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I Have Change My Name, My Name is Naruto Loves FemKyuubi.

My Favorite Couples Are:






























Cole TurnerxCerise.




MorathixThe Emperor.

IshaxThe Emperor.













Character I Despise The Most is Hinata-Bitch who is A Freak Of Nature.

Sasu-Uke Uchiha-Teme.

Kakashi For His Favorism.

Sakura Haruno For Being Fan-Girl.

Kishimoto For Being Hyuuga/Uchiha Fan-Boy and For Destroy Naruto Manga.

Now For Authors I Have Decided That I Won't Be Adding Them On My Favorite or My Favorite Stories Because Let's Face it. You Guys Have Now Decided To Flame Me, Bash Me, and Erasing Your Wonderful Stories of My Most Favorite Couple Now...SHUT THE FUCK UP WHILE I TALKING.

Now Where I Was Ahh Yes Soo I Have Decided To Focus On Repairing Naruto Manga, Making My New Stories and Until You Stop Flaming Me as Brats You Are I Won't Talk To Any Of You Nor I Will Tolerate You.


No Longer I Will suffer of such idiots and fools as matter of fact I won't talk to any of you, why should I waste my energy of truing to talk with you.

When I Could Find Myself to try focus on NarutoxFemKyuubi Pictures and find them, and now with Mozzila FireFox (Yes I Have Erased My Opera) I Can Do It.

And Have Found Them, Though Not To Sound Arrogant But, I Have My Own Deviant Art, and that's Why I Wanted To Tell Mikie-From-Ireland.

But Then You Others Authors Has Made Me Erase All, Make Monster Of Me, Well Then Sasha Naruto is No Longer Here, Now Is Naruto Loves FemKyuubi and.

Unlike Sasha Naruto, My New Profile Won't Be Gentle or Kind To Any Of You, In fact I Won't Talk To Any Of You As TRUE WRITER, Because True Writer Don't Talk Yo Anybody in fact He Only Thinks On How To Make New Stories and That's It.


Now I Will Block Everything And Be At Peace

Ahh Now I am Refreshed.

Music I Love To Listen:

Disturbed: Down With The Sickness.

DarkSeed: The Dark One(Its Awesome Music, You Should Listen at High Volume, Other Will Run"Evil Grin")

Marylin Manson: Armaggedon(sp?)

bullets for my valentine: Waking The Demon(Reminds you of Someone"Devil's Grin")

Foxy Lady(I Have That Music).

Skillet: Monster(You Have Make Me Become One"Shrugs").

That's All Folks(And To Some Fags)

Oh Wait It's Not Like You Will Send Me Email"Dark Smirk" I Should Have Done This Long Time Ago.

The Only Person I Still Care And Love(Mikie-From-Ireland) Thanks For The Memories and Love, But Like All True Love, It Pass away with Wine.

Boy Do Hell Sounds Like Party. Ah Well That's Something. Damn Kishimoto, Damn Skylance.

YES I HAVE NOW NarutoxKyuubi Pictures in my New Computer File "Happy Smile" "Thinks" Bu Not My Favorite NarutoxFemKyuubi Picture"Cries Anime Tears"

Oh But Maybe I Will Find it Again Who Knows"Cackles madly" Heheeheehe. I Know Something. "Sigh" But it's Not Worthy if I Cannot Share It.

Whom I Am Gonna Find To Share Something? NarutoxFemKyuubi Fans? Nah I Think They Left Me.

No Way In Hell am I Going To Share Something That It's Mine With"Growls" Hina-Fans.

So Whom? My Family? Well They Have Their Own Stuff to Care, Friends? Pfft Yeah Right Friends That Will Betray For Their Own Gain.

Unknown People? I Hate Humans So No.

So With Whom? Decisions Decisions Decisions, What To Do, What To Do.

Keep It With Me? Noo I am Not Like Others Who Don't Share.

Maybe New Writers? Nah Those New Ones are Going To Get Corrupted By Lies of Biased Fools.

