange for making it sad. It's simply supposed to be more thought-provoking. People responded to Samus's inner dialogue of What's Been Missing, which let me know that I could write about more of that stuff. So I'm taking a swing at it. As with many of my stories, I've had the entire outline planned since the beginning, but I keep adding little details as I write. Hope that goes well. But we'll see!

Thanks for stopping by!

Shameless Plugging

So who remembers FictionPress? I haven't ever known many people to use it, but maybe it's bigger than I realize, that's highly possible. Anyway, I recently went back and checked on an account I made there 5 years ago. I posted one chapter of a story and just completely forgot about it. But if your interested in my non-LOZ, 16 year old writing, here you go! My New Neighbor


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