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Hey everyone!

If you're here, I'm guessing you want to learn a little bit more about your favorite author (haha jk, I wish!). Anyway, here goes~

Basic Info

Age: 19

Birthday: November 24, 1990

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Asian. Filipino/Chinese/Indonesian(wtf did that come from?)

Location: San Diego, CA

Occupation: Student, currently enlisting in the United States Army

Contact Info: swoofie123@gmail.com

Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Shows: House, Glee, Undercover Boss, American Idol, Scrubs, Burn Notice, Man v. Wild, Man v. Food, Friends, Two and a Half Men, and many more that I can't seem to remember

Favorite Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball Z (absolute favorite of all time!), Naruto, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Pokemon (ah, childhood nostalgia at its best!), Bleach, Full Metal Panic, Gundam Wing, etc.

Favorite Food: I know I'm supposed to say Filipino food, 'cuz that's what I am, but when you have Pancit and Lumpia almost every other day..no..just no. I do love Japanese food, as its almost the complete opposite of Filipino food lol. Filipino food is extremely heavy and fried, and greasy, whereas Japanese food is simple, clean, but still very filling. I love Italian food as well. Its delicious and makes my tummy very happy.

Favorite Color: Blue. I love every and any shade of blue, especially the lighter variations, like sky-blue or sapphire.

Favorite Quote: "Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good. That honor, virtue, and courage mean everything; that money and power mean nothing. That good always triumphs over evil. That true love never dies. Doesn't matter if they're true or not. A man should believe in those things anyway, because they are the things worth believing in." ~Uncle Hub, Secondhand Lions

Works in Progress

In His Father's Footsteps - With Goku's death, Gohan is left as the Earth's Protector. Follow him on his many adventures as he fights to overcome his inner demon and struggles to follow in his father's footsteps. Post-Cell Games/Buu Saga. Eventual Gh/V.

Nice Guys Finish Last - My name is Son Gohan & I'm a 'nice guy'. Don't get me wrong, I'm not popular. Just nice. I really wish I knew how I got into this situation, 'cuz if you know how you got somewhere then maybe you can find a way out. Why do I want out? Because of her...Gh/V Based on WongFuProduction's short film, Just A Nice Guy.

Future Projects

Son of Vegeta - Complete re-write of the series. Gohan is captured by Raditz and taken to serve under Lord Frieze. Prince Vegeta forms an unlikely bond with the Saiyan child and adopts him as his son. What happens, years later, when the father and son duo meet Gohan's true father on Namek. Eventual V/B, Gh/V (much later).

Man of Her Dreams - In a last ditch effort to save the Earth, Gohan flew himself and Cell into space just as he exploded. For a reason unknown, he is unable to be wished back and spends his time training under King Kai in Otherworld. When the need to see his family becomes too strong, he discovers what is known as the dream pool, which would allow him to enter the dreams of anyone connected to his life. But instead of his family, he stumbles into the dreams of a certain black-haired, blue-eyed girl. Gh/V.

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