I Need To Think On This.

I Just Love NarutoxFemKyuubi Couple, they are just perfect pairing.

New Year 2011 is a new year where I will start to write more serios NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories.

those stories will be for Mikie-From-Ireland, I will Say That Mikie-From-Ireland is The Greatest Writer Ever, Has The Best Stories:

S-Class Lovers.



Naruto in Heat.

Orange Samurai.

And I Mean The Best Of The Best.

I Will Add Him On My Favorite,Then I Will Help Him and His Friend about Some of Ideas That I Know.

FerPainRikudou is also The Best Writer.

Elia950 is... The Best Writer as Well... Of Course He Is The Best Writer.

Before I Had 61 The Best NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories, but now I will add a few NarutoxFemKyuubi Stories.

Why? Ohh I Don't Know... maybe because some authors had decided to erase them... and that has hurt me in more horrible ways than you can imagine.

Soo many Best NarutoxFemKyuubi Stories and Now Perished, gone,erased, Vanish with no trace, No Hope of Finding Them, Yet I have spend years searching for them, praise them, being so proud... only to find them no more.

I am Sad, angry,mad, Yet I Will Not Say Not a Bad Word about those authors, I Still Will Praise Them, Just I won't Add them anymore.

I Hate When People Bash Kyuubi, Call Him/Her Slut/Bastard... How Would You Like it To I Call You Slut, Bastard, Asshole? You Wouldn't Like It?

Of Course You Won't"Evil Smirk" Then Stop Flaming Kyuubi and Call Her That Way, Or What Ever Gender You Put For Kyuubi.

Is That Understood? Good, We Have Come To Solution, beside if Kyuubi The Queen of Kitsunes were not sealed in Her Mate Naruto, Then there would not be Naruto.

Kishimoto You... Ugh Better Forget about Him, Or I Would Be More Pissed off, Because of Bastard, Damn Sexist.

Kushina Being Second Jinchuriku of Kyuubi? What the has Kishimoto has been Smoking or Drinking, Some People Just Don't Know a Thing of Demons,Vampires,Lycans, Witches and Devils... Well I Won't Teach Them a Damn Thing, They Should Have Known Long Time Ago.

Really Juubi No Yoko, What a utter foolish idea, well not an idea, just a poor excuse of already ruined story..."Growls" Do This Woman Just have To Fix Everything Herself? Great.

Fine I Will Fix It, Great Just Bloody Great. Though I Will Need Some Help. That is All

Anybody Have Watch Death Trance? It's A Good Movie Based On Naruto.

Hehe After this I Would have to wait for Mozzila FireFox To Be Active Again, but I will Sacrifice this Because I want to say something:

Mikie-From-Ireland is and will Be the Greatest and Most Wonderful Writer Ever.

He has The Best Stories, is Good Writer, Smart, Has Greatest Ideas for his Stories and that's why I know He will make Naruto Manga Greatest Naruto Manga, Unlike Kishimoto who Just Like Bram Stoker who is Writer and Man Who has Written about Man Who Had Wanted Nothing More but to defend his home and land from Blasted Turks, but only been Mention as First Vampire, and yes I speak of Vlad Cepesh or as some people know him As Count Dracula. and Not Just That But Stoker Has Sacrificed Dracula By Having a Wretched Mortal Known as Van Helsing To Kill Dracula.

and that's why Kishimoto Reminds Me and is the same as stoker because they both would make their Main Heroes dead and weak and worst, Spurned aside for some worthless no-name-worth-mentioning- characters as hellsing and BLASTED MOTHER FUCKING UCHIHA.

Mikie-From-Ireland is The Most Greatest Writer, unlike SOME FOOLS. also Mikie would Make Naruto Strong, Give Him Family and Everything Good.


KISHIMOTO YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank The Inari-Sama and Mikie-Sama For Being There or I would be Gone Insane Woman, and Gone

Kishimoto-Hunting"Evil Grin" Ohh Yeah, and What a Hunt Would That Be MUHAHHAHAHAHHAHA, What HORROR GOOD HUNT would that Be.

