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Author has written 2 stories for High School Musical.

My name is Katie

17 years old

I love: High school Musical Zac Efron Zanessa

Not much to say really :P

I love fanfiction stories and hopefully I will be making a few of them

It Started with Something New and taught us all how to Break Free.
High School Musical: January 20th, 2006 - October 24th, 2008.

HSMOCD = High School Musical Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Stuff From My Favorite Movie Ever: High School Musical

borrowed from little.miss.sarcasm & MusicalGirl113192 & hsmcrazy123

Favorite Character: Troy

Favorite Song: Breaking Free

My Favorite Troy/Gabriella Scene: The roof top scene

My Favorite Sharpay/Ryan Scene: Warming up before Bop To The Top

My Favorite Chad Scene: Pretending to be a secret agent

My Favorite Taylor scene: N/A

My Favorite Darbus scene: In the principals office

My Favorite Troy Line: "Yes, my shower head is very impressed"

My Favorite Gabriella Line: "My mom's company tranferred her here to Alburquerque"

My Favorite Sharpay Line: "I've already picked out the colours for my dressing room!"

My Favorite Ryan Line: "Go dra...go dram...go drame?"

My Favorite Chad Line: "So is a mountain lion but you don't pet it"

The Scene That Annoyed Me the Most: Don't have one

My All-Time Favorite Scene: We're all in this together scene

Stuff from my Favorite Movie Ever, High School Musical 2

Favorite Character: Troy!

Favorite Song: You are the music in me

My favorite Troy/Gabriella scene: kissing scene

My Favorite Chad/Taylor scene: when they revealed Gabriella behind them to Troy

My Favorite Ryan/Sharpay Scene: when they are stood at Sharpay's locker talking about troy and summer

My Favorite Chad/Troy scene: When they do their British Accents and the skip across the kitchen

Favorite Troy line: "Here's my promise"

Favorite Gabriella line: "Here's to the future!

Favorite Sharpay line: " I told you to hire Troy Bolton. Not the entire East High Student Body!"

Favorite Ryan line: 'it's showtime!'

Favorite Chad line: "we have been brothers since pre-school"

Favorite Taylor line: "That girls have more moves than and octopus in a wrestling match

Favorite Jason line: I'm not Ms. Evans, I'm Jason!

Scene that annoyed me the most: Nothing at all.

All-time favorite scene: Wink at the pool.

Stuff from my Favourite Movie Ever High School Musical 3:Senior Year

Favorite Character: Troy!!

Favorite Song: \Walk Away

My favorite Troy/Gabriella scene: When they had a picnic in Gabriella's room

My Favorite Chad/Taylor scene: When Chad asks Taylor to prom

My Favorite Ryan/Sharpay Scene: I Want It All

My Favorite Chad/Troy scene: The Boys Are Back :)

Favorite Troy line: "My prom is wherever you are"

Favorite Gabriella line: "I love you wildcat"

Favorite Sharpay line: "If you own anything orange, Get rid of it."

Favorite Ryan line: " Better throw that Big apple parfait in there"

Favorite Chad line: What team?...What team?...Wildcats!!

Favorite Taylor line: "This has three weeks detention written all over it."

Scene that annoyed me the most: none

All-time favorite scene: High School Musical

Put you iPod on Shuffle and write down the EXACT song no skiping

Opening credits: Rockstar - Hannah Montana

Waking up:Just a dream Carrie Underwood

First day of school: One, two step - Ciara

Falling in love: Breaking Free Remix - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Fighting: Stay with me - Colbie Calliat

Breaking up: Fight for this love -Cheryl Cole

Driving: Changing Man

Flashback: You'll be in my heart - Drew Seeley

Mental Breakdown: Believe - Cher

Getting back together: Colours of the wind -Vanessa Hudgens

Wedding:Love you I do - Jennifer Hudson

Birth of a child: The driveway - Miley cyrus

Final battle: Stand - Billy ray Cyrus ft. Miley Cyrus

Death scene: Home - Micheal Buble

Funeral: Magical- Selena Gomez

End credits: Just a girl - Hannah Montana

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