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You are probably are reading this and knew me from

There was so much drama in the Blue Dragon fandom because of me. I was trying to help one person and instead I turned into a jealous, attention-seeking brat. When people left I grew angry and searched for them. Instead of trying to be friends again, I would let my anger get the best of me.

I see my reviews on fanfiction and am honestly disgusted with my younger self.

Now people are either finished with me and what nothing to do with me, or they talk to me like they walk on eggshells. Either one is painful and I know I can't complain because I brought that on myself.

I had a great group of friends and I ruined everything through jealousy and anger. Instead of feeling happy for someone improving their writing, I threw false accusations and channeled everything into anger. For a long time I hid behind false names but I couldn't escape what I had said and done.

You're right not to trust me and be disgusted. The stuff that happened in the past was not all true stories on my end. THey were created to gain information only to turn into something that would give me more attention.

I said it. And I have no right to be upset now that people won't come near me or refuse to talk to me if we're messaging.