Thank You Mikie-Kun For Being Here as Author and Lover"Massive Blush" that now is..."eep" Private.

"Sigh" Ohh Elia Your English is Just Fine.

Now I will soon after I start to write My Stories, Maybe Add some other Authors and their Stories, but off course when I add Those Stories,

THAT AUTHORS DON'T ERASE THEM EVER AGAIN. "glares" it would be too much troublesome"pauses" Arghh Look you made me quote naras.

"cute pouts" Why did you make go Nara, it's to much"sigh" I hate Naras and their Smart-Ass Remarks. Sheesh.

Okay, I will Add some other authors in My Favorite as well stories, All I ask is please Don't Remove Your Stories That's is All.

"Sigh" why do I have the felling that if I add all Best NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories, that they will be gone as fast as they come.

I am begins to go soft pretty damn soon, well damn, But I miss NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories. I can't live without them, I Love Them.

Okay, Next Authors in Line as well as their stories are:



Dark Seraph?(that's New).

Yami Fox(Heh, He is Kind To Me).

Okay, Pretty Much Authors I Had As Well as Some New Ones.

My Most Favorite Author is Mikie-From-Ireland, That's Remains Though and will stay that Way.

Elia950 well I will keep an Eye on Him.

Well Now 64 Wonderful and Greatest NarutoxFemKyuubi and narutoxKyuubi Couple, Wow Wonderful Really,

Please Don't Remove or Erase any Of This Wonderful Stories.

Vampires: for many Eons, vampires were the dark creatures of Night, seeking blood to sate their ever lasting hunger.

they are the monsters no doubt of that, they don't know about love or sorrow or joy, they are hollow and they laugh darkly when some mortals would think of them as romantic people like twilight.

there is known that Ancient Vampires could walk on Sunlight, but it hurts their eyes. While Dracula has no weakness since He is the First of his Kind.

Naruto, Revan, Christof,Harry,Eragon,Pug,Lucifer,Dracula,Dren/Kisshy,Rand,Goku. are in fact same Person/Character but a different name from different manga/show movie just as or females:

Kyuubi,Bastila,Anezska,Hermione o Ooc(Your own Character),Sapphira,Arya,Katala,Lilith,Merry,Zoey/Ichigo,Girls for Rand,Bulma. those are girls for our main heroes and a true Love and here it is:

NarutoxFemKyuubi, RevanxBastila,ChristofxAnezska,HarryxHermione, HarryxOoc,EragonxSapphira,PugxKatala,LuciferxLilith,DraculaxMerry,Dren/KisshyxZoey/Ichigo,Rand and His Girls,GokuxBulma,EragonxArya.

and there you have it, this is a true pairing for our Main Heroes and a true love. if you have anything to ask, then ask me. I would answer everything I can.

One last thing about Naruto's Mother: Kushina is NOT SECOND HOST of Kyuubi, newer was and newer will be, just a simple Mortal Nomad nothing more nothing else.

that is all and I wish you all well, Mikie-From-Ireland I wish you best luck, best life and best of everything greatest things and stores, You Deserve The Best.

Soon I will start to wrote stories for Mikie-From-Ireland at March, and because he deserve the best .

I love him soo much he is really the most wonderful Man on whole world. my birthday starts at 21 March and I have so many ideas for NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories to wrote.

one story at time.

Rant: If I see One more time about kushina being a fake second jichuriku of Kyuubi which is a lie told by KISHIMOTO-BAKA. there is Hell to be paid and it won't be nice. end of Rant damn that Kishimoto grrr!!!!!!.

that's it for today from Me.

Ideas for Naruto, Star Wars,Harry Potter, Vampire Masquerade Redemption and Bloodlines,Eragon(though one of my friends in Serbia own Eragon, and she is Great, Ha take that Christopher in your face, my friend has rewritten Eragon and she is very cool so I would Leave that to her and Deezmartini who also has rewritten Eragon as well)Lestat the vampire and others:

I have so many ideas for these anime,Books,Movies and Whatever to give to you guys, so if any NarutoxFemKyuubi Fan and Writer wants some ideas I would help you.

Harry Potter: No Problem For Me.

Vampires: Vampires are My Pets, same for Demons.

Star Wars: I have played some games with Revan as male and with Bastila as pairing... so yeah I know some.

Vampire Lestat: if you want Lestat to be with Jesse, His Mother or any Girl/Guy call Me and I will Help.

There are no price, but I do seek for stories to have more chapters, I don't ask much just for chapters.

I Have Read Many Fanfiction Sites, and some stories are Older and They Still have just One or four chapters(I Don't Mean oneshot stories I love those stories).

I have fallen in Love with NarutoxFemKyuubi Lovely and Beautiful Couple and Pairing.

My First Naruto Fanfiction was Naruto Jedi Knight, Interesting, But Not My Favorite Couple in That Story.

My First and Most Favorite NarutoxFemKyuubi Couple Love Story is S-Class Lovers and so much more.

Before I have joined Naruto Fanfiction site, I had been Adding NarutoxKyuubi Romantic Stories in My Computer Files and they were most NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories with Few NarutoxMale Love Stories.

Do you know how many Stories about my favorite couple I had? and then Second Time?

First Time: 107.

second time:203.

More than You Could ever find in Naruto Fanfiction Archive Ever, and it was Only NarutoxKyuubi Love Couple, found those stories My Self with no need to go to Naruto Fanfiction Site.

Those where I tell You Guys The GOLDEN AGE OF NARUTOXKYUUBI LOVE STORIES. "happy sigh" those were the best times, and start of My own Empire.

"sigh" You could consider me in some ways an Elder, and it's because I know about most stories that you have, and I will say that they have not changed even today.

Hell I have even found some Trinity Blood Stories with young vampire Ion Fortuna and Esther B.(short surname) and it's called My Savior which is cute story.

and it hasn't changed much at all"thinking" Maybe I should have a few words with that author.

I will help you guys, and it's because I want to and I don't even have to but I will.

I will Help Mikie-From-Ireland because he had and still helps me with hard times and also I will Write Stories for Him.

I think it's time for Fanfiction Sites to have more interesting stories, and I will help in any form.

For The Flamers and those that hates me, I will say this:

1. Don't Mess with me.

2. I won't even listen to what you will say, but if you still would pester me... I WILL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE NEVER BE BORN, I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!!!!!!!!.

3. never ever speak to me is that clear? do you Understand?.

4.I will never let you bother me, I will block you.

5. if you bastards ever say something wrong about my family... I will kill you, make your mothers dog's bitches and eat your baby brothers and sisters ALIVE!!!!!.

there you have it flamers, don't mess with me and I won't mess with you, or you will find your lives pure Horror Movies, that's a promise.

For Fans of Hinata-Baka, I will say some things to make clear:

First of, I despise that blasted Hyuuga.

second I don't understand how you can whine of something or being so boring about that thing when you have soo many Videos,Pictures,Porn Sites which is the worst thing I have ever seen and YES BECAUSE OF THAT BLASTED HINATA-BAKA.

Third, also you "fans" have been speaking and whining about Kishimoto when that Bastard is same as You and before you start Screaming like the Banshee do, I don't consider you bastards Never Did only Kishimoto is Bastard the worst ever bastard.

if I rage on you well it's simple: Your Pictures of That Hyuuga, Your Stories are Bringing out of me The Worst the Darkness that I Hide.

I would ignore you but in some ways you dare me to attack you, whenever I Try To find more of My Favorite Couple that I Love, I found yours, whenever I try to find some Pictures of My favorite Couple, what do I found?

can anybody Guess?

the answer is I Find yours pictures of that hyuuga-thing.

when I try to find videos, what do I find? ding ding we have a winner(or a thing) Hinata-Baka.

and What do I Despise and Hate?... You are Right again and is Hinata-Idiot.

So Mind telling Me who has the right here to be angry? if you says it's you then it's a wrong answer, but if you say Me than You are Right.

So I will tryto ignore what has happened, and I will leave you alone... if you leave alone NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories.

that couple is divine and sacred to me more than you can imagine.

that is all.

for those that are fans of NarutoxTayuya, NarutoxMikoto, NarutoxKushina,NarutoxMei and more(I Don't Mean Hinata-Thing):

I would say go ahead guys and girls I don't have any problem with those pairing, nor with Incest, but don't expect from me to become fan or a writer.

NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple is what I will write, and maybe narutoxMaleKyuubi someday I don't Know really.

for those that are Fans of NaruxSasu-Gay"Shudders" I will"pukes in corner":

YOU ARE REALLY SICK YAOI FANGIRLS ugh Sick sick sick"runs way".

somebody just shoot me in a head, I think I am sick... can somebody pass me a bag, please?.

"cough" ahem on the next one ahh Fans of Narusaku:

well weel well what do we have here"smirks" just Kidding... "serious mode" I hate haruno I really do, before I was neutral with this one.

but slowly but surely i have started to hate haruno and it's not just haruno being a Banshee(which is an Insult to real banshee, guys banshee are hurt witches that has lost their loved ones shame on you) which is not true just haruno has very Loud Voice.

the real reason for my hatred of Haruno has a name and it's Elredar Skylance, that brat at first has Haruno berate Poor Naruto, and then when I had hope for NarutoXMeigentsy, Skylance aka Emo-Brat has screwed this one too.

so there are lot of reason to hate this pairing, though one Author has my respect and his name is Paragon(or something like that).

sorry Paragon.

For Ino... Do I even have to say"growls" fine Ino is fangirl so there you have it.

This now was an statement of what I think and now: no characters has been hurt or killed"evil grin" Yet.


the reason for this was to say what I hate and despise and in this rant you could say, is me giving you reason why some authors can say with reason of Kishimoto screwing naruto manga.

and why some Authors Don't.

I Did not bash you now, and if I did well some stories, I cannot forgive nor tolerate.

also for Haku character in Naruto, How could you guys know if Haku is Female or male? did you undress Haku? no.

did you slept with Haku? again No.

and if you say something about finger or face, then know this: I have seen she-male porn videos where shemale has woman's finger and face and tits, so don't ever say that.

Skylance you bastard has really done for tsk tsk tsk tsk.

I really hope that I will see more of great stories.

I still wish to help with stories and ideas so if you have anything to ask, ask me, I just wish to see Great stories and help other because I have read some many stories, watch so many movies and videos.

Bye See Ya.

My Name is Sasha Naruto or Naruto Loves FemKyuubi, Those are My Profile names as Authoress.

My Real Name is Sasha Brckalovic, I speak my own language, english, france,german,japanese,latin, a bit of some though words.

My forums sites are:

1. My own NarutoxFemKyuubi Forum.

2.Absolute Anime.

I have joined Deviant Art, My Profile is KyuubiFan222.

Man, one of my friends in Absolute Anime, whose name is Kaiko-Chan has asked me to help with anime, well ideas I could help with that.

"sigh" I will send her message and I will help her, she is nice.

The reason why would I join to some Forums, Deviant arts and all That it has with Naruto... is to fix some mistakes made by that Kishimoto-Baka.

I have read many Myths about Demons, Vampires, Jinchuuriku"blinks" what do you think that Naruto is a First Manga or story of people who have demons sealed in them? nope you are wrong about that.

there has been many stories before of people who have demons sealed in them, who had normal human parents and all.

of course wizards where those who had done that, and even wizards had to use gods help with that.

those people who had demons sealed in them? well can you guess with whom there were married or mated? why with same demons who were sealed in their guts or head.

what You thought with humans? hah no way, Because humans to Jinchuuriku where the same as animals with humans.

in that case Jinchuuriku as Humans and Human as Animals. Only Jichuuriku and Demons were meant to be Mates and Parents to children.

The Parents of Jinchuuriku are Mortals, Normal Humans, hell those"Parents" are not Parents to jinchuuriku anymore.

as for Jinchuuriku well here will be explain what there are in truth:

1. First stage of being Half Demons.

2. Second Stage, Half Demons.

3. and Third and last stage, Full Grown Demons.

There, this is what Naruto is or what He will Be.

not human, but very much close being a Demon, Oh and Minato and Kushina... Are Not His Parents anymore. So Minato and Kushina BYE BYE HAHAHAAHA.

that will teach Minato, but Minato is Already dead so... heh.

also this means that Naruto and his Kyuubi will become mates... oh I think they are already Mates though, before they were even born.

Kyuubi no Kitsune came to Konoha to claim Naruto as Mate as soon as He was born, Kyuubi herself is baby girl... and if she as baby has almost crushed Konoha"grins" what do you think her Parents would do to Konoha?


also they would take away Naruto, set free Kyuubi and than Wedding of Naruto and Kyuubi would happen.

well that would happen.

I love NarutoxFemKyuubi Couple.

About forums well they are not the first ones that I have joined, there were others like Dark Lord Potter and so many others that I have forgotten,

in fact in one of them came My first original NarutoxFemKyuubi Love story called Naruto the Fox Lord and his Kitsune Girl Apprentice and Future Lover.

also in that forum I have written Vampire story where Naruto is a Vampire and Kyuubi his Kitsune Princess. in that Love Story there are no Humans.

just Vampires and Kitsunes and other beings, just no Humans.

I will soon wrote a second NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Story, just I need some time because I want this time to wrote nice NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories that will be perfect and full of love just magical stories and also New ones.

like Wedding, I will wrote something new and it will be NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories... I call those stories a Love Stories because it's true Love Stories.

so 5 or 7 NarutoxfemKyuubi Romance Stories will be written, because before as I have said there were 63 of NarutoxKyuubi Couple in Naruto Fanfiction Site.

this time it will be 70 or 73 I hope.

Hello Mikie-Kun.



Seraph DarkFire.

lyffyxnamixlyffyxrobin and rest of Greatest NarutoxFemKyuubi Fans and Writers.

I wanted to say Thank You All for being there, and to You Mikie-Kun Many Great Thanks and Love.

for your kind words for everything.

and also, after I somehow finish my original Stories.

I will start to restore some old and lost greatest NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Stories.

of course I will ask those authors for permission to do so.

and then after that... to rewrite some stories mistakes , only two of them:

1. Naruto the angel of death.


author of Jinchuuriki Rising whose name is Mikishi Sensei... has been playing with his story.

plots, confusion, harems, games and being same as Emo-King Skylance.

I told mikishi sensei to stop playing with his story.

to stop with plots and more... but did he listen?

No, He did not listen.

To elredar skylance I have nothing more to say.

when I say that I will rewrite their stories... I have meant in way of fixing it and to stop with talking.

I am done with talking.

what to say more... then praise and that I wish to You Greatest and Wonderful NarutoxFemKyuubi Writers and Fans.

Many Luck, Many Happy and Romance Lives, Best Fortune, long Lives.

and More... That You are The Future, The BEST OF THE BEST!!!

me... nothing really... I am just normal girl, a writer that has many ideas.

nothing more, nothing less.

that's all for now.

Have Fun.

Ja Matta Ne, Adios, Ciao, Bye.

My first chapter started working for my story.

Many thanks to Mikie-Kun for help, greetings and love from Sasha.

"sigh" My email sometimes won't work.

Ever since email and youtube and others internet stuff started to change.

it would come problems... email won't start, pictures would gone white and blank, hell sometimes internet itself would not work.

I would need to sometimes restart my computer for my Email to work.

If any of you have this same problems that you cannot enter in your email, Fanfiction site or even your own Forum.

Those problems are from virus, weather or sometimes some worker has made a mistake and Internet won't work.

if you have any problems like that, then call me.

though internet would fix itself for 1 or 3 days.

and now about my stories and those authors that would say something wrong about them.

It's none of your business.

I wrote my stories, and I would write them so that Naruto and his mate and wife Kyuubi could have happiness and love.

I don't care about harem and those idiotic Konoha shinoby clans.

I don't care about Uzumaki, Senju, Uchiha, Hyuuga and others can drop dead.

If you don't like that, then get the fuck out of here. don't bother me with stupid fake manga and Kishimoto.

Naruto and Kyuubi are what I care and love, yes I Love NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple forever.

and that's that.

NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple is the Greatest Romantic and Beautiful Couple Forever,

Mikie-Kun is the Greatest Author and Kind and Cool and More.

I will always praise Mikie-From-Ireland because He really deserve the best.

I am also glad to have friends on Fanfiction net, and I am always here to help them.

My computer "died" for 3 days, and now me and my family have fix him, well more like send computer to people who repairs computers and such.

and now computer works, I almost lost my files and pictures and stories about Naruto and Kyuubi.

luckily the files are saved and kept, but almost... I almost lost them.

Mozilla Firefox, the internet I use is now changed, every file in computer is changed, the screen is now better, the color is better now, some games are missing... but me and my family will get them back.

if any of you have any question, then please ask.

about my stories... well read them and review, what's more to tell.

Ciao, Bye, Sayonara, Zdravo, Hasta la vista for now.

I made a fifth chapter for my NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Story called Help from World of Ninja for Mikie-From-Ireland.

after 1 month is passed, I will start 6-th chapter for my story about my favorite and lovely heroes Naruto and Kyuubi.

and I will enjoy in doing that, for now a little rest for me.

Writing stories is not easy to do, but I will write because I love to write about my Favorite Couple and it's because of Mikie-From-Ireland too.

So now all of you can read, review and enjoy in my stories and my future stories as well.

Ciao,Bye,Sayonara,Zdravo,Hasta la vista for now.

... there there, there will be a winter so I am not going anywhere.

See ya

My sixth chapter of my story for Mikie-From-Ireland is done.

Enjoy in my story, and Mikie-Kun is the Greatest Writer For All Eternity.

From Sasha Naruto.

Oh... Backup Emails...if I loose my Email and password?

Ha ha ha ha ha...Ive been using My Google Email and Fanfiction Email for many years...and now I am going to loose my Email?

No way...especially since Mozzilla Firefox(who's changed) can remember every Word I USE for Fanfiction Stories,MY EMAILS AND MUSIC VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE!.

And I am going to loose my Fanfiction Email and Password that I was using for many centuries?

If I didn't use my emails and passwords for Google and Fanfiction Net, Many many many times...I might have lost my Emails and Passwords

But since I am using my Emails for Google and Fanfiction...THAT WON'T HAPPEN!

Sorry for everyone that will read this and you too Mikie-Kun...but I Don't like when others telling me that I am gonna loose something that I remember and knows too well.

Unlike some people who work at Internet and just keep making a MESS!

Changing Internet...Changing Google...Changing Fanfiction.

Just because something is new...Doesn't mean that it will be better...quite opposite, it will cause anger and mistrust.

Again I apologize for angry words, but I really sometimes hates when People underestimate me and my knowledge.

Have Fun and Party my dear fellow NarutoxFemKyuubi Fans and Writers and You Too Mikie-Sama Have Fun and lets Party all Nights and Days.

Sasha Naruto.

Have Fun boys and girls.

7 chapter of My NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Story called Help From World of Ninja is written for Mikie-From-Ireland!

Sasha Naruto.

Hey guys and girls, I have FictionPress profile that has my old name Sasha Naruto and I will there too write about my heroes Naruto and Kyuubi.

I do have to wait for my avatar and stories to be active.

Hey guys and girls...Mikie-San and Me just...broke up"sigh"

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